Best Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction in Portuguese in 2022

Fantasy Horror & Science Fiction in Portuguese

If you are interested in reading Fantasy Horror & Science Fiction in Portuguese, you have come to the right place. We have collected a list of some of the best Brazilian authors and books in the genre for your reading pleasure. We have selected some of the best titles to add to your reading list: O arqueiro e a feiticeira, Mariana Albuquerque, O Demonio do computador, and Os adolescente.

O arqueiro e a feiticeira

O arqueiro e a teiticeira in Portuguese fantasy horror and sci-fi includes elements of the mythic and fantastical worlds found in the Portuguese language. The protagonist, Catarina, is an ordinary woman who allies with men who have historically suffered disempowerment in the white world. Other elements of this genre include an Amerindian character who transforms into a dolphin, and an Afro-Brazilian harpy called Pai Tomas, who has the power to bind fire and enchant people.

The article originally appeared in the Foundation magazine, and was based on a Europa SF interview with M. Elizabeth Ginway. It was reprinted with permission from the author. This article is part of a larger study of Brazilian science fiction by M. Elizabeth Ginway. It was reprinted with her permission. This article is also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

This short story takes aim at culture and the concept of superheroes. As the only Brazilian female superhero, Monica takes aim at cultural colonialism and superheroes as the product of a superpower. Because Monica is a cultural colonial writer, her tone echoes hollow. The novel also makes a feminist point by being the only Portuguese-language science fiction story written by a woman.

Despite the fact that Fideli uses the viewpoint of a female, the story also makes use of tropes of domesticity to criticize gender and sexual relations. A key allusion is in the name of Argel's husband, which alludes to Juvenal, the famous Roman satirist. By combining the male-dominated discourse of hard science fiction with the female perspective of traditional Portuguese literature, she makes her work more sophisticated and satirical.

Asilo nas torres

A new book by Portuguese author Braulio Tavares aims to give Brazilian readers a taste of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. "The Frankenstein Chronicles" is an excellent collection of stories that features the characters of Dracula, Frankenstein, and Hercule Poirot. The author draws inspiration from such writers as H. P. Lovecraft, Karl Marx, and Erich Maria Remarque. Another collection aims to celebrate the Portuguese language, which has a rich tradition of science fiction and fantasy literature.

Martin's work is rich with fantasy themes. In addition to being a renowned author, he is also a privileged commentator. A member of the Oxford University literary society, Lewis also wrote ensaios about other writers such as Tolkien, Williams, Haggard, and Eddison. As a result, this volume is a unique mix of genres.

Mariana Albuquerque

In a novella entitled "A seu service, senhor," Mariana Albuquerque, a young woman who works as a barmaid, explores the possibilities of an alternate history. She incorporates African and Indian figures as well as Brazilian folklore. She follows the story of a mysterious barmaid, Catarina, who experiences harassment from male customers. She meets magical and powerful allies who help her escape from the evil infliction she's facing.

Helene Gomes' story "A caverna of crystals" draws upon Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Babylon 5 while addressing feminist concerns. Her story also plays on the horror genre while addressing environmental and cultural issues. A caverna of crystals is a powerful example of the feminist perspective in Portuguese literature. Gomes's characters are adamant that they can change their destiny and are willing to risk all for it.

The bulky blue book is filled with the work of two of the most celebrated authors of Portuguese SF. "Terrarium" is an epic novel that brings together the iconography of devastation in Joao Barreiros's novel "Last Days". Both authors aspire to write for the same genre. But their writing is also highly diverse and evocative of a modern world.

The story "Vidinha caseira" by Martha Argel, published in 2000, is a fantastical tale of a housewife who is actually a high-ranking officer in an all-female army. The story takes aim at cultural colonialism and the idea that superheroes are products of a superpower. Because Monica is a female superhero, the story's tone is hollow, primarily because it was written by a woman.


In addition to writing short stories, Fideli also publishes novels and anthologies in Portuguese, including the heroic fantasy story Sangue no Grande Rio, which appeared in the acclaimed Estranhos Contatos anthology. This collection also contains contributions from authors such as Arlan Andrews, Sr., and Magnavita. Those interested in science fiction, fantasy, and horror may also be interested in Tor's post-graduating program.

A classic Brazilian book, this sci-fi novel tells of a woman who is immortal. She comes into contact with a powerful non-biological alien named Triad, who spends the next centuries following the evolution of humankind. When a catastrophe strikes the human race, Triad must go back in time to prevent the universe from coming to an end. This book is a wonderful example of Brazilian science fiction.

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