Best Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks in 2022

Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks

In this review, I will highlight three Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks by Nick Harkaway, Palmer Eldritch, and Greg Bear. All of these eBooks explore the idea of consciousness altering matter, and I'll also discuss how these books relate to a more realistic science fiction scenario. Read on to learn more! And while you're reading these eBooks, be sure to subscribe to my free newsletter below!

Review of Palmer Eldritch's Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks

If you're looking for a unique genre of science fiction that engages fundamental concerns about existence and meaning, look no further than Palmer Eldritch's new ebooks. The alien baby series, which focuses on the adventures of an alien baby named James, has gained popularity thanks to the author's unique perspective on these topics. With fascinating characters and a unique perspective on the world, readers will love these eBooks!

In a series of four books, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch delves into the metaphysical realm and explores the ramifications of the human mind on a far flung planet. The story takes place in the 21st century, after mankind has colonized all planets and moons that can support life. Though life is physically challenging and mentally monotonous, colonists keep themselves occupied by using toys such as Perky Pat dolls.

As the late twenty-first century approaches, astronauts and colonists in cramped space colonies begin turning to drugs to cope with the tedium. They have begun to use Can-D, a powerful drug that allows users to inhabit an illusory world that they share. However, Eldritch arrives with another drug, Chew-Z, that promises to bring its users closer to God. While some readers might find this overly-detailed, this is still one of the most intriguing books out there.

The author has titled his book "The Fiction and Science Fiction" in order to break the stereotypes associated with "hard science fiction" and "metaphysical science." He hopes to free his hero from the SF stigma. By describing Dick as a man who struggled to hide his love of classical literature under the cover of SF, he attempts to yoke metaphysical speculation with a mundane fictional form.

Review of Nick Harkaway's Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks

The most important characteristic of any book is its premise, and this novel's premise is no different. In fact, I'd say that Harkaway's latest novel is his best yet. That being said, the book is not without flaws. Let's look at a few of them. The first one is not particularly memorable, primarily due to its lack of originality.

First, the plotline is a bit too convoluted. I think the author was trying to be profound at the end of the novel, but he veers off into underwritten later chapters. Ultimately, the plot drags, and the book ends with a rushed action movie ending, resulting in a book that is too long and too melodramatic for its own good.

While the plot is somewhat predictable, Harkaway's writing style is thrilling. I was surprised to learn that the author had actually visited Harkaway's London office for advice. While he encouraged Harkaway to dive into the novel rather than trying to be too literary, he also urged him to use unusual devices to draw the reader in. This book is definitely a work of art, but the ramifications are far from obvious. The writing is largely enjoyable, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Another book in this series is Gnomon. This novel is full of pirates, ninjas, mad scientists, and covert military units. While it's a coming-of-age tale, it's also a metaphysical science fiction tale that explores the mind and its ability to shape reality. It's definitely worth a look. There's nothing inherently wrong with a metaphysical tale, but it's not for everyone. If you're looking for something a little more wacky, you'll probably want to avoid The Gnomon.

Review of Greg Bear's Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks

Vitals is the sequel to Darwin's Radio, a science fiction novel that also contained elements of a high-tech thriller. The genres are also intertwined in this novel, as Bear plays with expectations within each. The result is an exciting story that will captivate readers of various genres. I enjoyed Vitals because of its strong characters and compelling storyline. This book is well worth reading for long-time fans of science fiction.

It has many merits. First, Eon owes a lot to Arthur C Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama, a classic of the cosmological genre. While set in the best Space Opera arena, the Eon trilogy is one of Bear's most impressive works. Bear's control of scale and cognition are well demonstrated throughout the trilogy. The series also contains several standalone stories and a trilogy of novellas.

Review of Robert Storey's Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks

A Review of Robert Storey's Metaphysical Series of eBooks

The first book in this series, Flight of the Glass, is a fantasy novel that's similar to 'The Glass Castle' in style and content. The story of an unlikely hero and his search for inner power has many elements that make it a must-read for fans of science fiction. In this review, I'll outline the story in detail and give my impressions of the novel.

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