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True Accounts of Organised Crime Kindle eBook Review

If you love crime, you'll love these true stories of crime from across the centuries. This anthology is filled with bootleggers, con men, and frauds, from the Depression-era gangster John Dillinger to the fearsome female pirate Ching Shih. These accounts of crime don't exclusively focus on the Italian-American Mafia, so there's something for everyone in this collection.

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My True Accounts of Organized Crime Kindle eBook review has two main points: first, it's important to acknowledge that the book's subjects are real. There are 'crime syndicates' and 'political action committees', not to mention the bootleggers, conmen, and frauds. The book also shows that organized crime is a part of American history. Its lack of coverage in American history is a shame, and one I hope will change soon.

The author presents sixteen cases of separatist conflict, some still making headlines, while others remain lesser-known. While the Azerbaijan section is dated and largely focused on the Islamic State, the Iraq and Syria section is disappointingly short-changed because it focuses on the Islamic State. Still, each case is instructive and combines basic historical context with an interdisciplinary analysis of organised crime.

My favorite True Accounts of Organised Crime e-book is the anonymous source Joey the Hit Man, who was a contract killer for the Mafia. Born into a Jewish bootlegger family, Joey began getting in trouble with the law at a very young age. Joey recounts his life as a Mafia member and how he managed to raise his family. Although Joey the Hit Man's account was first published in 1973, it has been updated and revised to reflect the changes in the author's identity and circumstances of death.

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The chart on Amazon lists the top-selling books in various categories. This book is no exception. The chart for True Accounts of Organised Crime is broken down by genre and price point. For example, Murder & Mayhem books have the lowest number of sales while titles on Espionage, Criminals, and White Collar Crime are among the most popular books on Amazon. But, what's so special about this book?

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You can find a wide range of true crime stories in this anthology, from the notorious gangster of the Depression-era to the fearsome female pirate Ching Shih. This anthology isn't limited to just the Italian-American Mafia, though - it covers corrupt activity of all kinds. But the most fascinating stories in this collection are those that deal with the Mob, the underworld, and the police.


In "True Accounts of Organised Crime," bestselling author Joseph Coffey reveals the machinations of an underworld that has shaped modern New York City. He helped bring down the notorious serial killer, Son of Sam, and uncovered interdepartmental politics that kept the NYPD from investigating the killings of Mob members. His exposé of a rogues' gallery of hit men and devious madmen is a riveting read.

The book covers the lives of bootleggers, conmen, and fraudulent figures, from Depression-era gangster John Dillinger to the fearsome female pirate Ching Shih. It's not limited to Italian-American organized crime, though there is plenty of evidence of the corrupt activities that took place in both worlds. Regardless of how one views organized crime, reading True Accounts of Organised Crime will leave readers fascinated and informed.

As public awareness about organized crime increased, the role of crime writing in society expanded. Authors began to include the issues of social class, gender, and ethnicity. Crime fiction became more mainstream and more widely-read, and today has a huge audience. For this reason, it's important to read True Accounts of Organised Crime by diverse authors. You'll gain a new appreciation for the genre, which remains as relevant today as ever.


The Price of True Accounts of Organised Criminals is a harrowing exposé of how organized crime works. It is a world where organized crime groups control and manipulate public officials and engage in criminal activity on a broad scale. These crimes range from loan-sharking with extremely high interest rates to counterfeiting money and setting up monopolies in industries such as cement pouring and construction. The criminals also engage in acts of political corruption and bullying.

In a failed state, the government is not able to perform basic functions due to widespread violence and extreme poverty. Organized crime acts as a complementary function to war and governance. Alternatively, democratic states that revert to an oligarchy can become mafia states or narco-states, where organized crime groups rule the country. These crimes often destabilize societies and cause civil unrest.

The book reveals how organized crime can take the form of a gang. The methods used by these criminals highlight the lack of legitimate means to gain an advantage. In both white-collar and political crime, the motives for engaging in criminal activities are the same - a desire to accumulate money and power. This power enables criminals to manipulate social norms and influence public policy. But there are many other reasons for this behavior.

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