Best Historical Australian & Oceanian Fiction in 2022

Historical Australian & Oceanian Fiction

A collection of Historical Australian & Oceanian fiction. This eclectic mix reflects the history and culture of this region of Australia and the Pacific. Some titles include Shipwreck of the Stirling Castle, Some Daughters of the Earth, Beashel felizmente, and Tales of the Tikongs. Others feature Australian characters and places, such as the infamous convict colony of Tasmania.

Tales of the Tikongs

Tales of the Tickongs in historical Australian & Oceania fiction is a collection of short stories by Tongan author Epeli Hau'ofa. The stories depict life in the island nation. The author's unique approach to storytelling and cultural references draws from his Tongan heritage and experiences to create a world that is both realistic and unique. The collection also explores the influences of the Bible on local culture and beliefs.

Traditionally, Oceanic literature has been centered on the oral traditions and written works of indigenous people of Oceania. This includes the Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia, and Australia. Despite the influence of European writers on the region, Oceanic literature has never been largely influenced by the Western genre. However, many works of Oceanic literature have drawn on English literature.

Shipwreck of the Stirling Castle

The Shipwreck of the Stirling Castle is a historical story set in Australia. In 1836, the Stirling Castle departed from Sydney bound for Singapore. In the course of the journey, the ship struck a reef off the coast of Queensland and ran aground. The passengers were split between two small boats and a crew of ten was rescued. Eliza Fraser, the pregnant wife of Captain James Fraser, was rescued, and the two women made it to Moreton, a town near the Great Sandy Island. The crew took over the control of their firearms, and the Stirling Castle's second vessel fared even worse.

The Shipwreck of the Stirling Castle began the era of historical narrative fiction with religious themes. The novel, published in 1838, tells the story of a woman named Elisa Fraser, who is shipwrecked on Fraser Island in 1836. Her faith is tested in similar circumstances to that of the Children of Israel. In 1838, another novel, retold by Patrick White, involves a woman named Ellen Roxburgh, who has lost faith in God and only finds support in life itself.

Some Daughters of the Earth

Some Daughters of the Earth is the third stand-alone novel by Victorian author Victoria Purman. Set in 1942, this story focuses on the plight of women in Australia during World War II. While the war is destroying the world's alimentary production, women are doing what they can to protect their families. Victorian author Victoria Purman takes us on an emotional and historical journey through Australia's wartime past.

Beashel felizmente

Beashel felizmenta is a series of three books set in the 1850s. It features rich characters, a smooth storyline, and a flawless plot. You'll love the vivid descriptions of Sydney's streets of 1850. Michael Beashel uses history to illustrate the importance of the familiar. The historical aspect of Beashel's stories make them more engaging and engrossing than ever.

Beashel felizmento is a series of three historical Australian & Pacifician fiction. The series starts in 1850s Australia, and follows the lives of different families during the period. Despite the historical events and the setting, the stories are still very captivating. Beashel felizmente is a must-read for fans of historical fiction.


When writing about the history of Australia and the Pacific, you need to use the language of travelogue. The genre of travesia has been around for centuries, but it is a relatively new concept to many readers. The book starts with a description of a trip to the islands, which then leads the reader to an account of the journey's aftermath. The author provides a detailed map of the island, with historical facts and images for the readers to enjoy.

The first Europeans to settle in the area were Christian missionaries, who came in the 1800s to convert the Maori population. Although the Maori initially welcomed the Europeans, they were displaced and named Aborigines. But today, historical Australian & Oceanian fiction celebrates the culture of the native Australians, recognizing its positive attributes. In particular, the novel Silver Wattle by Belinda Alexandra depicts the lives of two sisters who fled from Prague to Australia during the 1920s. They work in the Australian film industry, and the story of the women's struggle is a fascinating one.

The authors featured in this book include Colleen McCullough, Kerry McGinnis, and Tamara McKinley. Her books about the Australian colony include The Touch and Bittersweet, and the latest novel, Jacaranda Vines, a book about the first women in the region. And as for the setting, Travesia: Historical Australian & Oceanian fiction features Australian characters, including Aboriginals, Chinese migrants, and aboriginal people.

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