Best Myth & Legend Fantasy eBooks in 2022

Myth & Legend Fantasy eBooks

Myth & Legend Fantasy eBooks are a great way to learn about ancient mythology and how people from different cultures have influenced the history of mankind. Read about the impact of the missionaries, explorers, and folklore in the creation of these stories. Also learn about the different aspects of a mythological story. Then get started with one of the many eBooks available on Amazon. There are many different categories, including mythology, fantasy, and historical fiction.


For an introduction to mythology and legends, there are several free eBooks available. Aaron Shepard's World of Stories is an excellent example, with original fables, historical fiction, and humour. You can also download an entire book from the site for free. Whether you are a fan of fantasy, mythology, or a mix of both, there are plenty of options available.

A collection of mythology stories can be a fun way to get a taste of world literature. For example, H. P. Lovecraft's weird tales derived from the Babylonian myths are an excellent place to start. And if you're more of a mythology buff, you can pick up one of the many books written about mythology and legends. These stories will make for a fascinating read for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and mythology.

The origins of mythology are rich in traditions. It all began with intimations of the sacred and rituals of the sacred. The earliest civilisations date back to 3000 BC in the Middle East, where mythic archetypes were a common part of everyday life. Some of these archetypes can be traced to the Sumerian culture. Ancient human civilizations also began to write down explanations for natural events and their effect on the world.

Influence of missionaries

The influence of missionaries on society is often overlooked, but it does have significant effects on many societies. For example, the expansion of Christian missionary activity throughout Africa, beginning in the middle of the nineteenth century, had differing effects on the continent's long-term development. Read more about the impact of missionaries on society in this Vox eBook. You can download it here. And if you are interested in learning about the history of Christian missions, read this column on how their influence on the development of countries in Africa is reflected in myths and legends.

While Tolkien and Lewis were anti-modernists, they both wrote novels that incorporated Christian themes. As a result, their books influenced Christian mythology in a secondary world. The influence of missionaries on mythology is also seen in the stories of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Lewis and Tolkien shared a preoccupation with theological themes in their works.

Influence of folklore

The history of fantasy is as old as mankind itself. Folklore and myths are an integral part of every culture and can teach us lessons or pass on pieces of history. In fact, some of the oldest classical works of fiction are myths and legends that have transcended national boundaries. Greco-Roman mythology, Egyptian mythology, and Norse mythology are among the best known collections of stories.

Influence of science-fiction

The influence of science-fiction on myth & legend books was evident in the writing of H.G. Wells's The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds. Both stories explored human nature and future scenarios. In fact, the genre's very origins can be traced back to the work of H.G. Wells, who crafted the Time Machine in the late 19th century.

The influence of science-fiction on myth and legend eBooks is most evident in the genre's characters. In one of the most popular novels of recent years, the influential Ringworld is a science-fiction classic. In this book, four visitors - Louis Wu, a 200-year-old man, Teela Brown, a young woman on an adventure, and Nessus, an insane puppeteer - are introduced to the world and its inhabitants. The series has also been adapted into a television miniseries, and is widely considered one of the genre's best-selling books.

Another popular series that draws on mythology is the Ilium series by Roger Zelazny. Inspired by Greek mythology, Ilium takes place in a near future Earth where humans are stretched across space, and the deities are transformed into robots. In this novel, three interweaving storylines intertwine, with time travel and AIs. Olympos, the sequel to Ilium, is now in development.

Influence of fantasy

There's no doubt that modern authors of fantasy stories are often inspired by mythology and folklore. One New York Times bestselling author is L. Ron Hubbard, whose fantasy stories often feature supernatural elements. The fantasy genre has been around for centuries, but the influence of the modern age is evident. Here are a few ways that fantasy eBooks have influenced myth and legend. Let's take a look at some of the most popular titles in the genre.

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