Best Frederic E. Wakeman Museums & Collections in 2022

Frederic E Wakeman Museums & Collections

As a distinguished scholar and art curator, the Frederic E. Wakeman Museums & Collections offer the public a rare opportunity to see works by world-renowned artists. In this article, I'll highlight a few of his works, including the Archaeologia Hibernica, The Great Enterprise, and Inishmurray. Visiting this museum is a must for any history buff.

George Gordon

The Frederic E. Wakeman Museum of Anthropology and Natural History is named in his honor. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1894. He was a member of the American Philosophical Society and the Franklin Inn Club. He was also a member of the Lenape Club and the Explorers Club of New York. Gordon also served as a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.

Archaeologia Hibernica

Frederic E. Wakeman honed his skills as an academic while working at Berkeley. He studied far eastern history under Joseph Levenson and was appointed assistant professor of history in 1965. He continued to work in the history department for 41 years before retiring in the year 2006.

The Great Enterprise

The Frederic E. Wakeman Museums & Collections is a historical research library that houses two volumes of essays by Frederic E. Wakeman, Jr. and Liu Yu-yun. Wakeman's books have been published by Yale University Press, Free Press, University of California Press, and China Materials & Research Aids Service Center. These publications are available online.

The Great Enterprise, in classical Chinese, means "winning the Mandate of heaven," or "ruling over China." The first of two volumes of The New York Times best-seller The Great Expedition of the Manchus explains the conquest of China by the Qing Dynasty in the seventeenth century. The exhibition is accompanied by a film on the events that led to the Manchus' rise to power.

While at Berkeley, Wakeman worked as a history professor, writing a groundbreaking series of histories on China. His studies were deeply analytical and meticulously researched. He also had a graceful narrative style reminiscent of a master novelist. His doctoral dissertation, History and Will, explored local and European thinkers, and his exploration of newly discovered historical archives in China. The book is an excellent introduction to Wakeman's career.


Inishmurray, County Mayo, is one of the most important places in Ireland's history, and has an extensive collection of objects, including Celtic art, sculpture, and other artifacts. This museum houses the world's only collection of late-celtic brooches. In addition to the collections housed in the museum, this area is also famous for its history.

William Wakeman's research led to the publication of Archaeologia Hibernica (1848). It is an illustrated volume that was used widely for educational purposes, especially by the Commissioners of National Education. It was revised in 1891 and 1903, and other artists based their works on it. The museum now has more than one edition of this book. A guide to the collection is also available at the museum.

Among the most important works of art in the museum's permanent collection are: Perrin, A. Etude préhistorique sur la Savoie, 4to.; C. A. Markham F.S.A. ; and Rev. C. S. Taylor. All of these authors provide a brief history of the city and its people.

The Forbidden City

As a historian of China, Frederic E. Wakeman's contributions to the field of history are profound. His groundbreaking histories of China are rigorous, analytical, and written with the graceful narrative style of a master novelist. In his doctoral dissertation, he engaged in local history, and his book History and Will explored the intellectual roots of Mao in European thinkers. His writings and his passion for China's history have been used to educate generations of scholars and enlightened leaders of China.

In his book The Great Enterprise, Wakeman vividly details how the university's history department, Center for Chinese Studies, and Chinese museum were shaped by the protests and political battles that took place during the Vietnam war. The authors also include personal accounts from Wakeman, who himself exhibited in the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City was the subject of many films, and the museum's archives are a fascinating glimpse into the past.

In addition to the exhibits, you can view rare manuscripts and other materials from the Forbidden City. The collection is also home to several books by Wakeman, Frederic E., Jr., and others. A number of Yale historical publications have been published, including "China's Revolution: The Great War and its Origins," by Fay, Peter Ward Fay, and "China's Modern Revolution," by Wilson, Hsin-pao.

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