Best Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction in 2022

Historical Mystery Thriller Suspense Fiction

If you love reading historical mysteries, you'll love these books! These novels are perfect to read in a series or to take a short trip back in time. If you're looking for a novel that'll keep you reading for years to come, historical mysteries are a great choice. The Mozart Code, My Name Is Red, and The Debba are just a few examples.

The Mozart Code

The Mozart Code is a post-WWII historical romance novel. Set in post-WWII Europe, the story follows the lives of a wealthy woman and her wealthy husband, Simon and Lady Sophia Barrington. The two share a love for each other and work together in postwar Vienna. However, they also have a secret. Simon is in love with Sophia and they secretly enter into a marriage of convenience.

After World War II, another war of ideologies simmered in the shadows. Powerful men conspire to achieve glory, while sophisticated spies target them. In The Mozart Code, we are transported to this dark period in history. The story is tense and gripping, and it will keep you turning the pages.

My Name Is Red

My Name Is Red is an intriguing historical mystery thriller from Nobel Prize-winning author Orhan Pamuk. It is a complex story that takes on a postcolonial perspective, exploring the genealogy of modern-day Turkey. It also offers an intriguing glimpse at the history of cultural Islam during the Middle Ages. It will leave you wondering if you can decipher what's going on in every detail.

This historical mystery thriller is the first book in a series. It is an excellent choice for fans of historical mystery fiction, and it makes a perfect marathon read. It will transport you to another time and place. In the process, you will fall in love with the characters.

The novel begins in the Ottoman Empire in 1591. It is not a murder mystery, but it is set in that time period. In Istanbul, a mysterious death occurs among two master miniaturists. Unlike the majority of books about the Golden Age, this one does not talk about the art of illustrating in European style, but instead it explores the practice of illustrating in the way that Allah would see it.

The book also explores the dark side of history. In the United States, many people are feeling overburdened by their obligations, whether they are social, professional, or personal. In these stressful times, it is important to escape to a world where people can read a good book. While a thriller novel may not be the perfect escape from reality, it does offer you a much-needed break from your daily routine.

The Debba

The Debba is a historical mystery novel written by Israeli author Avner Mandleman. Set in Palestine during the Six Days War, this historical mystery focuses on the tensions of political and academic rivalry. In the first book in the series, Lily Sampson is an American student of archaeology who returns home to find her dead father's body. His father has left him a fortune, and he's determined to get it. But to do that, he must solve the mystery of where the amphoriskos are and how to get them.

Historical mystery books can be a great combination of two genres. You'll be transported to another time and place while solving the mystery. These books are perfect for those who enjoy reading about a different time period. They're sure to take you to an intriguing world where history and mystery coexist.

Sarah Brandt's The Debba

Sarah Brandt is a renowned midwife who works in the tenements of New York City. Her experiences as a midwife are extensive and she has witnessed both birth and death. Now she's caught up in a scandal that threatens to destroy one upstanding family. Besides her own heartache at the loss of a patient, Sarah also has to attend a murder trial.

When midwife Sarah Brandt returns to New York, she discovers a young woman's body in Chinatown. Although the family tries to claim that the woman's death was a result of complications during childbirth, Sarah's intuition tells her otherwise. She believes the woman may have been murdered by her Italian in-laws. The accusation inflames tensions among the Italian and Irish immigrants in New York.

Initially, Sarah Brandt's life is a whirlwind. Her husband's death is a traumatic event, and she is accused of murder. Her traumatic experience has left her mute and unable to speak. Nonetheless, she is determined to save her husband.

Charlotte Sloane's Rosalind Thorne

In this new historical mystery, a resourceful young woman is drawn into the secrets and intrigues of high society. Her father abandons her when she was a small child, and she begins managing the affairs of influential ladies in London. When she's drawn into a shocking predicament that involves someone close to her, she is forced to decide what to do.

Lady Rosalind Thorne is the daughter of a scandalous bankrupt. She disappears from ton balls and the Park, and she's practically invisible to her former friends. In an attempt to survive, she ekes out an existence by being useful to the wealthy. She investigates and fixes problems for wealthy clients, and she works on Bowery Street. Author Tracy Wilde manages to balance the mystery with the ongoing personal drama of the characters in this historical mystery.

Lady Charlotte Sloane's identity is a secret that she shares with the Earl of Wrexford. The two hoped a little space would improve their relationship. However, when her late husband's cousin is murdered, she turns to the Earl for help. She is asked to help him solve the murder, and the Earl's assistance helps her prove her innocence. She and the Earl experience tension and a slow-burning attraction.

Another mystery series is the Rosalind Thorne series. Using the Regency setting, Sloane creates a lady-in-waiting who solves problems for ladies in trouble. She also writes paranormal romances.

Elizabeth Macneal's The Last Kashmiri Rose

Elizabeth Macneal's debut novel is a fascinating psychological thriller about a young woman named Mair. She is a young woman with a family history in Kashmir. In this novel, she finds herself drawn into a mysterious mystery when she discovers a shawl with a lock of hair in it, which once belonged to her maternal grandmother. To find out the story behind the shawl, she travels to India.

Set in the 1850s, Elizabeth Macneal's debut novel takes place against the backdrop of the Great Exhibition and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. In this dark Gothic novel, real-life characters from Victorian London collide with fictional characters. The literary echoes of Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens are evident in the story's plot.

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