Best Erotic Graphic Novels in 2022

Erotic Graphic Novels

Erotic Graphic Novels are an edgy way to tell a story in comics, and have come of age in recent decades. The genre is growing in popularity, and authors like Milo Manara and Guido Crepax are bringing a new type of comic to readers. These books deal with nudity and sexuality in a more mature context.


Oglaf Erotic Graphic Novel is a fantasy web comic featuring a variety of different characters. It is extremely diverse and intelligent, taking a razor-sharp look at fantasy tropes. It is extremely NSFW, which means that it is not for children. Oglaf consists of single, non-sequential pages, with some stories spanning eight pages. While it began as a gag-a-week comic, it has now expanded to include longer Story Arcs. While the main focus of the comic is Ivan, there are a number of other characters in the series, including Navaan, a sex-starved vampire, and Grier, a no-nonsense lesbian mercenary.

The Oglaf Erotic Graphic Novel is a mix of erotica and absurdist parody. It features sexual scenes and situations that are incredibly graphic. Although it is classified as NSFW, it does not mean that readers should avoid it. The series features a mix of sexually explicit content and fantasy tropes. It is also rated as "wacky", so there's a high chance that you'll have to deal with some mild NSFW themes.

The Oglaf Erotic Graphic Novel is a comic that is both funny and revealing. It has a queer-friendly tone and rejects gender stereotypes. It is definitely a must-read for any fan of erotic comics.


Birdland is one of Gilbert Hernandez's most controversial works. It is notorious for its graphic sex and is tangentially tied to the Love & Rockets series. Its erotic theme is often funny, and Hernandez explores the eroticisation of aliens, legal permutations, and more.

The comics, originally published as three miniseries from 1990 to 1991, have since been collected in one volume. The series focuses on a married lawyer who has affairs with two strippers. Another character has an obsession with his wife. Then, a group of aliens come to Earth and abduct them all.


If you love erotic comics, you may have already heard of Sticky, an erotic graphic novel created by Dale Lazarov and Steve MacIsaac. This book features gay and bisexual characters, and is aimed at gay men. It's an edgy read, and is definitely worth checking out.

Sticky Graphic Novels are created by Dale Lazarov, known as the "Stan Lee of Gay" and the "Father of American Bara Comics". They're wordless, gay character-based, and erotic. To date, the Sticky series features seventeen hardcover volumes and 43 digital editions. For more information, check out the website.

Sticky is a collection of four short stories about masculine gay men, interwoven with a framing narrative of a gay couple. Sticky features a monochromatic palette for illustrations, while framing sequences are in full color. The book is 80 pages long and was released by Bruno Gmunder Verlag in Berlin, Germany. It was recently reviewed by Rain Taxi magazine.

Sticky Erotic Graphic Novels are wordless stories with characters exploring a range of sexual themes. The stories are typically character-based, and readers are invited to take part in the stories. While some of the storylines are wordless, they are sex positive and portray diverse men.

The Discipline

Erotic graphic novels often feature sex, but in The Discipline of Erotic Graphic Novel, sex is merely one part of an ancient ritual. This ritual draws out an eerie potential in humans. Sex often serves as the climax or endgame of stories, but here it is the beginning and the process of metamorphosis.

The Discipline follows Melissa Peake, a frustrated Manhattan wife who gets swept up into an ancient war and must discover her unimaginable potential to survive. While the story is sexy and nudity-laden, Milligan describes it as one of his edgiest to date.

Milligan and Fernandez previously collaborated on "The Names" comics in 2014. The Discipline was put on the back burner following the "Names" series, but it has now found a new home at Image Comics. The comic company describes the series as "controversial" and "erotically charged," and has announced the release date of the first issue (March 2).

The Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is a fictional super-hero who protects Earth and other life forms from a hostile alien race. The aliens are known as the Badoon and they are intergalactic enslavers who are determined to kill humanity. The Silver Surfer finds himself at odds with the villains but is given a chance to leave Earth, but his choices will decide his fate.

The Silver Surfer is a comic book character created by Stan Lee. He is also an author, writing several paperback comic book collections and the Silver Surfer. The comics creator first suggested the idea of releasing the original graphic novel line. But Marvel's contract did not include the cost of creative work, so it was impossible for Lug to produce further stories for the Silver Surfer.

The Silver Surfer is a superhero from Marvel comic books, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. He is a cosmic hero who travels the universe on a surfboard, and champions good over evil. In the late 1960s, the Silver Surfer comic book was unusually "adult" in tone. Stan Lee used the comic as a vehicle to comment on the failures of human civilization.

The Ultimate Cosmic Experience

In 1978, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee collaborated on The Silver Surfer, a comic book that was to have been a movie plot. The book tells the story of the Silver Surfer and his rival, Galactus. In the comic, the two play a game of cat and mouse. Galactus tempts the silver mouse with golden cheese, and the silver mouse squirms.

Sex Criminals

The Sex Criminals are a comic book series centered around two characters whose superpowers come from orgasms. They have the ability to stop time and decide to rob a bank together. The first volume of the series is particularly good. Despite its racy and edgy content, Sex Criminals is not for everyone. Nevertheless, if you are into erotic fiction, you should give this series a shot.

The comic's visuals are packed with sight gags, and Chip Zdarsky has improved his style with every issue. While he still uses a 16-panel grid, he uses smaller panels to emphasize dialogue and larger panels to create rapid rhythm. The Sex Criminals have a strong sense of sexuality, but there are also plenty of other aspects of the story that aren't always so explicit.

Despite the sex content, "Sex Criminals" is more grounded and uses erotic content as an entry point. Although there are some fantastic elements, they also allow for direct emotional appeals. During the climax, the characters have the ability to freeze time. As a result, both Sex Criminals share an emotional intensity.

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