Best His Dark Materials Teen & Young Adult Literature Classics in 2022

His Dark Materials Teen Young Adult Literature Classics

The His Dark Materials series of young adult books is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and intrigue. From the Book of Dust to the Secret Commonwealth, these stories will captivate you on both an intellectual and emotional level. The parts of the brain that process emotion are more active in teens than in adults, so they're often drawn to darker fare.

Book of Dust

The Book of Dust is a stunning return to form for Philip Pullman, the author of the His Dark Materials trilogy. It expands on the world and adventures of Lyra Belacqua, a young woman who has stumbled upon a mysterious substance called Dust. The second volume of the series, The Secret Commonwealth, came out on 3 October 2019. The book is set 20 years after the events of the original trilogy and follows Lyra as she begins her first semester at St. Sophia's College. It is not yet known when the third volume will be released.

The story revolves around a young girl named Lyra, who has an extraordinary talent for lying. She soon learns of a plot to poison her uncle, which puts her on a journey to save her best friend and a horde of other missing children. Throughout her journey across the frozen north, she must overcome challenges, including armored bears and witch clans.

This book is a great read for teen readers. Set in a world where magic exists, this story is packed with adventure and romance. It's so engrossing that it's become a part of many teenage readers' reading lists. The writing is exquisite and the themes are poignant and important.

The characters are colorful and interesting. Lyra is the only protagonist who is not afraid to stand up for herself. In contrast, Malcolm is a lovable hero who will do anything to protect his beloved Lyra. Moreover, he's also willing to take drastic measures for the sake of Lyra. The next installment of the series takes place a decade after the last one.

La Belle Sauvage

The Book of Dust is the first book in the "equel" trilogy to the His Dark Materials trilogy. The book starts with eleven-year-old Malcolm Polstead learning about the existence of a six-month-old girl named Lyra. The child is the result of an affair between a man named Lord Asriel and Mrs Coulter. The child is left in the care of the nuns at an Oxford priory, and Malcolm helps out occasionally with cooking. But when a flood comes in the Thames Valley, Malcolm is forced to become Lyra's protector and bundles the little girl into his canoe.

In his trilogy, Philip Pullman has written three novels, each introducing a different character to the reader. The first volume, His Dark Materials, introduced the character Lyra Belacqua, a young girl from a parallel world who sets out to find her friend. This series of novels has gained worldwide acclaim, and the author has since published a follow-up trilogy called The Book of Dust. In addition to La Belle Sauvage, The Book of Dust is another fantasy novel set in the same universe.

The Book of Dust is the first of the trilogy and is set a decade before the events of the His Dark Materials series. The protagonist, Malcolm, has a daemon named Asta, who represents his soul. The goal of the book is to bring Lyra Belacqua back to her father, and he must go through a terrible flood to do so. Along the way, he meets people who want to harm him and Lyra.

The book's first volume is quite different from the second. The first volume is an eerie novel about the flood, and it combines elements of The Red Book, The Faerie Queene, and The Odyssey. Throughout the story, Malcolm and Alice develop feelings for each other, and Alice's character is more complicated than she appears. Another character, George Bonneville, is a handsome madman with a three-legged hyena daemon, which represents sexual predation. During one scene, he beats the hyena and is a terrifying boogeyman.

The Secret Commonwealth

If you enjoy young adult fantasy, you may be familiar with Philip Pullman's trilogy of books, The Secret Commonwealth in His Dark Materials. The series consists of three books, one for young adults, one for adults, and one for children. This book series is a must-read for young adults and fantasy fans alike.

The first book in the series spanned several parallel worlds, and The Secret Commonwealth continues that journey, focusing on one parallel world. Lyra and Malcolm Polstead travel across Europe and Asia, where they meet new people and places. The story follows the actions of two people who help their comrades, the alethiometer and the magisterium, as well as several events that occur in different places and organizations.

The story of Lyra Belacqua continues after the first book in the trilogy is finished. An upcoming television adaptation starring Dafne Keen will continue the story of Lyra. Pullman's writing has also inspired a film adaptation for HBO. The Secret Commonwealth, the third installment of the trilogy, is set ten years after the first novel, La Belle Sauvage. It follows Lyra as a young adult.

The second book in the series, "The Book of Dust," introduces the concept of a secret commonwealth. While the multiverse that the series is set in is imaginary, the real world is not far off. This book also features several references to the first book. The Secret Commonwealth is available in print wherever books are sold.

Across the Nightingale Floor

Across the Nightingale Floor is a work of transcendent storytelling. It appeals to readers of all ages, genders, and genres. Its rich story and beautifully constructed world create a story that is both epic and mythic.

The plot revolves around a warlord named Iida Sadamu, a mysterious warlord who rules the fortress. The fortress is black-walled, and has a nightingale floor where nightingales sing at the tread of human feet. This means no assassin will cross it without being heard.

Set in a fantasy world, Across the Nightingale Floor was originally published as the first of a trilogy. Since then, the Tales of the Otori series has expanded into five novels. Its author, Ana Grilo, is originally from Brazil. She now works in the UK as a translator and hopes to work with The Book Smugglers in the future.

Across the Nightingale Floor combines mystery, romance, and fantasy into a young adult novel. The story takes place in an imaginary ancient Japanese society. Takeo, the main character of the novel, is a young man who is taken from a quiet village. He is a member of a secret religion called The Hidden, who are persecuted by those who control the land. He must search deep within himself to discover his powers and fulfill his destiny.


Katsa, the heroine of Graceling, is one of the best-known badass heroines in YA literature. She is a mutant with the power to kill, and she is being controlled by a mad king, but with the help of her secret council, she fights for justice.

Despite its strong premise and beautiful cover, Graceling is a disappointing novel. The writing is unimpressive, and the story suffers from a lack of depth. The story follows the trend of strong female characters in YA books, with Katsa being similar to Katniss in The Hunger Games and Xhex from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Like those two books, this novel explores the themes of religion, authority, love, and the real world.

Katsa is the niece of the King, and has an extraordinary ability called "killing grace." She trains as an assassin, and falls in love with the Prince Po. In the process, she uncovers a secret that could destroy the seven kingdoms.

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