Best New Adult Romance in 2022

What Is New Adult Romance?

If you've ever wondered what is New Adult Romance, you're not alone. This genre features characters between the ages of 18 and 25, and themes that are relatable to a YA audience. Here are some of the best New Adult Romance books, including a classic first love story and a fresh take on the old enemies-to-lovers trope. If you're looking for a book that will make you swoon, consider Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston.

Characters in New Adult Romance are between 18 and 25 years old

New adult fiction covers characters who are between 18 and 25 years old. Although the characters of a new adult novel are typically younger than those of YA fiction, they are often much more mature. These books generally involve high-stakes relationships and strong desires. These books have a much darker theme than the YA genre. Although the characters in a new adult romance novel are usually between 18 and 25 years old, this does not mean that they are not capable of handling serious issues.

While New adult fiction tends to focus on the storylines of young adult novels, it is important to remember that characters in these novels are older. This means that they are not yet at the age of sexuality and are more mature. A classic example of a new adult romance is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, in which two unlikely candidates fall in love with each other. Other types of young adult fiction may focus on social and political themes.

A New adult romance novel does not have to feature sex in order to qualify as YA fiction. Although critics like to call New Adult simply Young Adult fiction with sex, there are many other differences between the two. Young adult fiction focuses on the character's mental health and other problems, while New adult fiction focuses on their romantic life. They are also often more realistic, and therefore likable.

The characters in a New Adult romance novel are typically older than the protagonists in YA fiction. The protagonists are usually between 18 and 25 years old, and are often on their own for the first time. Many of these novels feature characters who are still struggling to establish themselves in the world, but it isn't necessarily a perfect life for them. Many new adult novels contain deeper themes and characters who come out of dark situations and have long journeys.


New Adult romance novels often deal with topics such as mental health and trauma. The protagonists in these books are often very open and honest about their sexuality. But they are not always interested in it, either. While these themes are common in romance novels, the author must take care not to overdo it, since the focus should be on the development of the characters, rather than their sexuality. There are several ways to write about these issues in your novel.

New Adult novels generally have characters who are older than young adult fiction, ranging from mid-twenties to late teens. The protagonists in these novels often struggle to find their way in the world and are often not "perfect." While these themes may cross over with Young Adult romance, the majority of New Adult books are aimed at college-aged readers. One example is Lauren Myracle's novel, "The Fallen Princess," which explores issues of sexuality and independence.

Queer New Adult Romance takes place at a gaming convention. The story promises a classic enemies-to-lovers trope as well as the "just one bed" cliché. Popular, gay, biracial Conrad Stewart hides the turmoil of his life from his rival Jewish Neurodivergent Alden Roth. While they are competing for the same girl, they might be forced to meet at a fan convention to find each other.

Other new adult romance books deal with issues that are relevant to the real world. For example, LGBTQ issues, politics, and social issues are common topics. But the writer must be careful not to preach on these topics, or they risk alienating their readers. And while it's okay to explore such themes in YA fiction, it's best to be realistic. Then again, this kind of romance is a unique genre.

Themes of new adult romance are often more complex than in Young Adult romances. For instance, in the genre of New Adult romance, the protagonists may be struggling to pay the bills, work minimum wage jobs, or just make ends meet. In addition, the protagonists may be experiencing difficult pasts. And if you're a fan of New Adult romance, you'll love this genre even more. The characters in this genre often have a complex and more complicated background, and this makes their stories all the more compelling.


If you're writing a novel, you'll want to carefully consider the placement of subplots. While some subplots can be planted in the first chapter of a book, others thrive in the middle. Regardless of where a subplot appears, it should have a purpose, a beginning and an ending date, and be part of the overall story. Here are some tips for writers:

Use different characters for your subplots. Adding subplots to a novel will give readers a break after reading the main plot. This will also give readers a surprise after experiencing the emotional high of the first part. Subplots are simple to write and can be separated by most of the novel. When done well, they can help the reader make up their own minds about what's happening in the story.

Writers can also incorporate romantic subplots. In some cases, a romantic subplot focuses on the chemistry between the two characters. In other stories, a subplot involves a man's wish to propose to a woman. While romantic subplots may seem unnecessary, they are often necessary to drive a novel along. When the subplots are well-crafted, they can also add complexity and interest.

When writing a romantic subplot in a novel, make sure to have a clear plan for how the story will progress. While it's important to follow the main plot of a novel, romantic subplots can overpower the story and leave readers confused. Unless the subplot is woven in seamlessly, the story can't be balanced. If the romantic subplot dominates the story, consider resolving the conflict in a different book.

Another benefit of subplots is that they help writers develop worldbuilding. A main plot consists of a central plot and supporting characters, while a subplot focuses on an individual character. In a subplot, the characters aren't forced to deal with the conflict, but they are given the opportunity to explore certain topics that may otherwise go unexplored. Subplots also make it possible for writers to explore new settings, add depth to the story, and recapture the reader's attention.


When writing for the young adult market, it is important to consider the genre of your novel. While new adult novels are often very young and lighthearted, many people still find them appealing. New adult romance is a popular choice among readers of all ages and has numerous subgenres. Read on for a list of rules to keep your work safe. Here are some suggestions:

The protagonist of New adult novels is usually between eighteen and twenty-five years old. In contrast, books with a stay-at-home mom protagonist will not speak to a new adult. Most new adult stories are more contemporary and contain elements of romance. These are just some of the characteristics that distinguish the genre. It's worth examining the definition of the genre and how to tell if it's right for you.

Often, the theme of New adult romance will revolve around sexuality. Depending on the genre, characters may be open, naive, or inexperienced about their sexuality. The author's goal should be to explore these issues in a way that does not detract from the story's overall message. Nonetheless, it is important not to overdo it. A New Adult Romance novel should not have any purple prose or overused literary metaphors.

While the New adult genre is meant for readers aged fourteen to thirty-five, there are also some challenges involved. Its young adult readers may not enjoy stories with themes and language that are inappropriate for fourteen-year-olds. A novel for this age range may be boring for someone else, but it might be a wonderful experience for someone of that age. And this is especially true for romance novels. If you are a writer looking to create an unforgettable story, consider reading the genre and embracing its challenges.

There are two types of romance novels in this genre. Category romances, which are a part of a series, are short and sweet, averaging about five thousand words. Single-title romances, on the other hand, are longer and stand-alone novels. And as with any genre, new adult romance is a popular choice for readers of YA. There are numerous new books published in this genre every day. They may be chosen by an author for one reason: it is a hot genre that sells, which means readers will buy more books in this style.

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