Best Dutch eBooks in 2022

Dutch eBooks - Where to Find Them

Are you curious about Dutch eBooks but can't seem to find any on Libgen or IRC? There's hope! These books cover everything from Dutch colonial policy to the history of Dutch culture. You may even find some German ebooks, which discuss Dutch racism. Or maybe you would prefer a satirical novel? If so, you've come to the right place! Regardless, these ebooks will surely entertain and inform you.

Libgen or IRC don't have Dutch eBooks

If you're looking for free eBooks in Dutch, you might be wondering where to get them. Libgen has been around since the 80s, when the Soviet Union was heavily censored. Back then, users would manually copy the censored content to paper. Today, the site self-proclaims as a links aggregator, collecting public resources from the internet. In addition to books, the site also offers articles, comics, and magazine issues.

Although torrenting is illegal, many books on Libgen are also available on other sites. This means that downloading books from Libgen is no safer than downloading from torrent sites. Furthermore, Libgen and other book-sharing websites don't use encryption or VPNs. In addition, the books on Libgen are generally of poor quality. For this reason, it's best to stay away from downloading books from these sites.

You can find free Dutch eBooks on Libgen by chatting with users on IRC and a chatroom on Libgen. While this may sound convenient, the downside of using Libgen is that it's not legal and may result in legal repercussions. While the police are unlikely to catch you if you are caught pirating, authors and publishers may decide to take action against you.

Tom Kabinet

The court has allowed the Dutch ebook reseller Tom Kabinet to remain in business, despite an initial attempt by the publishers to shut it down. The Dutch Publishers Association had filed a preliminary case in Amsterdam seeking the closure of Tom Kabinet. However, the court has ruled that the website can continue to sell its eBooks if it can prove that they were obtained legally. The court's ruling has resulted in a lengthy legal battle involving several publishers, and a potential cost in the millions of dollars.

Although the ECJ ruling was not final, the implications are wide-ranging and impact many industries. For example, the film and music industries are affected by the decision, as placing e-books on a website can allow multiple users to read them simultaneously. This is a violation of the copyright directive, which requires permission from the copyright holder before you can broadcast a purchased copy of a film on the internet.

The decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the Tom Kabinet case will affect many businesses and consumers alike. The decision will determine whether eBooks are legitimate or illegal. If you're a Dutch publisher, you can't sell eBooks as a result of this ruling. Besides, eBooks aren't actually books - they are simply digital files. The Dutch Court will not be able to enforce these rules if they don't know that you're selling a book.

A few months ago, Tom Kabinet's Dutch eBooks website became an online marketplace. The site allows people to sell their eBooks through a signup form and ask the seller to sign a declaration that their ebooks are obtained legally. However, this has caused a legal battle between Tom Kabinet and the Dutch Publishers Association. The Dutch publishers association issuing a lawsuit against Tom Kabinet for violating the rules against ebooks.


To make your summer vacation more enjoyable, you can download free e-books, zomer verhalen and luisterboeken from VakantieBieb. This program is available on iOS and Android devices. It has an extensive aanbod, and eBooks are available for all devices, including tablets and smartphones. You can also download free ebooks from the internet, but be aware of prive uitgaven and tijdschrijften.

The service is free to all library members, including children, teenagers and adults. There are books for all age groups and genres, and you can download them directly to your phone or tablet using the VakantieBieb app, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. The service is also available at the branches of the library, making it convenient for users to get their desired content. VakantieBieb is supported by a national government subsidy.

If you are a Dutch speaker, downloading free e-books from VakantieBieb is a good option. The app is available for iPad and iPhone and is compatible with the Dutch language. Regardless of your age, you can read e-books in Dutch and other languages. There are a wide variety of genres to choose from, including thrillers, chicklit, literatuur, kinderboek and more.

The online VakantieBieb site is also popular, although less than the previous year. Online VakantieBieb contains other digital products, such as 12 duizend luisterboeken and 338 duizend lezen. It has 344 registered users, and ten people actively use the website's Bibliotheek. In 2016, ten of these users were active.

German ebooks on Dutch colonial policy

There are many German ebooks available about Dutch colonial policy, but none are as thorough as this one. While this one offers an in-depth look at the Dutch colonial past, the book does not cover all aspects of Dutch colonialism. This is primarily a history book, but you can find other topics, such as the Dutch occupation of the Netherlands, as well. In addition, the book includes several essays by scholars, as well as an illustrated timeline of events.

The book was written by a former colonial official, Max Havelaar, who is now a professor of sociology and modern history in Southeast Asia. Although Wertheim acknowledges the Dutch involvement in administrative corruption and bureaucratization, his book does not deal with the issue directly. Instead, he argues that Dutch attempts to combat corruption and bureaucratization were hindered by local elites and circumstances.

The new imperial and global history makes us sensitive to the effects of colonial corruption. The anti-corruption measures that swept the Dutch empire are often motivated by the social question or a need to control private businesses. Nevertheless, keeping colonial corruption on the agenda has the potential to divert attention from domestic political tensions. It can even be a form of nationalism. It is important to understand colonial history before we start writing about it.

Amazon localising Kindle apps for Dutch

When it comes to localising Kindle apps for Dutch eBooks, you're not alone. Thousands of other eBook publishers are doing the same thing, and with good reason. Ebook sales in the Netherlands are set to reach GBP 3.2 billion by 2021, and the numbers will only continue to grow. Amazon has also begun localising eBooks for Dutch speakers, giving them easier access to books they can't read.

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