Best Crime Thrillers in 2022

Types of Crime Thrillers

What is crime thriller fiction? It is a subgenre of crime fiction and is a type of film that deals with crimes and criminals. Typically, it focuses on the different aspects of crime and its detection. There are many different types of crime thrillers available, so you're bound to find one that fits your taste. Below are a few different types of crime fiction. Let's explore each of these types of books in turn.

Historical fiction

If you're looking for a good crime thriller, historical fiction might be the genre for you. This genre stretches from the ancient world to the Tudor era, and many of the bestselling books are set during this time period. Authors like CJ Sansom, SJ Parris, and Stephanie Merritt have tapped into the human psyche and written novels set in different time periods. Read one today and get immersed in a different time period.

Despite the fact that the majority of mystery books are set in the past, historical fiction is a genre all its own. It takes a look at different times and places and captures their social and cultural norms. Some books are set in alternate time periods, such as the future. One of the most popular of these historical fiction crime thrillers is The Ultimate Solution, by Eric Norden, which takes place in a parallel reality to the present. In addition, the Lord Darcy series by Randall Garrett takes place in the 20th century with magic. On the other hand, Phyllis Ann Karr's The Idylls of the Queen (1982) is set in the Arthurian court, though it is not historically accurate.

For a different kind of crime novel, try The Death of Mother Maria Santa Hilda by S. J. Parris. Set in 17th-century Peru, this historical mystery follows an abbess who discovers a conspiracy involving counterfeit coins and threatens the imperial power of the Spanish empire. Miguel's rivals will stop at nothing to ruin him and his business. Liss' earlier novels are set in the Jewish community of 18th century London.


The crime thriller genre is associated with crime and violence in an urban setting. The genre has many types of stories ranging from deeply personal tales to those that deal with paranoia and fear. A large number of crime thrillers are considered to be some of the best films of the 21st century. One of the most well-known thrillers is the Da Vinci Code, which was written by Dan Brown. Despite being based on true events, this novel combines elements of history, fantasy, and suspense. Another writer who is prolific is John Grisham, whose books include legal thrillers and are often based on true stories.

Crime thrillers are different from other types of fiction, but there are certain commonalities that they share. Regardless of the genre, crime novels feature a diabolical villain who is cunning, creative, and murderous. A great crime thriller must also have a genuinely creepy presence, and the antagonist is often portrayed in scenes with haunting imagery or spooky dialogue. For this reason, it is crucial for crime thriller authors to consider their target audience and what they are looking for.


The genre of crime thriller has been around for a long time, but the last few decades have seen a dramatic resurgence in popularity. Most crime thrillers revolve around a murder mystery involving multiple people in a home. A detective is called in to solve the case. Depending on the genre, these films can feature action movies, dramas, and even comedies. In addition, many crime thrillers involve a mystery character, which adds to the suspense.

Mysteries in crime thrillers typically follow a fictional amateur sleuth who must solve a murder, usually in a small town or subset of a larger community. While crime thrillers may include murder, these stories don't feature profanity, violence, or sex. In addition, these novels generally end with justice triumphing over evil. So, what makes a crime thriller so captivating?

One of the most famous crimes in modern crime thrillers is the death of an elderly woman. In this film, a young woman, Laura, was murdered 75 years ago. As a result, Detective Andrews becomes obsessed with her story. The murder occurred 75 years ago, and the investigation into her death has an unexpected twist. Both actors are talented and play different roles, and this leads to a riveting storyline.

Whodunit mysteries

There is no crime thriller genre more popular than whodunit. Crime thrillers have long been the staple of Hollywood, and Rian Johnson's latest film, "Knives Out," is being touted as the original modern-day whodunit. The film follows the massively popular "Murder Mystery," produced by Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler. And if you thought that Branagh's Murder On the Orient Express was a step too far, don't worry: he's back with another classic whodunit.

