Best Health & Fitness in Arabic in 2022

Health & Fitness in Arabic

During P.E. class, students will discuss the importance of health in Arab-speaking countries. They will then compare and contrast fitness complexes and activities in Arabic-speaking countries with those in the U.S. Health & Fitness in Arabic is a fun way to make this class relevant to students from other countries. By the end of the unit, students will be familiar with basic Arabic and the importance of staying healthy.

Adaptation of MARS

Adaptation of MARS for health e-applications was a challenge, but not impossible. The original MARS was validated on apps that focused on nutrition, but this methodology was designed to apply to mHealth applications as well. In addition, French speakers have different cultural backgrounds, so further adaptation may be necessary. However, the results indicate that MARS-F is a good starting point for developing mHealth apps.

The environment on Mars is completely different from ours, posing a major challenge for the human circadian rhythm. The environmental cues on an interplanetary journey to Mars are profoundly different from those on Earth, imposing difficult challenges on the human circadian clock. Thus, a future Mars landing must include adaptation of human circadian rhythms to this different environment. Here are the steps necessary to ensure human circadian adaptation to MARS.

Validation of MARS-Ar

The validation of MARS-Ar for health aims to demonstrate its reliability. Researchers conducted tests using the tool on 78 unique apps. They evaluated the reliability of each MARS subscale by comparing the ICCs of the MARS total score with those of the individual items. There were a few significant differences between the operating systems, but the results of the validation are consistent. In fact, MARS has shown high levels of reliability in both the App Store and Google Play stores.

The validity of MARS-Ar for health '& fitness' apps was demonstrated by testing the Arabic and English versions of the app. Future studies should compare MARS with other instruments for app quality, although these may not be equivalent. The study focused on weight management apps, but future studies should look at different health domains. To make sure that this instrument is truly reliable, more studies must be done to validate its application.

To achieve the high quality and accuracy of the MARS tool, a professional English-Arabic translator was recruited from an online pool of contract translators at the American University of Beirut. The MARS tool was translated into Korean by an English-speaking author, who then blindly back-translated it by a bilingual translator from an English-speaking country. Once the tool was translated, the developer of the original MARS reviewed it to ensure that all details were accurate and the results were reliable.

The MARS-Ar was validated with other popular health & fitness apps, which are available in Arab app stores. MARS-Ar aims to be a culturally appropriate tool for app developers to evaluate weight management apps and related NCDs. MARS-Ar is a culturally adapted, validated tool that can fulfill the needs of millions of people in the region.

Relevance of MARS to Arab-speaking countries

The UAE has presented the Emirates Mars Mission as the first Arab mission to space, and it has received a tremendous amount of media attention. Its ambassador to the U.S. dubbed it the "Arab world's Moonshot." The UAE is particularly eager to highlight its efforts, which contrast with the dark realities in many Arab nations. But does this mission have any relevance for Arab-speaking nations?

If science and technology are the way of the future, then Arab-speaking countries should embrace them with open arms. Science and technology go hand in hand and Mars is the springboard to that future. The first mission to Mars, Hope, was the first step in that direction, followed by Tianwen-1 and Mars 2020. While Mars isn't the first stop, it does mark a milestone in human space exploration and will provide insight into many issues facing humanity today.

The UAE's hope probe has already reached Mars and communicated back to Earth, becoming the sixth member of the elite Mars group and the first Arab nation to reach Mars. This achievement positions Abu Dhabi as an important player in space and the Middle East. And while it may not seem like a big deal in the Arab world, the UAE is proving that the UAE can achieve the impossible. It is a milestone that can only be accomplished by the UAE.

The UAE's Mars mission has become a milestone in Middle Eastern rivalry. While a geostrategic and scientific success, the mission has given the UAE the opportunity to present itself as a leader in a new domain and has a positive impact on regional rivalry. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt have all followed suit. And now, Iran is pursuing a space program of its own.

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