Best Kidnapping Crime Fiction in 2022

Kidnapping Crime Fiction

If you're looking for a good kidnapping crime novel, you've come to the right place. We've reviewed books by Lisa Regan, Helen Fields, Barbara Copperthwaite, and Ryan Becker to help you decide which ones to read. There's a kidnapping crime novel for every genre and taste. But if you want to be sure you're reading the best, try these authors:

Barbara Copperthwaite

Barbara Copperthwaite, best-selling psychological crime fiction author, knows what victims and criminals go through. She spent many years as a journalist, interviewing real victims and perpetrators of crime. She loves to write realistic characters and tearing complex characters apart. In her spare time, she can be found hiding behind a camera, taking wildlife photographs. She also loves to read, and her books are available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats.

The first book in her series is Flowers for the Dead, a serial killer thriller written by Barbara Copperthwaite. Laura and Adam have been dating for some time, but their relationship has come to a stale end. Adam and Laura were once best friends, but the events that led them to each other have changed their lives. Adam, Laura's brother, is now a psychopath. He was sexually abused by his mother, and he learned to be undetected. Laura has been traumatized by her ordeal and has become a victim of Adam's vicious acts.

Helen Fields

The Shadow Man by Helen Fields is an outstanding crime thriller, featuring a supernatural undertone and a truly terrifying crime scene. The victims of The Shadow Man are completely unlike any other characters in crime fiction, and readers will be left reeling with each twist. If you're a fan of Helen Fields' writing, you'll love this new series. We have reviewed the first two books in the series and are looking forward to reading the third one.

During her legal career, Helen studied law at the University of East Anglia and the Inns of Court in London. She has practiced criminal and family law for over a decade, but has now turned her experience into crime fiction. Her series of crime fiction includes books set in Scotland. She is married with three children and lives in Hampshire, England, and Scotland. Helen Fields' books are based in London, but her passion lies in Scotland, and her latest release, Perfect Remains, is out on 6 February 2020.

In this thrilling kidnapping crime fiction novel, DI Luc Callanach returns to the MIT Police Scotland after a decade in the police. During a night out with his boss, he agrees to help an old INTERPOL colleague, but soon discovers that a body has been stolen from France, with parts of the victim removed. This leaves Callanach and her partner baffled, but she is determined to solve the case.

Lisa Regan

In her ten published crime novels, Lisa Regan covers everything from the brutal murder of a child to the horrific kidnapping of an elderly woman. Her books have an unusual style that makes them a pleasure to read, even for the most reluctant reader. Despite the dark subject matter, Regan's characters are likeable and the crimes she covers are real-life, and her books make you feel that you are right there with them.

Lisa Regan is a crime fiction writer whose first novel won the eFestival of Words' Best Novel award, and she was also a runner-up for Best Novel. In December 2013, her debut novel, Finding Claire Fletcher, hit number one on the Amazon best-seller list in the Kidnapping category. Regan is a member of Sisters in Crime and lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. She knows Japanese karate, which is a good thing when trying to escape from kidnappers.

After graduating from college, Regan worked as a paralegal in Roxborough. During her free time, she wrote. Her passion for writing grew into a successful crime fiction series. She is married with a daughter named Morgan and a Boston Terrier named Mr. Phillip. The series is a USA Today bestseller. A series of three novels is planned, each one building on the last.

Ryan Becker

In Ryan Becker's Kidnapping crime fiction, a mercenary who has recently turned to writing is tasked with stopping a terrorist kidnapping in Iraq. He enlists the aid of a WHO medic, Lori Dalton, to find the truth behind the kidnapping. However, when he learns more about the motive for the kidnapping, he realizes he's caught in the middle of a deadly conflict. Meanwhile, the IRA operatives fail to assassinate him.

Lord Holmes visits the residence of Ryan Becker to determine the motives of the kidnap. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm knocks out the power, preventing him from contacting the DSS or state troopers. In order to make the kidnapping seem more plausible, Holmes's assistant Watkins forces her to reveal information that could put her in danger of her life. Meanwhile, Miller kills all of the security personnel at the house and infiltrates the rest of the home. Lord Holmes and his team then lure Miller and O'Donnell into a burning boat.

William Graebner

In William Graebner's Kiddapping Crime Fiction, the story of a girl's kidnapping in 1974 makes for a riveting read. The SLA kidnapped Patricia Hearst - a wealthy woman from an upper middle-class family - because she was a celebrity who would make front-page news. But what exactly happened? Graebner's novel traces the story of the kidnapping from her mother's perspective.

The novel's heroine, Patty Hearst, was the subject of an actual case - the kidnapping of a San Francisco bank in 1974. Her conviction was a bleak one, reflecting the volatile mood of the nation. The author vividly retells this story, twenty-five years later, and paints a picture of mid-70s America in vivid detail.

The author puts the modern-day suspicion of government agencies in the context of the Watergate scandal, which prompted the CIA and FBI to target law-abiding leftist groups. In that case, a jury wanted to see evidence of her heroic resistance, and staying alive was not enough to establish her personal agency. The failure to attempt escape was a key factor in her guilty verdict.

CJ O'Hara series

The first book in the Kidnapping crime fiction series by C.J. O'Hara, "All the Natural Beauties", is a page-turning thriller set in Charleston, South Carolina. The protagonist, Cassandra Jane O'Hara, was born in Boston, raised by Irish parents, and served for ten years in the Boston Police Department. Her uncle, Harry O'Hara, was a career detective with the Boston PD.

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