Best Military & Wars Historical Biographies in 2022

Four Historical Biographies of Military and Wars

If you're a history buff, you should read books about military and wars. Some of the best biographies on military service are written by soldiers. Read these four books to learn about famous soldiers. All are highly rated by readers, and you'll be glad you read them. We also recommend books by Andrew Exum, Julia Lovell, and Antony Beevor. These books focus on various conflicts throughout history, including World War I and World War II.

Jeremy Black

Jeremy Black is an emeritus professor of history at the University of Exeter, and has published widely on military and war history. His previous publications include War and the World, Air Power, Maps and History, and Naval Warfare. In this book, Black offers a brief biography of each of the four world wars. Jeremy Black's book is available for sale on Amazon.

Jeremy Black provides a lucid account of World War II, with attention to both western and non-western traditions. His book also explores how war, and the conflicts that spawned it, are entangled with the history of the world. Black takes an analytical approach to world war, considering both its strategic and tactical implications within a chronological framework. His writing style is both astute and compelling as the author's scholarship suggests.

Jeremy Black's military & wars historical biographies are written for those who are interested in the history of warfare. The work of this author has won many awards, including the Samuel Eliot Morison Prize, which was presented by the Society of Military History in April 2008.

Hew Strachan

Hew Strachan, British military historian, was born in 1949. He is currently a professor of international relations at the University of St Andrews and the Chichele Professor of the History of War at All Souls College, Oxford. His research has focused on British military history. He has also published numerous articles and edited several books. His most recent work examines the role of women in world wars.

Hew Strachan is a Wardlaw Professor of International Relations at the University of St Andrews and Life Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. His three-volume history of the First World War, To Arms, was published in 2001. The book was accompanied by a ten-part television series. It has garnered acclaim and awards from academics worldwide. A military historian by training, Strachan is a highly respected author in the field of history.

Strachan also wrote a biography on the French General Clausewitz. The article was published in War in History, issue #4, 560-574. Strachan was appointed the Lord Lieutenant of Tweeddale on 20 May 2014. After his time as an Oxford professor, he returned to St Andrews as a professor of international relations. His life and work are detailed in this book. And his book will be an invaluable addition to any military history library.

Hew Strachan's First World War book, To Arms, is a monumental achievement. Its comparative approach sets it apart from other World War histories. The Economist's contributor praised its ambitious scope and the original treatment of global aspects of the war. The book also includes hefty discussions of the war in Africa and the Pacific, and the German-Turkish relationship.

Antulio Echevarria

As the editor of the US Army War College Quarterly and former director of research, Antulio Echevarria has an impressive background in military history. He has written several books and is the author of a number of articles on military affairs and strategy. He also served as a US Army officer, graduating from the US Military Academy and the US Army Command and General Staff College.

Professor Echevarria is currently a Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Panel for Military Strategy Magazine. His work has appeared in scholarly journals, including War & Society and Parameters. In addition to writing a popular military biography, he has published numerous articles in journals. His latest project is to critically analyze the strategic thinking of the United States.

'Reconsidering the American Way of War' challenges the long-held notions about US war practice. In this book, the retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel looks at American war practice and challenges popular misconceptions about war. Most of the myths about the American way of war are simply not true. Echevarria's book will help change these myths and encourage us to re-examine our country's military approach.

In Antulio Echevarria's book, we see the rise of the American military as an extension of US politics and policy. In addition to examining US campaigns and strategies, Echevarria closes the gap between the critiques of American military thinking and the practice of war. It also serves as a valuable textbook for college courses. A must-have for military historians.

Barbara Tuchman

Author of numerous books, Barbara Tuchman is perhaps best known for her Pulitzer-winning work on World War I, 'The Guns of August'. The Pulitzer Prize-winning book explores the political and military backgrounds of the war's first month. The writer returned to the era in 1966 with 'The Proud Tower,' a collection of essays on various aspects of life in Europe a quarter century before the outbreak of war.

Tuchman was not a historian by training, but a gifted amateur who was determined to make history come alive in the form of great modern sagas. She married a prominent physician and began her professional career as a historian when her daughters were older. Her writings were noted for their careful attention to detail and colorful style. She used biographical data to flesh out the lives of those she studied and wrote about them. While she tended to write in a serious manner, she would occasionally break out into a sparkling smile.

Tuchman spent a great deal of time traveling during her research. In addition to the United States, she also worked in Moscow and China. Her first book was published in 1938, and she later wrote ten more popular history books. Tuchman won the Pulitzer twice, the St. Louis Literary Award and the U.S. National Book Award in History. In addition, she was selected to deliver the Jefferson Lecture at the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Other books by Tuchman include Bible and Sword, a history of Britain's involvement in the Middle East. She also wrote Practicing History, a collection of essays on the craft of being a historian. The first salute is a history of the American Revolution, and she's also written several more. Tuchman's biography is an excellent addition to any collection of history.

This Pulitzer Prize-winning history explores the first month of the war. The era of kings and colorful uniforms was coming to an end in 1914, and this was the final gasp of the Gilded Age. Tuchman is an expert at depicting the abrupt change from the nineteenth century to the twentieth century. Her suspenseful writing keeps the reader engaged throughout. The result is a classic volume of history.

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