Best Northern Irish Crime in 2022

Five Northern Irish Crime Novels

This Northern Irish crime novel is a compelling tale of love and violence that follows a pair of detectives - Rose and Danny. In this novel, Rose delves into the past of her mother, who she fled to Ireland with her siblings, while Danny fears admitting to a failing marriage. The story combines multiple murders in a house of student friends, and the disappearance of Eden Mulligan during the troubles in Belfast. This engrossing story will appeal to fans of crime fiction, as well as those who love thrillers.

Film reviews of Tom and Niamh in Northern Irish Crime

Bloodlands is a four-part limited series starring James Nesbitt as a detective who searches for the truth behind a suicide note. The plotline revolves around Tom's search for his daughter's killer, and the film also features Lorcan Cranitch as DCS Jackie Twomey. Charlene McKenna plays DS Niamh McGovern. Susan Lynch plays DCI Heather Pentland, while Chris Walley and Ian McElhinney play police officers. Tom Brannick's daughter Izzy is played by Lola Petticrew, and Lisa Dawn plays Tory Matthews.

Tom Brannick has been a policeman for 20 years. He would have still been working in the police force when the Good Friday Agreement brought peace to Northern Ireland. Tom has experienced real tragedy during the Troubles and is now on the case of a possible assassin. He interviews the man who was kidnapped and confronts Adam Corry, a former police officer. The film has plenty of twists and turns that will keep the audience guessing until the end.

The characters are well-cast. James Nesbitt plays Tom Brannick, a Northern Irish police officer. The story revolves around an IRA chief who goes missing and a van that was found in a lake. The van has a clue: a photo of the Belfast docks which was the trademark of a serial killer who murdered anyone who was threatening the peace process in Northern Ireland. Brannick's wife was also murdered in this case, which puts the entire plot in question.

A slew of actors have appeared in this crime drama. James Nesbitt plays DI Tom Brannick, a veteran detective with a tragic connection to the mysterious assassin Goliath. Meanwhile, Charlene McKenna, who has starred in Ripper Street, is best known for her role as Niamh McGovern. Several other familiar names are in the cast as well, including John Cleese, Michael Caine, and Paul McGannan.

Another interesting character is Dr. Tom's ex-wife Niamh. They are a close pair, and the two form a bond. In fact, they have a long-lasting relationship. Tom and Niamh in Northern Irish Crime is a thriller for any audience. Hopefully, this film series will return to the small screen in the future! And who knows, it might even become a series on HTM!

Review of The Defence by Cavanagh

Steve Cavanagh's The Defense is a slick and fast-paced crime thriller that blends the legal dramas of John Grisham and Lee Child into one exciting story. Cavanagh's character Eddie Flynn has a long and chequered history with the Mafia, but his fundamental humanity also allows him to be a great lawyer. He has a great moral core, but is also eager to avenge his professional sins, as well as to get out of the predicament he's in.

The Defence is the first book in the Eddie Flynn legal thriller series. While most legal thrillers center on courtroom drama, Cavanagh switches gears and tussles with senior Russian mafia figures in New York. The mafia members hold the daughter of their boss hostage and strap a bomb to Flynn's back, unaware that he has street smarts to survive their plan.

Steve Cavanagh is an award-winning Irish author. He studied law by mistake when he was 18-years-old, but now he writes fast-paced legal thrillers. His debut novel, The Liar, won the CWA Gold Dagger for Crime Novel of the Year and was long-listed for the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award. Cavanagh has co-hosted the podcast Two Crime Writers And A Microphone. Cavanagh has also written several crime novels and non-fiction articles.

The storyline of The Defence is gripping and well-crafted. I liked Eddie's sense of humor, which helped lighten the tone of darker scenes. And the threat to Eddie's daughter lingers throughout the book. Cavanagh's writing is a masterpiece of plotting and suspense. The story is a complex and unpredictable thriller that deserves to be made into a movie or television series.

Review of The Last Crossing by McGilloway

The Last Crossing begins with a chilling murder. Our protagonist, Tony, thought he had seen the last of Karen and Hugh thirty years ago, but a tragic event brings them back together for the sake of their future. The plot arc follows Tony and his former partner, Karen, on a journey from Northern Ireland to Scotland. Along the way, the past comes into focus. Tony's memory is not entirely reliable and the truth shifts throughout the novel, but the lingering impact of the Troubles threatens the present.

The Last Crossing is a brilliant exploration of the recent past. It opens with a horrific scene, and then follows those involved in the events. It follows the journey of the trio from the light of twentieth-century civilisation into darkness, and the consequences are both shocking and harrowing. McGilloway has achieved a unique blend of historical detail and personal emotion. There are some lingering questions, though.

A former St. Columb's College English teacher has released a new book, The Last Crossing, which will be published by The Dome Press. This book is a standalone and marks a departure from the author's other books, including the popular Lucy Black and Benedict Devlin police thriller series. While we can't promise McGilloway's next work will be as popular, this new novel will be a welcome addition to his oeuvre.

A riveting crime novel, The Last Crossing is a masterpiece. It will be hard not to fall in love with the author's sexy heroine. A novel this important deserves to be read and republished. We are sure to see a sequel from McGilloway sometime soon. But, it's worth waiting for. If you're looking for a great read, this one is for you.

Review of The Priest and Dublin Dead by Gerard O'Donovan

The Priest and Dublin Dead by Gerard O. Donovan are two crime novels by the Irish author. Set in Dublin, Ireland, the first book in this series follows crime reporter Siobhan Fallon, who survives a brutal attack on the streets of Phoenix Park. Her ordeal doesn't break her spirit, and she returns to solve the mystery of the murders in the second book. The plot of both books is equally riveting, involving a blazing cross and drug running in Dublin, a mysterious young woman who disappears, and a suicide attempt from the Clifton suspension bridge.

This novel has earned the author an award for Debut Dagger, given by the Crime Writers' Association to debut authors. The Priest, his debut novel, became a UK bestseller. In this interview with Gerard O'Donovan, he discusses the inspirations for The Priest, as well as why he chose Dublin as the setting for his novel. The first volume of this series is "Kruisiging", which weighs in at 500 pages. In this first installment, Mike Mulcahy is pitched into an increasingly dangerous battle with a religion-obsessed killer.

The Priest and Dublin Dead is an Irish novel by Gerard O'Donovan. It's a crime thriller, and I highly recommend it. The characters are realistic, well developed, and the plot moves along at a steady pace. The Irish countryside and Dublin are both rich in history and culture. The novel's location in the city makes it even more fascinating. It will keep you turning the pages and anticipating the next plot twist.

The Irish crime novel genre has been enriched by the fall of the Celtic Tiger. As a result, this novel's incidents have a more resonant tone and depth. For example, Siobhan Fallon, a journalist, believes that a millionaire estate agent committed suicide, despite the fact that there are hundreds of other cases of this kind in Ireland. The aforementioned incidents of suicide in the property industry add to the gloomy overtones.

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