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Medical Reference

Whether you're a medical student or an experienced doctor, your first stop should be a Medical Reference. This comprehensive reference offers a wealth of useful information on over 12,000 disease names and their common measurements. The Convert Units of Measure feature helps you convert between different measurement units. It also provides definitions of key medical terms, such as Flow Rate, Creatinine Clearance, BMI, and weight. Also included are over 750 common medical abbreviations.


If you want to find journal articles on any topic related to medicine, biomedicine, or health, MEDLINE is a good place to start. This database covers more than a dozen different subject areas, including life sciences, bioengineering, public health, and plant and animal sciences. It also includes articles published in newspapers, newsletters, and scholarly journals. For more information, visit Medline's website. For a quick search, use the free MEDLINE Search tool.

MEDLINE has an extensive database of over four thousand biomedical journal articles. Through peer review, MEDLINE ensures that research is well-designed, statistically accurate, and worthy of publication. MEDLINE's comprehensive database reaches back through decades of research. Additionally, indexers provide additional information about the content of articles, such as check tags and Medical Subject Headings. To access all these databases, sign up for a Web of Science subscription.

The MEDLINE database is updated regularly to reflect recent changes in scientific publishing. Adding more citations to MEDLINE improves quality. For example, a new field called the Protocol Supplementary Concept (PS) identifies records from secondary source databanks. This field also includes data on the author and publication, and the date the article was published. Previously, articles with an ESSID were indexed in MEDLINE.

Merck Manual

If you are interested in finding out more about the diseases and treatments, the Merck Medical Reference Manual is an excellent resource for healthcare professionals. Developed by Merck Sharp & Dohme, this reference manual contains extensive information on medical conditions, including symptoms and treatment options. Using the search feature, you can find medical topics by keyword or by section. For your convenience, the manual also includes photographs and audiovisual material. Whether you're an aspiring physician or a student looking for the best medical reference guide, you'll find the information you need in this book.

The Merck Medical Reference Manual is available in both print and digital formats in a variety of languages. Both the consumer and professional versions of the Manual contain a wide range of information about drugs and treatments. The consumer edition features information about first aid and information on how to apply first aid. As a non-profit service, Merck Manuals are available for free on its website. This allows healthcare professionals to switch topics and provide information for patients.

American College of Physicians Complete Home Medical Guide

If you are considering purchasing the American College of Physicians Complete Home Medical Guide, you are in for a treat. This resource was written by physicians and is the result of a collaborative effort between the American College of Physicians and the Association of Home Medical Assistants. The ACP is the largest medical specialty organization, with more than 100,000 members. Its goal is to help patients get the care they need without having to see a doctor every time they have a problem.

The ACP Complete Home Medical Guide is an authoritative, innovative, and lavishly illustrated medical reference on health and disease. It incorporates the latest medical advances and offers a proactive approach to health care. It is a comprehensive source for both adults and children. More than 70 internationally renowned medical experts contributed to this comprehensive reference. It is an unbeatable resource for anyone who is looking for information on health, disease, and prevention.

PLoS Medicine

As a non-profit journal, PLoS Medicine publishes articles of interest to researchers, clinicians and policymakers. Articles are evaluated based on their clinical and health policy relevance as well as their potential impact on the practice of medicine. Articles that address a major health issue are prioritized. In addition to scientific research, PLOS Medicine also publishes articles relating to translational medicine, or medical research that has implications for clinical care.

Articles are considered peer-reviewed by a scientific review panel. Public Library of Science is the publisher of PLoS Medicine. Authors are required to provide consent to publish their articles. PLoS Medicine prefers a manuscript that is under 300 words, but does not prohibit articles that are longer than 500 words. The Background section should clearly state the rationale for the study and conclude with a statement of the specific hypothesis or objective. It should also include details on the subjects and participants of the study. Lastly, the Methods section should include the primary outcome measure and conclusion.

PLoS Medicine is a highly selective journal. Approximately ten percent of initial submissions make it to the publishing stage. Of this group, about 20 percent were invited to submit full papers and published as research articles. Articles published in PLOS Medicine meet all the criteria set by the ISO 4 standard for scientific journal titles. The journal's ISSN is 15491277, 15491676. The ISSN is a unique 8-digit code that is used for recognizing journals, periodicals, and all media.

PubMed Central

PubMed Central is an archive of biomedical journal articles that are freely available online. It includes articles from selected journals, individual manuscripts, and preprints collected by funders. Although some of this content is not cited in PubMed, it is included in the archive, as are citations from those articles. PubMed is maintained and developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Its goal is to advance global health and medical knowledge.

To narrow down your search, you can use filters that include article type. You can choose the "Systematic Review" filter, for example, to limit results to human studies that are published in that year. Alternatively, you can also use the "Books and Documents" filter to limit results to citations in that language. However, you should note that PubMed does not perform adjacency searches. It may not recognize phrases in quotes.

If you want to save a specific article from PubMed, you can copy its URL and bookmark it. It is important to note that the URL you copy from PubMed is not necessarily the same as your browser's address bar, and it may not include session data. Additionally, advanced history searches cannot be saved using a URL and will be lost after the History expires. In these cases, you should contact the author of the article to ask for permission.


Medknow is a publishing company that publishes peer-reviewed journals in the health and medical sciences. The company's publications support new discoveries, thereby improving patient care. Medknow's open-access policy results in more than half a million articles downloaded each month. The company was recently acquired by Wolters Kluwer. This acquisition will continue to expand the company's reach in key emerging markets. This includes India.

Medknow's journals conform to the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-MPH) guidelines. In addition, the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology has been included in CAB Abstracts, the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, and the International Journal of Global Health. In addition, the Indian Journal of Cancer is now the official journal of the Indian Cancer Society. It will be distributed to the 300-members of the ICON.

Faculty of 1000 Biology and Medicine

The Faculty of 1000 Biology and Medicine (F1000) website offers an extensive library of peer-reviewed articles published in the field of life sciences. It includes a submission of the week and a section called "just posted." Each article has a brief description of its content, along with the date, title, and authors of the article. The site is designed to provide librarians with valuable resources that are easy to find and navigate.

The service also includes peer-reviewed commentaries on new and emerging themes in the fields of biology and medicine. These journals are freely available, and articles are classified into seven categories: hypotheses, new findings, confirmations, technology advances, controversial, and refutation. Faculty members may also designate articles to the site if they have a profound effect on clinical practice. In addition, F1000 Medicine features an open repository of international conference posters and presentations. It also has recommendations from more than two thousand leaders in research, clinical practice, and education.

The F1000Prime website aims to provide a comprehensive list of the most influential papers in the field of biology and medicine. The database is created by an independent editorial board consisting of over 5,000 experts from the world's top institutions and scientific societies. Articles are rated based on scientific merit, not on their publication status. Faculty members are also invited to post commentaries explaining why an article is important. So, what is F1000 Biology and Medicine?

HighWire Press

Currently, the HighWire Press offers individual subscribers to its titles and is in the process of rolling out institutional subscription plans. In 1997, HighWire titles will be available through individual subscriptions, and Science will announce its institutional subscription plans shortly. Individual subscribers can use the "feedback" feature on each journal to provide feedback on content or ask questions. The high-quality content and user-friendly interface make the service a great choice for both beginners and experts.

The HighWire website offers easy access to cited references from other HighWire journals, as well as links to MEDLINE records. HighWire's inter-journal links demonstrate the power of hypertext links and allow users to explore other HighWire titles without having to subscribe to the whole journal. Additionally, HighWire offers a link to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which cites a JBC article. This link leads to the full text of that cited article, and most of the inter-journal links are toll-free.

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