Agatha Christie is the queen of the whodunit mystery. Several of her best-selling books have been adapted into movies. The 1974 film, "Murder on the Orient Express," features an incredible cast and even won an Oscar. Whodunits can also be found in horror movies. "Scream" is a Whodunit, as well as a slasher film that has spawned three sequels.

The Golden Age of mystery fiction was the 1920s and 1930s, and many of the best-selling mysteries of that time period were written by British authors. Among them were Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers. These authors continue to inspire contemporary cozy mysteries. Their formula was so successful that it led to hard-boiled crime fiction, a form of crime fiction that is still popular today. So what exactly are Whodunit mysteries?

Agatha Christie

If you're a fan of Agatha Christie's crime thriller novels, you're probably not alone. There are several series of her novels, including one that's lesser known. There's no need to read them in order - you can pick up any one and enjoy it. And while you might not be able to watch them on TV or in theaters, they've been made into movies and television series.

Some of the most famous of Christie's crime thrillers include The Mousetrap (1951), The Witness for the Prosecution (1956), and Murder on the Orient Express (the second). Her books are often based on a formula - murderers would use ingenious techniques to commit a murder, often involving poison. Detective Hercule Poirot would interview key suspects and summon important people to a drawing parlour to discuss the crime. Christie's detective characters were extremely realistic and compelling, and her work is widely considered one of the finest.

Before she became a famous writer, Christie had no ambitions of ever becoming a famous author. She married dashing Archaeologist Sir Max Mallowan in 1926 and spent several months each year on expeditions in Syria and Iraq. After the war, Christie wrote romantic non-detective novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, including Autobiography (1977). In 1971, she became a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Tana French

"The Witch Elm" is the latest crime novel by American author Tana French. The novel revolves around a retired police officer, Cal, who fired a gun into a fleeing Black teenager, confirming his partner's account that the teen was reaching for his pocket. French has been dubbed "the queen of Irish crime fiction" and her readers are devoted to her work. A review by Stephen King has praised the novel, stating that it is "one of her best work."

A graduate of Trinity College in Dublin, France settled in Dublin and raised her two daughters. She maintains dual citizenship in Italy and the U.S. As a professional actor, French has appeared in countless theater and film productions. In her late twenties, French discovered her passion for writing and began collaborating with other authors. Her first novel, "The Murder of a Girl in Green," was published in 2011 and became a bestseller in the UK, Ireland, and US.

If you love a good crime thriller, you'll love Tana French's bestselling books. Her books are a blend of procedurals and character-driven suspense, with excellent writing and psychological depth. French's Dublin Murder Squad series has been made into television series by the BBC. It's a wonderful way to discover an Irish author whose books have been translated into English. She's also a talented actress, and her books are sure to appeal to fans of Irish crime fiction.

Val McDermid

One of the most praised British crime writers is Val McDermid, and her new book, 1979, is no exception. As the 35th in the series, it marks the start of a new era for the crime fiction writer. Val McDermid is a native of Kirkcaldy, Fife. After graduating from Oxford, she began her career as a journalist, and she briefly attempted her hand at drama. Her first book, Report for Murder, was an instant bestseller.

Born in Fife, Scotland, Val McDermid is a highly successful author of crime fiction. She has received numerous awards for her work, including the CWA Gold Dagger, the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger, the Lambda Literary Foundation's Pioneer Award, and the Edgar Award. Currently, her books have sold over 11 million copies worldwide. Whether you're a fan of historical fiction or crime fiction, you'll find a Val McDermid crime novel in your shelves.

McDermid's work has been translated into 40 languages. Her Wire in the Blood series has been adapted into a television series starring Robson Green and has received numerous awards. Her books feature characters like journalist Lindsay Gordon, private investigator Kate Brannigan, and clinical psychologist Tony Hill. McDermid has written several stand-alone novels, short story collections, and non-fiction books. One of her bestselling series, Hill/Jordan, has also been adapted for the screen and stage.

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