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Which Golf Biographies Are Right For You?

If you're interested in the game's history, golf Biographies may be right for you. Read about the life of a legendary golfer in this bestselling biography. Arnold Palmer, Clifford Roberts, Phil Mickelson, and Bruce Edwards are all mentioned. You'll also get a look at the game's history through the eyes of these sports legends. But which golf biography is right for you?

Clifford Roberts

If you're looking for a fascinating golf biography, you've come to the right place. Clifford Roberts is an American investor and golf administrator. In addition to playing golf, he served as a golf administrator and investment dealer. In this golf biography, he shares his career highlights and personal life. A few things to note about Clifford Roberts:

Before he began his legendary golf career, Clifford Roberts had a long list of accomplishments. He served on the PGA Advisory Committee from 1943 until his death, and he was the first golfer to be elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1978. His autobiography The Making of the Masters was published in 1979, and he also authored The Story of the Augusta National Golf Club. Unfortunately, Roberts committed suicide a few years later.

The Clifford Roberts Golf Biography begins with his childhood in Morning Sun, Iowa. He was born on March 6, 1894, and his family moved to Kansas City, San Diego, and Texas. As a young boy, Clifford Roberts received a toy chicken and a half-interest in blocks. His mother wrote about the gift in his diary. Clifford was 16 months old when he received his first Christmas present - a toy chicken. As a child, Clifford was also fed cranberries, pudding, and popovers. His mother also wrote about Christmas dinner, when she gave him a squirrel for dinner.

In addition to his professional career, Roberts was an excellent seducer of the print media. His ability to entice journalists from overseas to the Masters is exemplary, as his invitations to the tournament were free. British golf writers were even offered free flights to New York City. The flights on corporate aircraft were probably written off as a business expense. In addition, Roberts provided each golf writer with a car and servants.

Arnold Palmer

If you're an avid golf fan, you'll likely be interested in reading about Arnold Palmer. A golf legend, Palmer won many major tournaments and several PGA Player of the Year awards. He won all of these honors in less than seven seasons from 1957 to 1964. Following his career, Palmer established Arnold Palmer Enterprises, which not only built golf courses across the country, but also operated a car dealership. In addition to his love of the game, Palmer enjoyed traveling, and his passion for the game led him to become a businessman.

During his career, Palmer attracted an army of fans that called themselves "Arnie's Army." They would hang on every shot he made and suffer alongside him. He became the tycoon of golf. However, his golf biography is not without its flaws. Despite the popularity of his golf games, he never gave a speech without a script. In fact, he never spoke to dignitaries or celebrities unless he was invited to do so.

His career was not only marked by success on the golf course, but also by his humanitarian efforts. In his early career, he won the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the U.S. Open, among many other events. He also became a founding member of the Golf Channel and a founding chairman. His dedication to the game led to his emergence as a global celebrity, and millions of people have gotten to know him as a person.

In addition to playing the game, Palmer also pursued his other interests, and his name is attached to several of these. He began his business interests during this time, working with Mark McCormack. The two of them worked together to create an organization that is large and diverse. His company, Arnold Palmer Enterprises, is based in Cleveland and consists of a number of companies, including aviation service companies. He even owned a car dealership in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Phil Mickelson

The Philip Alfred Mickelson golf biography provides you with the essential facts about this American professional golfer. This American golfer has won 45 events on the PGA Tour and six major championships. His tally includes three Masters titles, two PGA Championships and one Open Championship. As a result of his outstanding play and dedication, he has been named the world's most popular golfer. Read on for more information about his remarkable career.

In addition to his illustrious career, Phil's family is very important to him. His wife Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, at an early stage. The couple treated her in the same hospital. Phil Mickelson has always put his family first, and his marriage to Amy McBride has been no different. He also is very close to his parents and was deeply affected by his mother's illness.

At a young age, Mickelson's father, Phil Sr., a commercial pilot, encouraged him to pursue a golf career. The family practiced several times a week, and the young Mickelson developed a unique short game on an extensive practice area in his backyard. He was just sixteen years old when he graduated from the University of San Diego High School in 1988. He continues to play today.

In addition to his illustrious career, Phil Mickelson has also had success off the course. He won his first PGA Tour tournament in 1991, bypassing the qualifying process to get on the tour. He went on to win several other PGA Tour tournaments and became a professional on the eve of his 22nd birthday. From then on, he accumulated several top ten finishes and six second or third place finishes. However, he has not won any major championships until 2004, but has achieved many top-five finishes along the way.

Bruce Edwards

If you're a fan of golf, you're sure to be interested in Bruce Edwards golf biography. A Connecticut native, Bruce was the second of four children and would eventually become one of the most famous caddies in golf history. He worked for Hall of Famers Tom Watson and Greg Norman for more than three decades. His father, Jay, wasn't keen on his son going on the PGA Tour. The school he attended informed his father that his son had been confined after being punished for misbehaving.

After his PGA Tour career, Bruce Edwards went on to marry Marsha Watson in Hawaii. PGA Tour Champions players, including Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, attended the wedding. Bruce Edwards' first marriage ended in divorce when his wife burned down his home. She was convicted of arson, and he lost most of his golf memorabilia. But the two were reconciled. Bruce Edwards golf biography proceeds to show the positive impact of being married to Marsha Watson.

In 2002, Bruce Edwards' speech started to slur. People noticed but didn't say much. They assumed Bruce was tired or perhaps had too much to drink. When he was in Las Vegas, he ordered a glass of wine, which led to some confusion. However, Bruce's caddie, Greg Rita, told him he was just tired and had too much to drink. In spite of the situation, the players were able to recognize Bruce's genuine personality and support.

A shortened Bruce Edwards golf biography would be incomplete without his golfing exploits. One of his most famous golf tournaments was the U.S. Open in 1982, where he partnered with Tom Watson. But the two men's relationship was strained by his diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease. As a result, Bruce Edwards died in 2004, just one year after the event. But even his short life was a testament to his character.

Kenny Lee Puckett

In his golf biography, the thrice-married, semi-Tough cousin of Billy Clyde Puckett and the nephew of Semi-Tough gridiron legend Billy Clyde, Kenny Lee has off-course drama and romance aplenty. A two-wife handicap is weighing down his game as his wife Janie Ruth Rimmer is leaving him for her best friend, his rival on the greens. His third wife, Beverly Tidwell, is in the hospital, trying to get Big C off her husband's back.

In a 1974 novel, Dan Jenkins introduced the PGA Tour legend as a journeyman, and he created the main character of the title character. In Dead Solid Perfect, he collected his most entertaining and biting golf pieces from his column in Golf Digest, along with twenty new ones. Jenkins' writing is often biting and cranky, but he is always witty. Dead Solid Perfect is a golf novel that will captivate readers with the story of Kenny Lee Puckett.

The golf biographies of Puckett include details about his marriages, which have often been a source of controversy. While he is married to a woman three times, his first wife, Joy Needham, was his high school sweetheart. He married Beverly Tidwell, a second wife, after she was fired from his job. His third wife, Janie Ruth Rimmer, a cocktail waitress and a second-rate country singer, has an irreverent view of the game.

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