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Polemically Small - Curated by Edward Lucie-Smith Museums & Collections

For the most part, this exhibition features small works of art, as a counterpoint to larger works. Curated by British art writer Edward Lucie-Smith, Polemically Small spans two Los Angeles venues - the Garbousian Gallery in Beverly Hills and the Torrance Art Museum in Torrance. It is one of the few exhibitions of its kind to feature works by both contemporary and emerging artists.

Art Tomorrow

Edward Lucie-Smith is a celebrated art critic, curator, and broadcaster. He was born in Jamaica and grew up in the colonial ruling class. After leaving the military, he worked in advertising for ten years before becoming a freelance writer. Today, he is an internationally recognized art critic, anthologist, and photographer. His works have been featured in major publications, and his photographs are displayed in museums around the world.

His writings and exhibitions have received international acclaim and have been translated into a wide range of languages. He is the author of several books and has curated many survey exhibitions on contemporary art. His writings include 'New Classicism in Art', a monograph on American feminist artist Judy Chicago, and the catalogue 'Art Tomorrow'. He also serves as guest curator at a variety of public galleries and institutions.

Maslen & Mehra's Impermanent Collection

The exhibition will feature works by Australian artists Tim Maslen and Jennifer Mehra. They studied fine art at Curtin University in Perth and Goldsmiths University in London. Together they have been creating work for more than 15 years. Their collaborative practice has resulted in numerous exhibitions around the world. In 2007, Maslen & Mehra received an Arts Council of England grant to create a series of works for their Cash, Clash and Climate series. The exhibition also includes works from Maslen's earlier work, which was previously staged at the Hastings Museum in the UK. The exhibition is also a part of Towner Contemporary, a contemporary art space that showcases works by international artists.

Edward Lucie-Smith's photographs

The National Gallery of Jamaica will open an exhibition of Edward Lucie-Smith's 40 Photographs on January 17th and run until March 6th. The exhibition inaugurates the photographer's photographic archives and features 61 of his photographs, which have been specially printed for the National Gallery. The Hi-Qo Gallery has sponsored the framing of 40 of these photographs. In addition to the exhibition, Lucie-Smith's other books include The Art of the Modern Age and A Dictionary of Art Terms.

Lucie-Smith was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1946. After graduating from Oxford University, he served as an Education Officer in the R.A.F. for 10 years before becoming a freelance writer. In addition to his photography and writing, Lucie-Smith is an internationally renowned art critic and anthologist. His book Adam: The Male Figure in Art features photographs by Lucie-Smith, which have remained in print for decades.

Exhibition of small works

An ambitious exhibition of small works by international artists is coming to Los Angeles, in the form of 'Polemically Small.' Curated by British art writer Edward Lucie-Smith, the show spans two venues in the area, the Garbousian Gallery in Beverly Hills and the Torrance Art Museum in Torrance. Though small in size, the works featured in the exhibition are highly complex and technically challenging. The exhibition will be presented in salon-style, so as to highlight the artistry behind each piece.

Featuring a selection of Lucie-Smith's work, this exhibition offers viewers an opportunity to experience his unique vision and creative process. By combining his photographic work with figurative sculptures and natural forms, Lucie-Smith achieves a sense of visual drama. While his work reflects his broad travels, the collection is not limited to the United States. Other bodies of his work are inspired by "found" abstractions found in nature.

The exhibition will open on January 17, 2010 and remain on display until March 6, 2010. The exhibition is the first to feature the 61 photographs Lucie-Smith donated to the National Gallery of Jamaica and is the first show of its kind in the country. Among the works in the show are framed, some of which were specially printed. Hi-Qo Gallery sponsored the framing of the forty works.

Other participating museums include the Muskegon Museum of Art, the Polk Museum of Art, and the Boise Art Museum. Another important museum in the region is the Newcomb Gallery at Tulane University. Its current exhibition, 'Beyond the Mountians', explores the contemporary American landscape. The exhibition is a must-see for art enthusiasts. There are plenty more great exhibitions at the Edward Lucie-Smith Museums & Collections.


The polemically small exhibition at the GARBOUSHIAN GALLERy will feature nearly 200 works of art by artists from around the world. Curated by Edward Lucie-Smith, the exhibition will take place at the Garbousian Gallery and the Torrance Art Museum. The exhibition will open on May 21 and continue through June 25.

Using the camera as his medium, Lucie-Smith achieves a dramatic visual impact by using close-ups and aggressive cropping. He captures architecture, people, and customs of all kinds, often in the most unexpected places. Lucie-Smith has travelled the world and produced other bodies of work based on "found" abstractions found in the environment. He often creates abstract work by aggressively cropping figurative sculptures and natural human forms.

A prolific writer on art, Lucie-Smith is an advocate for contemporary art and is the author of more than a hundred books on the subject. Some of the works in the exhibition were personally chosen by the curators. Some works were hand-picked by Lucie-Smith, while others were acquired from Berlin. The exhibition includes works by some of Lucie-Smith's most notable students.

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