Best Jonathan Price Museums & Collections in 2022

Jonathan Price Museums & Collections Announces New Expansion

The museum's main focus is its collections of historical art. This includes the First actual survey of the state of North Carolina, Partnership with Gibbes Museum of Art, and Lester Wing. Learn more about the museum's collections here! Here's a quick look at some highlights:

Lester Wing

The Lester Wing, designed by architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen of Washington, D.C., added over 34,000 square feet to the museum. Among its many features are new galleries, a 150-seat auditorium, and a new main entrance. Visitors can enjoy the abundance of natural light, pure geometries, and clarity of plan. In addition, the Lester Wing features top-lit galleries and generous proportions.

First actual survey of state of North Carolina

The price-strather map of North Carolina is of monumental importance for the state's cartographic history. First made from an actual survey, the map was published during a period of dramatic growth and settlement of the state's western lands. It represents one of the first attempts to update the cartographic record of the American South after the War of Independence. In the past, the state's cartographic history has been dominated by inaccurate and outdated maps.

Published in 1808, the first actual survey of the state of North Carolina by Jonathan Price reflects the boundaries of the colony in the 1700s. It was engraved in Philadelphia by W. Harrison in the summer of 1799, but this date cannot be confirmed without a more accurate survey. The map's publication date, however, may not be accurate because the original map was made in 1797.

After completing a map of the state, Price was paid PS1,190 to produce a new one. He began the project by surveying the Edenton district. His new map of the state was a critical piece of topographic information during this time, since the last official map was created in 1770. In addition, very little reliable topographical information was available at the end of the nineteenth century. Price's mind was needed to come up with a map that could include the entirety of North Carolina.

Publicly commissioned works

The newly opened publicly commissioned exhibitions at Jonathan Price Museums & Collections showcase works by emerging and established artists alike. The collection includes work by the likes of Nari Ward, Hernan Bas, Nicole Eisenman, Lee Pivnik, and others. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum's website offers high-quality images of nearly 20,000 works of art that are in the public domain.

Partnership with Gibbes Museum of Art

The Charleston-based Gibbes Museum is the signature museum in Charleston. The museum's permanent collection includes the most comprehensive survey of art in the American South. In addition, Gibbes is uniquely positioned to tell the story of Charleston by integrating its artistic past with the city's present art scene. A Partnership with Gibbes Museum of Art provides a wealth of opportunities for education and enjoyment. Learn more about our partnership here.

The Gibbes Museum of Art has announced a new partnership with the Charleston County Public Library to provide 15 free family memberships. The passes are valid for two adults and as many children and grandchildren under the age of eighteen who are related to them. The passes can be checked out for one week, but they cannot be renewed. Patrons must have a library card. Library cardholders can check out one pass per card.

Gibbes is also proud to present its Visiting Artists series. The Visiting Artists program aims to foster creativity, expose patrons to new art forms, and create a unique perspective on societal issues. The museum welcomes gifts from estate plans, which lower taxes and allow the donor to honor a loved one. Gibbes Museum of Art is proud to be associated with this tradition of giving and supports the creation of a more diverse museum experience.

40,000 square feet of exhibition space

The new addition of 40,000 square feet of exhibition space at the Jonathan Price Museums & Collections was designed by the architect firm OMA. The renovation will provide new exhibition space, including a vast painting conservation studio, as well as study-storage and seminar rooms. The expansion will also enable the museum to offer four concurrent exhibitions, which will be crucial to its educational mission.


In addition to the many exhibits at the Jonathan Price Museums & Collections, the museum has recently opened the Community Gallery to showcase various local projects. This accessible trail features a variety of art and culture, including art in all media. Using a wheelchair is an option for those with limited mobility. The Museum also offers alternative formats for the exhibitions on its website. Accessibility at the museum is an important aspect of maintaining an accessible space.

During your visit, you will find ramps for wheelchairs and strollers at several entrances. ADA-recognized service animals are welcome to accompany visitors. Additionally, the museum has an elevator for easy access to the second floor. Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the admissions desk, but reservations are not available. Please contact the museum ahead of time to inquire about availability. If you need assistance, the museum will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

The Museum works with diverse groups to promote social justice and equality for historically marginalized populations. For example, the museum makes an effort to include underrepresented stories and voices in exhibitions, and incorporates their perspectives in programming. This ensures the accuracy of history and a diverse representation of the community. In addition, the Museum fosters meaningful relationships with groups in the community, such as BIPOC organizations and disability advocacy groups.


To support diversity and equity, the Museums have adopted a Diversity and Inclusion Plan, which is an ongoing, collaborative effort among museum staff members and external stakeholders. The Plan outlines an action plan for the Museums to improve their overall culture and programs to improve diversity and inclusion. The plan calls for a series of actions, including in-depth training and increased professional development opportunities. These activities can be helpful in building a pipeline for sustainable museum careers. The DEAI plan outlines a framework for ensuring the Museums' overall mission and vision are met.

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