Best Master Series Museums & Collections in 2022

Master Series Museums & Collections

Master Series brings internationally acclaimed artists to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, including a piece by Chinese artist Yan Wenliang. In another work, Jacob Lawrence suspends pharmaceuticals in hard resin and turns a New York Times into a canvas. In another, birds emerge from a flurry of color and pattern, while decorative traditions from the Far East magnify natural hues. The series is presented with the generous support of the TMA Ambassadors.

CORSAIR Collection

The CORSAIR Collection is comprised of over 330,000 records, including rare books, medieval manuscripts, and literary and historical manuscripts. This collection also includes music scores, ancient tablets, and seals, as well as art objects. This comprehensive online resource is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. By accessing the CORSAIR Collection Catalog, you can learn about the vast range of materials and artworks held by the Corsair Museum.

Artemis/Bast by Jacob Lawrence

The work of African American artist Jacob Lawrence is one of the most widely acclaimed in the United States today. The artist has enjoyed a prolific career spanning more than fifty years. The paintings of Lawrence portray the lives of African Americans and have found an audience far beyond their origins. His work has been recognized as having a global appeal because of its abstract style and universal subject matter. At age thirty, Lawrence was called the "foremost Negro artist" by critics and was invited to paint President Jimmy Carter's inauguration. In 1990, Lawrence was awarded the National Medal of Arts from President George Bush.

In addition to painting the mythical characters and their surroundings, Lawrence painted several panels based on the life of John Brown, a black revolutionary who was hanged for treason and attempted to free the southern slaves. A critic, Ellen Wheat, described Lawrence's work as the "apogee of dramatic narrative ability." He received mixed reviews when the exhibition opened at the Downtown Gallery in New York in 1942 but later became a popular subject for museum exhibitions around the world.

Many art critics have emphasized the narrative that Lawrence's paintings and lithographs depict. In contrast, art historian Jordana Moore Saggese focuses on Lawrence's career and repositions his work within the avant-garde tradition. Her study examines Lawrence's use of color, space, and form to create works that are both aesthetically appealing and aesthetically engaging. She also emphasizes the tension between whiteness and non-whiteness within his works.

Yan Wenliang

The works in the Master Series exhibition at the National Art Museum of China are a rare glimpse into the Chinese artist's creative process. He used multiple layers of paint to achieve subtle luminosity and transparency in his skyline and seascapes. His use of color is also highly precise, lending fiery red water an electric quality that expresses the energy and optimism of the age. The artist's later period, which began with his return to Shanghai in 1969, resulted in works such as Ode to Our Country (1982), which depicts the seascape with billowing blue waves.

Born in Suzhou, Yan Wenliang trained at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he gained recognition as one of the most important artists of the era. He first showed Impressionist-inspired paintings in 1930, where he received the Salon du Printemps Prize. These works were highly influential and influenced younger artists, as they depict the world around them in rich, vibrant colors.

The exhibition includes oil and watercolor paintings by Chinese and foreign artists. Works by Yan Wenliang, Yu Youren, Su Tianci, Wu Guanzhong, and Zhu Naizheng are displayed with contemporary watercolor paintings. The exhibition also features works by Huang Tieshan and Li Runian. The latter's works are among the most famous of the master's generation.

The Master Series exhibition at the NAMOC also includes works by Luo Zhongli, who was the first to depict Mao's cultural leaders in an oil painting. This painting heralded a new era for Chinese art. Today, contemporary conceptualist works form a special section of the Museum's collection. So, if you're interested in learning more about the Master Series and its history, you should definitely stop by and see the exhibition.

Jeff and John Heintzman

The Modern Masters from the Heintzman Collection showcases 15 important 20th-century artists in one exhibition. The collection represents only a small percentage of the brothers' lifetime acquisitions. Jeff and John Heintzman are identical twins who have devoted their lives to the arts in Peoria, Illinois. They became Division I swimmers at the University of Iowa and later developed an avid passion for art collecting. Throughout the years, they have donated countless hours to museums and art venues.

The work of the Heintzmans has been categorized as Minimalist and Abstract Expressionist, depending on the technique used. They use predominantly black and white color schemes in their artwork. Jeff Heintzman attributes his attraction to the achromatic palette to his background in printmaking at the University of Iowa. He says he remembers making his own ink while studying art at the University of Iowa.

Margaret S. Winthrop

In the third installment of the Margaret S. Winthrop, Master Series Museums & Collections, she explores the history of slavery in the nineteenth century and how that shaped art in America. She explains how artists made portraits of people and their experiences, as well as the importance of understanding human history and culture. This podcast was recorded on December 11, 2011. In this episode, Professor David Bindman introduces the series, discusses portraits of real people, and editor Sharmila Sen introduces the new volumes.

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