Best Mystery Collections & Anthologies in 2022

Mystery Collections & Anthologies

There are several different kinds of Mystery Collections & Anthologies available for purchase. Some of the best include Deadly Anniversaries, Tiny Crimes, and The Big Book of Female Detectives. Other types include gaslight crime anthologies. This article explores some of these types of books. We recommend that you take a look at the titles listed below. If you'd like to purchase more, be sure to read the reviews below.

Deadly Anniversaries

The 75th anniversary of the Mystery Writers of America is a fitting time to celebrate with the Deadly Anniversaries in Mystery Collection and Anthology, featuring stories by some of the genre's most talented crime writers. These stories, spanning various settings and genres, include detective tales, domestic intrigue, and psychological suspense. With a mix of black humor and exciting action, Deadly anniversaries are sure to thrill mystery fans.

Each story is unique, and the anthology features stories written by masters of the genre, including Edgar and Grand Masters. There are sub-themes such as justifiable homicide, cross/double-cross, and the hazards of talking to strangers. Regardless of the genre, you can count on great writing and a riveting tale. Deadly Anniversaries is a must-read for any mystery fan.

Tiny Crimes

In this short story anthology, emerging and established authors present stories that are a mere few hundred words long. The stories cover everything from miniature murders and double crosses to miniaturized versions of famous crimes. Some of these stories are even illustrated by Wesley Allsbrook. The collection also features flash fiction by Benjamin Percy, Carmen Maria Machado, Julie Elliott, and Adam Sternbergh.

CRIME UNDER THE SUN is an anthology published in conjunction with the Bouchercon mystery convention. Authors from across the globe contributed to this collection. These stories range from satire to gruesome horror, and all profits from the publication go to benefit the efforts of Partners in Crime. This is a great read for any crime fan! But remember, it's not just the stories that matter.

The best crime stories are gathered together in this collection, which includes short stories by authors from the Chesapeake Bay region. The collection features the work of new and established authors alike, with stories ranging from a mediocre spa to the gritty East Village to death row in Alabama. Authors featured in the collection include Jenny Bhatt, Christopher Bollen, and Alison Gaylin.

Whether you're a fan of murder, depravity, and mayhem, you're sure to find a story that suits your taste. The Locked Room Mystery Anthology contains 68 short stories, including a number of debut authors. The stories are a perfect match for a summer day. In fact, you'll feel more alive after reading this anthology than ever!

This anthology is a great way to sample a wide variety of crime fiction from a variety of authors. There are over a dozen authors represented, from newcomers to established writers. The writers themselves range from bestselling authors to up-and-coming authors. And there's no denying that these stories are enjoyable and entertaining. But the best thing about Tiny Crimes is that they're not just short stories. You can read a story without reading the entire book, which is an excellent way to experience the genre.

The first volume of the series, The Shadow Man, is the best of these short stories. It has a strong cast of characters, and the author's ability to capture the reader's attention is sure to keep them reading. The series also includes short stories by new writers. The new authors of the series are: Kevin Z. Garvey, Tapanga Koe, and Manuel Ramos.

The Big Book of Female Detectives

If you're a fan of mystery novels, The Big Book of Female Detectives is for you. It features stories of female detectives by the most notable practitioners of the genre, including authors such as Sue Grafton and Sara Paresky. You'll find familiar characters such as Kinsey Milhone, or V.I. Warchawski, and stories by authors of historical significance. These stories will intrigue and delight readers alike.

The stories in The Big Book of Female Detectives range from grandmotherly snoops to hard-boiled dames. They're also set in diverse time periods, from the nineteenth century to the 21st century. Each story is preceded by an introduction that places the author in historical context, and the overall book also features a brief history of female crime fighters throughout history. The collection is not just for fans of mystery fiction - readers will find this book a treasure trove of crime-fighting female detective stories.

The Big Book of Gaslight Crime

The Big Book of Gaslight Crime is a compilation of short stories written during the late nineteenth century. It features the exploits of rogues, con men, and thieves. Each story is written by a different author, and Michael Sims introduces each one, explaining why it was included in the collection, and providing notes on further reading. Gaslight crime is an exciting genre for fans of Victorian literature. This book will be a useful addition to the home library of anyone who enjoys reading crime.

While gaslights were used for lighting during the Victorian era, crime fiction was still a popular form of entertainment, even during the early twentieth century. Crime drama was a popular genre in Victorian times, and sensationalized crimes fetched papers. In 1842, the Metropolitan Police Force formed a separate investigation department, allowing the public to become professional sleuths. In addition to crime fiction, other genres grew out of the Victorian era, including detective stories.

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