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Kindle eBooks - Architecture and the Italian Renaissance

Those who love architecture and Italian Renaissance should try Kindle eBooks on the subject. If you want to learn more about the greats, try these e-books from Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian Renaissance. You'll be glad you did. You'll also learn about the architecture of Leonardo's time. Read on to find out more about these amazing books. And don't forget to pick up a few new books.

Kindle eBooks

There are several benefits of Kindle eBooks. Unlike a printed book, which requires a printer and requires a storage device to keep it, Kindle eBooks are small and portable. The battery power of a Kindle is up to eight times more efficient than that of an LCD reader. You can also download the entire library onto a USB flash drive. You can also sync your library with your PC, if you wish. This feature is particularly useful for older individuals.

The first Kindles were simply small versions of LCD laptop screens with a resolution of 35 pixels per inch or 90 pixels per cm. They were hard to read for long periods. However, modern Kindles use electronic ink technology, which uses tiny plastic granules moving inside microscopic capsules to display words. This technology offers twice the resolution of an ordinary computer screen, is clear in sunlight, and requires less power than a standard LCD.

As Martin Tupper noted in the 19th century, a "good book is a good friend". People like to spend time with books. Whether they are reading a romance novel or an academic work, they are comfortable with familiarity and can share ideas with them. The Kindle is the most popular electronic book reader, and many people are wondering if the days of the printed word are numbered. In this eBook Review, we'll explore how ebooks are changing how we communicate with each other.

Kindle eBooks on architecture

If you're into architecture, there are some good Kindle eBooks on architecture that you can download for free. A good architecture book can take hours to read, but can also be painful on the wallet. This list of free architecture eBooks includes some classics, as well as some surprises. The Seven Lamps of Architecture by John Ruskin, an art critic and talented Victorian artist, is a great place to start. This book teaches you about the history of architecture, and also includes some philosophical lessons and illustrations.

In this super-condensed and highly illustrated book, you'll learn about the history of architecture, the techniques used to design buildings, and the various types of architecture that have been used throughout history. This book contains over 600 illustrations, and provides an overview of many architectural revolutions. It also contains biographies of famous architects, as well as critical analyses of each one. Whether you're a budding architect or want to read about some of the world's most stunning buildings, there's something for everyone in this book.

Kindle eBooks on Italian Renaissance

Kindle eBooks on the Italian Renaissance are a great way to learn more about this fascinating time period. Jacob Burckhardt's The Civilization of the Italian Renaissance is a seminal work in the field of historiography. Using compelling, vivid descriptions of the period, it will immerse you in the culture and politics of the period. There are many other Italian Renaissance titles to choose from, so be sure to read these selections.

This book discusses the history of art in the great cities of Italy. It includes detailed profiles of art from Palermo, Padua, and Naples. The author recognizes that the Renaissance era was mostly about urban growth, which is why it covers seven great Italian cities in detail. The book also includes studies of some of the most extraordinary individuals of the period. And because it's focused on cities and art, there's more than one way to learn about the Italian Renaissance.

Medici family history by Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici is one of the best-selling Kindle eBooks on the Italian Renaissance. This book contains accurate details about the family from Giovanni di Bicci to Cosimo the Magnificent. It also covers the politics, economics, and culture of Florence. Throughout the book, readers will discover how the Medici family came to power in Florence and dealt with strong opposition from the Church.

It is important to read the reviews on different renaissance historical fiction books before making a final decision. There are several brands of renaissance historical fiction books. It can be confusing trying to decide which is the best. But research can help you sort through the different brands and determine what works for you. If you have the time, you can check online marketplaces and compare prices. A good guideline is to choose a book based on the pros and cons.

Kindle eBooks on Leonardo da Vinci

Interested in the life and works of the Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci? If so, you should read this book. It will help you understand the man himself. This artist was a curious, insatiable person who studied everything and everyone around him. He would study things such as the flow of water, the rise of smoke, and the muscles that are used while smiling. He was interested in all aspects of the human experience and even pondered the origins of the world.

You can find more books on Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson, a best-selling biographer and reporter. His numerous books include Leonardo (2004) and La Bella Principessa, a biography of the Renaissance master. He was one of the greatest minds of his time, and his notebooks will give you an insight into his life and work. Read this biography to learn more about the Renaissance master.

In addition to reading books on Leonardo da Vinci, you can also watch the new television series, Bosch, on Amazon Prime. It stars Aidan Turner and follows the life of the artist for two decades. The series will explore his artistry and human relationships. Speculative fiction is common when dealing with da Vinci's life. The fictitious murder accusation and the relationship between da Vinci and his lover Caterina da Cremona are both fascinating topics.

Another interesting aspect of the biography of Leonardo da Vinci is that he was gay. This is supported by some historians, but there is no scientific proof for it. His biographer, Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo, imagined Leonardo and Phidias talking about the "backside game." Likewise, Freud wrote extensively about Leonardo's perceived queerness. While many people disagree with this idea, he was arrested for sodomy in 1476.

Kindle eBooks on Brunelleschi

If you're a fan of Renaissance architecture and history, you'll enjoy a Kindle eBook on Brunelleschi. Brunelleschi was born into a rich Florentine family, which helped him to overcome bureaucratic obstacles and pursue his art. His mother was a member of the Spini dynasty, and his siblings inspired his career. Brunelleschi was educated in language and arithmetic, and he wanted to enter the legal profession, like his father.

There are several Kindle eBooks on Brunelleschi, including one written by Ross King, who weaves an interesting story around the architect. King details the difficulties that Brunelleschi faced in constructing the cathedral, including the building of a hoist that lifted materials hundreds of feet off the floor. The hoist later became one of the most celebrated machines of the Renaissance. In addition, the book describes Brunelleschi's life and career.

In addition to designing buildings, Brunelleschi used a logical system to measure and proportion the spaces in his designs. His layouts were typically defined by a dark gray framework, contrasted with light plaster walls. His designs often featured minimal ornamentation and relied on a strong form pairing. Not only did Brunelleschi design buildings, but he also developed innovative engineering concepts to help construct buildings and machinery.

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