Best Lesbian Romance in 2022

Lesbian Romance

When we say lesbian romance, we don't just mean novels about women and men in love. There's also lesbian literature, including poetry, plays, and non-fiction about lesbian interests. In this article, we will discuss the genre, including a review of Therese and Carol by Meryl Wilsner and Samantha Fleisher. You can also check out the latest lesbian novel, One Last Stop, by Natalie Naudus.

Meryl Wilsner's debut novel

"Something to Talk About" by Meryl Wilsner is a slow-burn sapphic romance, with plenty of sexy fake dating and an all-too-real racism problem. While the novel does not have the climactic scene that many lesbian romances do, Wilsner's writing shines through. The novel is meticulously plotted in third-person stream-of-consciousness, allowing straight readers to peek into gay minds while letting them experience the angst and tension. But if you're a structure fan, Sapphic Love may not be for you. The slow-burning nature of the book is also a detriment to some, but those who love this kind of plot will probably enjoy it.

"Something to Talk About" is a lesbian romance about two women who fall in love. The main characters, Emma Kaplan and Jo Jones, are a showrunner and assistant, respectively. But after Jo Jones brings her assistant Emma Kaplan to the SAG awards, rumors start flying about them dating and their relationship. The two women are forced to question their feelings as the rumors spread.

Therese and Carol

Therese and Carol are two lesbians who explore the lesbian potential of everyday places. In this Lesbian Romance, the two women first meet in the toy aisle of a department store where Carol is shopping for her daughter. They eventually visit each other's homes and take a road trip together. Unfortunately, Carol's husband decides to send a private detective to follow them, and the two must choose between their love and safety.

Despite being in a troubled relationship, Therese is very happy to see Carol on Christmas mornings. Her love for Carol causes her to doubt her relationship with Richard. However, Carol cannot let go of the detective because of her child. They continue to see each other in the Midwest and fall in love. Therese's husband, Richard, accuses Therese of schoolgirl crushes, but Therese knows there is something more between the two women.

The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith is an acclaimed lesbian romance. Starring Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett, the film is an adaptation of the 1952 novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith. The two women are friends and neighbors who fall in love with each other. Therese's life has changed dramatically since their marriage, and therese and Carol's relationship blossoms, and they fall in love all over again.

Natalie Naudus's book One Last Stop

"One Last Stop" by Natalie Naudus is a novel with many facets, and I hope you'll consider reading it. While the main characters are a trans guy and a psychic hipster, the story is also a racial and gender ambiguous one. In one sense, it's a coming-of-age novel, and in another, it's a love story. In both cases, the main characters' lives are interwoven in a way that feels very genuine.

"One Last Stop" combines elements of science fiction, pop culture nostalgia, true crime podcasts, and queer romance. It follows 23-year-old August through decades of NYC history as she attempts to save the girl who is lost in time. It's a sexy and sweet story of love and hope. Regardless of your sexual orientation or background, you'll be swept up in the story and the underlying themes.

Alexis Chambers' book Rubyfruit Jungle

This compelling novel is about the plight of a girl born in a small Pennsylvania town during World War II, who is raised by a vile adoptive mother. From an early age, Molly Bolt knows exactly what she wants: to be educated, to make movies, and to sleep with women. In spite of numerous setbacks, Molly manages to escape the bigoted world of her upbringing, eventually graduating from college in New York and pursuing a life of her own.

Sabine Fleisher's novel Therese and Carol

In Sabine Fleisher's Therese and Carol, a lesbian couple is reunited after many years of being apart. They've always been close but the military's DADT policy has led to a rift between them. After a long separation, the two meet again and begin a new relationship. But their relationship isn't without its problems.

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