Best Ice Hockey eBooks in 2022

Top 5 Ice Hockey eBooks

If you are a die-hard fan of the game, you may be interested in some Ice Hockey eBooks. Some of the best ones feature the zany antics of Wally McDoogle, Derek Sanderson, and other legends of the game. Others focus on the sport's history. No matter your interest, you're sure to find something to read in this eBook. Here are just a few recommendations:

Ice Hockey: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

For fans of the sport, Ice Hockey: The Good, the Bad, & The Ugly eBook is a must-have. It features the most memorable games, most clutch performances, biggest choke jobs, and comebacks. It even covers some of the underrated players. While it may not be the most entertaining book, it will surely delight fans of the sport. There are some glaring mistakes in the eBook, but overall, it is a must-read for any hockey fan.

Derek Sanderson's autobiography

The book about the life of a former NHL player is a fascinating read. It's full of personal details about his life, including his battle with alcoholism and his famous relationship with Bobby Orr. The book also recounts Sanderson's fall from grace, which was hampered by an addiction. However, Sanderson is never quick to blame others for his troubles. Rather, he tells his story with a sense of humor.

When he was a junior, Sanderson was a top scorer. He was an outstanding third liner on the Bruins, playing alongside Wayne Carleton and Ed Westfall. Combined with his teammates, the two became the league's best penalty killers. He was also named one of the 10 sexiest men by Cosmopolitan magazine. Although Sanderson's life story is an inspiring one, some readers may find it hard to relate to the stories contained in the book.

Despite a rocky start, Sanderson eventually broke out and won a championship with the Bruins. During his time with the Bruins, he was known for his excellent face-off skills and a strong penalty killer. Sanderson then played for the New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks, and Pittsburgh Penguins before retiring. In addition to his autobiography, Sanderson has had a very successful post-hockey career. After retiring from the game, he spent 10 years broadcasting for the New England Sports Network, worked as a financial advisor for State Street Global Advisors, and is involved with several charities.

Wally McDoogle's misadventures

This long-running series for children is full of humorous mishaps and memorable characters. Bill Myers writes books that are easy to understand, yet deliver important messages for children. He also knows what interests children and plays off those emotions. The books for children can be read over again, as they have an equal appeal for older and younger readers alike. For young readers, this series is ideal, especially those who are prone to cynicism and delusion.

The Wally series features 28 books that have been updated with fresh illustrations. The series focuses on a klutz-turned-sports hero who accidentally makes his way to the top by playing hockey goalie against Mad Dog Miller. In addition to learning the tricks of the trade, Wally learns how to avoid jealousy and the true value of an aspirin.

This series also deals with the growing relationship between Wally and his father. Wally's father wants him to grow up and become a writer, and Wally's dad accepts this. In fact, Wally even thinks he's a real boy. The first book focused more on Wally, while the second one focuses more on Wally's father. The second book deals more with his relationship with his father, as well as with his mother.

The Game by Ken Dryden

The Game by Ken Dryden is a compelling story about the sport of hockey, from the perspective of a Hall-of-Fame player, lawyer, and scholar. The book combines the personal and professional stories of a long-time sports fan to explore the intricacies of the game. It also explores the changes that have occurred in hockey over the years, including the influence of Europeans on Canadian hockey. The game of hockey has been a major part of the Canadian psyche and Dryden's experience in the sport distinguishes his narrative from other sports books.

Although The Game by Ken Dryden was published thirty years ago, his name still lingered on the tongue. Dryden had not long before announced his retirement from the NHL, but he had been planning his departure for years. This memoir is considered one of the greatest sports books of all time. It's a fascinating read for all hockey fans. However, it's not for everyone. For many, The Game is a bit too esoteric.

The Game by Ken Dryden was published in 1983, and was recently reissued to mark its thirty-year anniversary. It documents a season in the life of a professional hockey goaltender, giving readers a unique perspective into what it's like to play a position of such prominence. Dryden's unique approach to journalism reaches beyond the conventional sports book and examines the inner workings of the team, balancing the demands of his job with the demands of life outside the arena.


There are some fantastic unstoppable ice hockey eBooks available, and this one is one of the best of its kind. It features the greatest snipers, goaltenders, and lamplighters of all time, as well as off-ice antics and escapades. Unstoppable also features stories of famous players from the Hockey Hall of Fame, including the defending champion L.A. Kings and the most accurate snipers in history.

The Breakaway ice hockey eBook features exclusive interviews with hockey legends, many of whom speak about their life experiences for the first time. It examines how hockey superstars captured the imagination of the world, and is equal parts social history and espionage thriller. Breakaway is a must-read for fans of the sport and a fascinating read for hockey fans everywhere. In addition to being an excellent book about the history of the game, Breakaway also features a new chapter about the history of hockey.

Besides being an ice hockey expert, McKinven also talks about his experiences as a struggling pro. The former minor league player talks openly about everything from the death of a teammate to the painful experience of living in his grandmother's basement. He also discusses his experience as an athlete, including injuries, game experiences, and his life as a child. He shares his experience in his book, which can help other players and fans in their own journeys.

Don Weekes' trivia questions

This Don Weekes' trivia book features questions about the most important players and officials in the history of the sport. Featuring more than 160 unique questions, this eBook will challenge the most dedicated hockey fans and provide hours of fun for the whole family. In addition, the book features photographs of the Hall of Fame and Museum, where many of the players and officials have been inducted. This eBook is a must-have for fans of the sport, no matter what their age.

Don Weekes is an award-winning television producer who has written more than twenty books about the sport. This latest Ice Hockey eBook includes his famous trivia questions that will test your knowledge on the greatest hockey legends and players in the history of the sport. You'll love learning new facts about players and legendary players in this new edition of his best-selling series. Don Weekes' trivia questions for Ice Hockey eBooks will leave you wanting more.

Did you know that Pavel Bure was the first player in NHL history to score three goals in a 3-0 game? The NHL player's nickname is the Russian Rocket, because he was nicknamed "The Russian Rocket." On March 19, 2006, Toronto beat Pittsburgh 1-0 on a penalty shot. However, there was a shady incident that followed the game. The player, however, was lucky and did not lose his job.

The Game in Dixie

In the Newbery Medal-winning book, "The Game in Dixie," acclaimed author Kate DiCamillo teaches young readers about the game of baseball through the eyes of a young girl. The story is told through a series of events, from a visit to the local grocery store, where Opal meets Winn-Dixie, a dog she loves. Soon, Opal is making friends and asks her father about her mother, who left when she was three years old. During the summer, everything happens in Winn-Dixie, including baseball games, ice cream stands, and other sports events.

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