Best French eBooks in 2022

Vousnousils, Google Books, and Vousnousils Offer French eBooks

If you want to learn French, you can find eBooks in French on several online resources. These resources include Google Books, Project Gutenberg, and Vousnousils. You can also check out Bragelonne and Project Gutenberg. If you want to learn French, but don't have time to invest in purchasing a book, consider downloading a digital copy of a book in French. Then, you can start reading it in the comfort of your own home!

Project Gutenberg

If you are looking for free eBooks in the French language, you've come to the right place. Project Gutenberg is a global organization that publishes electronic books free of charge. While there are many eBooks available to download, not all of them are in the French language. Many popular authors such as Tolkien, Tom Clancy, and Stephen King don't have their books on Project Gutenberg. However, the overall goal of the organization is to promote the creation of eBooks.


Vousnousils French eBooks are free eBooks for learning French. It's a site that's part of a French television channel and has an attractive design. The site has a collection of over 170 free eBooks in several formats. These include books that have been adapted from the primary school curriculum and foreign literature. You can read these eBooks on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Vousnousils French eBooks are also available in multiple formats, including ePub and PDF.


The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later is a novel by Alexandre Dumas. It is the third book in the d'Artagnan Romance series, following The Three Musketeers and The Vicomte of Bragelonne. The book was originally published in serial form between 1847 and 1850. It is widely considered one of Dumas' greatest novels. It is a classic work of historical fiction, bringing to life the life of a nobleman in a medieval town.

At its 10th anniversary, Bragelonne published more than 600 titles, making it one of the most successful French publishers. Its translation by Marsan and Nevant has been recognized with a special professional prize at the World Fantasy Awards. They are the first non-Anglo-Saxon publishers to win the prize. Olivia Snaije, an editor and journalist based in Paris, has written about Middle East and translation for The Guardian and The Global Post.

Founded in 1989, Bragelonne publishes over 4,000 titles from 600 authors. The company publishes world-renowned authors in fantasy, fairy tales, and science fiction. It also publishes the world-renowned Polish fantasy series The Witcher, which is published by Hachette Livre in English-speaking countries. Its list of best-selling authors includes numerous American and European bestsellers. However, its name is more than just an homage to Dumas.

Google Books

If you're a fan of French books, you'll be delighted to know that you can now purchase and read them in French on Google Books. The country has joined the ranks of other European countries in launching the online ebook store run by Mountain View. The catalog will begin with "hundreds of thousands of titles," though the numbers will likely increase over time as publishers become comfortable with the Play ecosystem. In addition, books from French publishers will be available through existing arrangements with international publishers.

The new deal between Google and French publishers has raised some concerns amongst independent bookshop owners. The digitalization of old books poses a serious threat to the French print industry, and the strong network of independent bookstores is an important part of French society. According to Jerome Dayre, a bookseller in Paris, the move threatens the survival of France's vibrant independent bookshops. But Google and SNE have denied the plans to undermine independent bookshops in France.

While Google Play Books offers a small selection of foreign language books, the search for those titles isn't as easy on Google Books. While Project Gutenberg and Smashwords have language-browsing tools, users have to work around this by performing a search in their preferred language. Unless Google introduces the option soon, users will have to rely on a manual search. This method is not as convenient and time-consuming as using language-specific searches. Google Play Books, in particular, lacks a user-friendly interface in foreign languages, so if you're searching for French eBooks on Google Books, you're better off looking elsewhere.

Google Scholar

One way to locate free French eBooks is through websites. Some websites offer links to French content, while others have other language categories. Websites are also characterized by a general description, and those without registration are listed at the beginning of the list. For more information, visit the websites. To get started with browsing free French eBooks, sign up for an account with Google Scholar. Then, use the search function in the right hand corner to find the titles you want.

The free service allows you to search for articles and scholarly literature. Articles may be full-year volumes or abstracts; however, you can also access journal articles and books online. Google Scholar allows you to access the full-text of these materials, which may be difficult to find elsewhere. If you do not have a library account, Google Scholar will allow you to browse free scholarly publications. However, if you are off-campus, you will have to log into the secured library site in order to access these eBooks.

Sand's books

George Sand's novels have been translated into many languages, including English, and are now available as free eBooks. His first novel, The Country Waif, developed some of the most advanced political and social ideas of all time. This classic is now available in ePub, Kindle, and HTML formats. It is an engaging, moving read that will appeal to both new and experienced readers alike. Read the ePub edition of The Country Waif today to discover what makes this novel so unique.

UL's new e-book platform

UL's new e-book store Amalivre features 21 French eBooks acquired through partnerships with publishers and distributors. The collection covers secondary literature, history, philosophy, and literary studies. Its selection is particularly strong in African studies, with titles like The Politics of Pardon, edited by Albert Jiatsa Jokeng, and Litteratures camerounaises, edited by Carole Njimouo Langa. Both titles were prefaced by Anatole Fogou.

The new platform is another important step in the ongoing battle against government control of the e-book industry in France. It keeps control of the market away from the French government, which had pushed for a single e-book platform. While the French government advocated for a unified platform, publishers and distributors were wary. But UL's new e-book store is a welcome development.

The new e-book store is part of a consortium of 200 academic institutions in France, including UL. The consortium has a role in monitoring the market and maintaining technical expertise among libraries in France. UL's new e-book platform for French eBooks can be used by both public and academic libraries. While the new platform aims to increase access to books, it will also be the starting point of a new collaborative strategy to promote French eBooks.

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