The MOLAB “transnational access” is provided by a network of four infrastructures, offering a coherent service under a unified management structure. The group is composed by UNI-PG, CNR-ICVBC, OPD  and INOA.


MOLAB access is based on:

1-a unique collection of portable equipments, suitable for in-situ non-destructive studies and diagnosis on relevant artworks, or suitable for scientific evaluation and monitoring of materials and methods in conservation/restoration;

2-high specific competences on methods and materials in conservation/restoration of monuments and artefacts (available in OPD and CNR-ICVBC).

The peculiarity of the access program lies in the fact that the user does not move to the infrastructure, but is the instrumentation (ideally, the joint infrastructure) that is moving to the site where the user is working.

Molab ppt presentation (17,7 MB)