Best Fantasy Romance in 2022

How to Find a Fantasy Romance

The subgenre of Fantasy Romance uses elements of chivalric romance and the conventions of that genre. Some examples are Callypso Lillis, Elly, Anastasia, Boone, and Talia. Here are some of my favorites. Which of these characters would you like to meet? Who do you think you'll fall in love with? Here are a few tips for finding your perfect Fantasy Romance.


Fidelis had never had a girlfriend. He prayed to God to make a girl love him. For years, he remained single, dreading the possibility of ever meeting a woman he could love. Then he met Elly. The two quickly became friends, and Fidelis admired Elly's full black body and small, firm breasts on her chest. Elly was his dream girl, and he felt heaven.

The story begins when Elly's world is turned upside down after she loses her fiance, Alec. She is soon drawn into a dangerous world. Luckily, she has a mysterious guardian, named Shade. But how will she be able to protect her beloved friend from all the dangers she faces? Will her new life be worth the risk? Read Elly, a fantasy romance, and see if you like it!

Will Wagner and Ellie are two of the main characters of this novel. Will is a nerdy football player at Avalon High, and Ellie is Arthur's magical protector. Ellie's parents are professors of Medieval history. She is attracted to Will, who believes he is King Arthur. He has a girlfriend named Jennifer, but she is cheating on Will with Lance, and Ellie starts to see things that she didn't notice before.

Callypso Lillis

In "From Blood and Ash," author Jessica Szohr is back with a new fantasy romance starring nineteen-year-old Callypso Lillis. Former siren, Callypso Lillis, is a modern-day bounty hunter. When she was younger, Callie was bewitched by a man called "The Bargainer," who cleaned up her mess and charged her every favor. Years later, The Bargainer tries to pay her back with a mysterious curse.


The first book of the Breen trilogy, Anastasia in Fantasy Romance, is a lengthy novel. It introduces the world of the story and its diverse cast of characters, set in Ireland. The story centers around a girl named Anastasia Donovan, who has an extraordinary healing power but keeps it hidden. The main character, single father Boone Sawyer, is fascinated by Anastasia.

The story follows the life of the teen heroine, Anne Michaelson, who dreams she is Anastasia Romanov. She dreams about a fateful evening that destroyed the Romanov family. In her dreams, Anastasia is trapped in a cabin in the woods. History books say she died, but the story demonstrates the power of dreams. It is an excellent example of a romantic novel.


Known for her multi-published novels, Carolyn Boone's books are filled with real life experiences. She lives in Alaska, where she can easily get inspiration for stories. Boone is also an indie-publisher, embracing the diversity of the publishing world. She believes that any idea can be turned into a story, and no one is safe. This is reflected in her characters, who are primarily single fathers.

Isabelle Cavalera follows clues left in unsent love letters to step into the world of the English aristocracy. After a brief flirtation, she falls in love with the wrong man. As she travels from England to India, she learns about the secrets hidden in the love letters. She even gets to see the Taj Mahal and discovers that there are many secrets that are hidden in this beautiful and intriguing novel.

Storm Siren

Storm Siren is a young adult fantasy novel about the power of a supernatural element and its relationship with humankind. It is the story of nymia, a seventeen-year-old slave in the kingdom of Faelen. This award-winning novel has a rich fantasy world and a jaw-dropping finale. It is a thrilling read, perfect for fans of high-stakes fantasy.

In Storm Siren, a young orphan girl named Nym becomes an Elemental with destructive storm power. A mysterious woman named Adora rescues her from a slave auction and gives her the chance to become a powerful storm magic user in order to save her country and find allies. While learning to use her newfound power, Nym must navigate high society and find allies to save her people and her home.

Nym, a slave girl, is a female Elemental who can summon storms and control Earth's elements. Before she is born, this magical power was rare and considered a freak of nature. Male children born with Elemental powers were usually killed at birth. When her parents discover her hidden ability, they decide to hide her for a time. However, Nym's secret is discovered and she is sold into slavery. In her eleven years of slavery, Nym is sold fourteen times, each time getting a circular brand on her arm.

Daughter of the Pirate King

The first book of the Daughter of the Pirate King duology is a YA fantasy sensation. Tricia Levenseller is a YA fantasy sensation with her novels. The first book of the Daughter of the Pirate King duology is the enthralling debut novel of the pirate-loving trio, Jace and the Sea Queen. Tricia Levenseller writes about pirates and mermaids, and her characters are lovable and fun.

The plot of Daughter of the Pirate King is action-packed, with a cast of unforgettable characters. However, there were some moments that felt rushed. The romance is a necessary component in some novels, but it takes over from the main plot. It's no wonder that female characters tend to become clingy and weak when they're surrounded by attractive men. The author did an excellent job describing the world and the action-packed battle scenes. I liked that every chapter ended on a cliffhanger.

The novel is about a girl, Alosa, who is captured by an enemy pirate crew. Her captors demand a heavy ransom from the Pirate King in return for her freedom, but Alosa has other plans. She was kidnapped for the sole purpose of stealing a valuable map that leads to an island with a lot of treasure. This plot turns out to be a sweeping fantasy romance with plenty of action!

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