Best Military Thrillers in 2022

Military Thrillers

If you love books set in the military, you might enjoy reading Military Thrillers. This genre is extremely popular, and writers of this genre include both active duty soldiers and geeky boy men. Authors of military thrillers should donate a portion of their profits to charities for veterans. Many of these books feature characters that you can relate to, including Alexander Fullerton and Brad Thor. The genre has something for everyone, and you can find a military thriller for every taste and level of reading ability.

Renee Hart

'Warning Order' is the second book in the 'Search and Destroy' series. It features former American military soldier Mason Kane as the main character. This military thriller involves the CIA, a cabal within the White House, and a SWAT team commander. In this thrilling read, readers will discover why CIA agents are being targeted by terrorists and how Renee Hart is trying to stop them.

In this highly realistic military thriller, a former Special Ops soldier refuses an order to kill a family. But he sensed something was wrong and refuses to do so. He's declared a terrorist and faces a dangerous hunt from his comrades. With his training and survival skills, he works to prevent an attack on the foundations of the U.S. military. But he can't do it alone. Despite his training and survival skills, Mason must fight against evil forces and defeat a terrorist.

The second book in the series features an elite super-soldier, Mason Kane, in his final mission as a member of the Special Operations Command. The title is derived from a famous poem by Rudyard Kipling, "Warning Order" is a warning to be ready for a threat. In "Warning Order," Mason is tasked with saving the lives of US military personnel.

Brad Thor

If you enjoy military and spy novels, you'll enjoy Brad Thor's latest work, Act of War. The action thriller follows the life of counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath, a highly skilled fighter and strategist. Armed with superior firearms and hand-to-hand combat skills, Scot is an intimidating opponent for the enemies. He's also smart, resourceful, brave, and has a strong sense of justice. Throughout the novel, Scot is a devoted patriot, and he always puts himself in harm's way to protect others.

Thor's latest thriller follows superspy Scot Harvath, an ultra-effective private intelligence operative. He and his small group are called in to stop assassination attempts on Federal Reserve candidates. They must track down the mastermind behind the attacks, and the only way to stop them is to stop him. Thor also writes about Scot's past as a Navy Seal, and his next book, The Athena Project, is set between Full Black and Foreign Influence.

The plot is a familiar one, and Brad Thor's military-themed thriller is no different. While some of the plots are based on real-life events, the stories feel real, and readers will be left wondering what happened in the real world. Brad Thor's work is a mixture of a familiar theme and dark themes that captivate the reader and give him an edge to his reading experience. We'll be glad we read it when it comes out!

Tom Clancy

If you're looking for a new military thriller that's as entertaining as it is action-packed, try this one by Tom Clancy. It is set several years before 9/11, when terrorist cells are creating as much fear as rogue states. Clancy's latest book centers on a special ops team fighting off eco-terrorists. It's a great read for fans of military thrillers and is sure to keep you turning the pages.

Tom Clancy's military thriller series is filled with scientific data and detailed military detail. His novels take the complexities of warfare to an entirely new level. The first of these books, The Hunt for Red October, became a best seller in 1984. The following novels included Red Storm Rising, Patriot Games, The Cardinal of the Kremlin, and Without Remorse. These titles are all based on real-life events.

Clancy's military thriller series is one of the most popular and well-known in the world, and many readers are familiar with his characters. He was born in Baltimore and died at the age of 66. His military thrillers spanned the Cold War era and the era of terrorism. Although he was no longer alive when the cold war ended, his sales didn't decline. John Grisham, JK Rowling, and Clancy's books have all seen first printings of more than 2 million copies.

Alexander Fullerton

The Nicholas Everard series by Alexander Fullerton is one of the most popular of its kind. The first novel in the series, The Blooding of the Guns, was published in 1976. It was followed by Sixty Minutes for St. George and Patrol to the Golden Horn. The series continues until the ninth novel, The Gatecrashers. In each book, Nicholas Everard faces the perils of war. Fullerton has also been a cadet at Dartmouth's Royal Naval College and served in the Mediterranean and in submarines during World War II. His distinguished service in the military was recognized by his name in various dispatches.

Don Mann

Don Mann is a former SEAL who now writes thrillers. Previously he served two tours in SEAL Team Six and is best known for the Hunt the Leopard novel, one of the Thomas Crocker series. While he was in the service, he preferred adventure races involving teams of two to five people. Some of these races involve zip lining, pack animals, and extreme weather conditions. In Hunt the Leopard, Don Mann describes his own experiences of extreme situations while serving in the US Navy.

In Hunt the Scorpion, Don Mann takes the reader into the world of the SEAL Team Six. As part of this team, the author explains how the SEALs operate and the relationship between them. While being part of SEAL Team Six, the author learns about the brother-like partnership among the team. He experiences many dangerous situations, such as decapitations, stabbings, and shootings. In order to survive, the SEALs must work together in dangerous situations.

In his debut novel, Don Mann introduces his readers to the world of the Navy SEALs. These men are specially trained to fight against terrorists. Thomas Crocker leads the Navy SEAL Team. The author does a great job in providing the details of SEAL operations and he also incorporates the style of a military thriller. If you want to know what it takes to become a SEAL, then this is the book for you.

Kyle Swanson

In the third book in the series, "Kyle Swanson in Military Thrillers," bestselling author John Coughlin takes us on a dangerous mission across the desert. After escaping the brutality of Somalia, Swanson must work with FBI agent Lucky Sharif, whose heroic acts helped save his life in the country. Together they fight against terrorists abroad and at home. When Cobra, a notorious warlord, retreats to Somalia, he plans to gain control of the al Shabaab terror group. To stop Cobra, Kyles Swanson must return to Mogadishu, and must overcome his own nightmares.

In this series, CIA sniper Kyle Swanson faces his most dangerous mission to date. He's been working with a Russian defector for years and knows he can trust him with his life, as he has stolen a secret from his former employer, a top intelligence officer. But the man has secrets he can't reveal, including a treasure trove of classified intel about when Russian President Vladimir Pushkin plans to take back land from the Soviet Union.

A modern-day sniper in this novel by Jack Coughlin, a retired U.S. Marine, faces intrigue, betrayal, and betrayal in the modern day battlefield. Coughlin's writing style draws parallels between the action in the Middle East and Washington, DC, and his experience in the desert storm in Iraq. He has written eight novels in the series, including one about the Iraqi Civil War.

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