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How to Get Started in Home Design

If you are interested in Home Design and would like to make your life easier, here are a few tips that can help you get started. Keeping your home organized makes life easier. Just imagine if you had a five-year-old, who would run around your house for hours, trying to find every single thing in sight. Many of us spend most of our time in our home, so making your home more functional is important for your daily life.

Eclectic style

An eclectic style of home design is one of the hottest trends today. This design style incorporates bold color, carefully curated collections and cherry-picked pieces from different eras. The eclectic style is versatile and will suit any room in your house. There is no single look for an eclectic home, so you can mix and match pieces to create a unique look that is uniquely yours. Here are some examples of how to decorate with this design style.

Using colors to add character to a room is an excellent way to add color to an eclectic design scheme. Bold, bright accent colors are a great way to add a pop of color to a room. You can also use patterns to create a unique look. Contrasting patterns are a great way to add interest to your eclectic home design. A room filled with neutrals will seem drab and boring if it is too busy, so use bright colors sparingly.

The color palette for an eclectic style can be varied, depending on what your tastes are. However, neutral colors such as creams and browns will tie everything together. Erin and Ben's eclectic style transformed an old Craftsman home into a warm and inviting space. They mixed old, shabby, and new elements to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. For example, upholstered furniture and cabinets are perfect examples of eclectic furniture that can be paired together.

Minimalist style

To create a minimalist style home design, focus on a neutral base. The clean, fresh look of a minimalist home can be achieved with white walls and grey textiles. Also, try to avoid using too much color. If your home has a monochromatic color scheme, try choosing a soft yellow or green shade for the walls. The subtle contrast will create a soothing effect. If you haven't considered the effect of natural light, try using some greenery as a home accessory.

While choosing furniture and decor, remember that quality over quantity. You should invest in a quality console table that you love and that will last for years. The same applies to high-quality furnishings. A minimalist style in home design emphasizes quality over quantity. Choose a console table that matches the decor and is made of high-quality materials. A console table that is made of wood, for instance, will last longer than plastic or metal.

While a minimalist interior design focuses on a simple color scheme, clean lines, and pared-down silhouettes, it is not sterile. You can use different textures and eye-catching art pieces to add character and depth to the space. Even small spaces can look larger using minimalist design. Minimalist style in home design is the perfect solution for empty nesters as it saves you money and reduces clutter.

Arts & Crafts style

The Arts & Crafts style is often characterized by a reliance on natural materials and a strong focus on function. The homes often have small rooms and avoid open floor plans. As a result, you'll find many details in Arts & Crafts homes are derived from nature, such as the use of slate and hardwood flooring. In addition, you may find rugs covering hardwood floors. These are all good signs of a home that has Arts & Crafts aesthetic.

The Arts & Crafts style is closely linked to interior design, which is one of the most important aspects of this style. The homes of the movement were designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. Stickley, for example, encouraged homeowners to make decorations, like hanging raffia garlands, from twigs and leaves. The interior design and architecture of these houses are closely related to each other. As such, the homes in each camp will likely share some characteristics.

If you're looking for some beautiful wallpapers, you can opt for Arts & Crafts prints. While these prints aren't meant to cover every surface, they can still be a fantastic option. If you want a more subtle effect, consider using wallpaper designed by Morris & Co. Their Pure Thistle wallpaper looks great with black accents. Alternatively, if you're looking for something more subtle, consider using one of the archival patterns by William Morris.


If you want your space to feel spacious and airy, minimalist home design is a great fit. The design emphasizes open floor plans that maximize natural lighting and minimize the appearance of clutter. This style also reduces the number of interior walls, which can make a home feel smaller. Minimalist home designs also use clean lines and flat surfaces for increased functionality and aesthetics. Patterned carpets are a great way to break up monotony.

A few key items to incorporate into your minimalist home design include multifunctional furniture. Multifunctional furniture helps you maximize space without adding visual clutter. A wooden tray on a bench serves as a console table and a seating area when entertaining guests. Other examples include storage hutches with decorative doors, coffee tables with colorful legs, and geometric foot stools. By eliminating excess clutter, you can create more room for storage and display. It is also a good idea to keep your possessions in order as much as possible.

Creating minimalist home design can be challenging but is achievable with the right strategy. To create a minimalist home, you must make sure to simplify the materials, forms, and details of your space. Minimalist design is not about being too extreme with cleanliness or getting rid of everything that isn't absolutely essential. Instead, minimalism emphasizes order, calm, and intention. Simple furnishings with geometric shapes are a great way to create a minimalist look.


The main elements of contemporary home design are a combination of natural elements and industrial pieces. You can also add some contrast to a modern home by incorporating fireplaces or exposed bricks on walls. However, make sure to keep the overall style consistent. For example, you should not use overly-bright colors in the walls, but you can incorporate subtle contrast with different architectural elements. In addition to these key elements, you can also incorporate other elements, such as textured walls, unique lighting, and large windows.

One of the most important aspects of a modern home is space. A well-designed floor plan can make the most of every square foot. Even if your home is small, you can make it appear larger through efficient floor plan designs. Open concept living is also a great way to maximize space in a small home. You can also reduce wasted square footage by eliminating hallways. It is important to take note of your lifestyle and preferences when choosing a floor plan.

In addition to keeping things simple, a modern home should be energy-efficient. If you are concerned about your energy bills, you can consider installing solar panels and other sustainable systems to power your home. These can make your home completely self-sufficient and save you money on your energy bills. Another important feature of a modern home is minimalism. Most people find the clean and simple design appealing, and bright areas without too many distractions can be energizing.


The basic idea of a Shaker home design is to live in a simple, natural dwelling with a minimalist aesthetic. The Shakers favored the use of materials like wood, natural wool, cotton, silk, and wool and avoided any ornamentation or detailing that is specific to one time period. In modern homes, you can incorporate the Shaker style by not using closed-off rooms. Instead, make common living spaces open and spacious with a good flow from room to room.

Because of the religious ethos of the Shakers, each room in the house would have the greatest amount of sunlight. They interpreted light as the presence of god, so every room in the house would have ample amounts of natural light. Shaker homes incorporated plenty of natural light, and many of their homes had large windows or interior cutouts for natural light. During the daytime, the Shakers used skylights to direct extra daylight downward.

Though Shakers were not designers, their principles are still applicable in today's society. Their values included gender equality, racial equality, liberal spiritual values, and philanthropy. While they were strict about not being fashionable, their output is being welcomed by some. If you're interested in Shaker home design, be sure to read this article. You'll soon be enchanted with their simplicity and practicality.

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