Best Crime, Thriller & Mystery in Spanish in 2022

Crime Thriller & Mystery in Spanish

There are many great examples of Crime Thriller & Mystery in Spanish. Read on to discover some of my favorites. I hope these examples will inspire you to read more Spanish fiction! Here are a few of my favorite titles: Burnt Money, Julia's Eyes, and Un beso de amigo by Juan Madrid. Each of these Spanish novels has a different twist, and I highly recommend them.

The Bar

A brilliant crime thriller and mystery in Spanish, THE BAR (2017) captures the shades of paranoia and suspicion as it takes place in a Spanish club. The film gives us a glimpse of a secret sect of society. Also, you should watch MARSHLAND (2014), a political thriller that draws inspiration from Spanish history. This film covers ideas of democracy and autocracy fluidly. WILD TALES (2014) is an anthology of six short films that follow a man's quest for vengeance.

The film is set in the 1970s, between the death of Franco and the landslide election of 1982 that would consolidate democracy in Spain. The choice of 1980 is significant to illustrate the political tension in Spain at that time. The film features two cops who represent two different Spains during the time. The film is infused with black humour and a strong undercurrent of humour.

A murder on a busy sidewalk forces the closure of a popular cafe. As the murder victim is a young boy, he is not believed by anyone, but one person believes that fate wants him dead. The two detectives, however, do not agree on anything, despite their different perspectives. Further complicating matters is a strike in the rice fields. Both detectives have to resolve their differences before solving the case.

Julia's Eyes

Los ojos de Julia is a Spanish-language crime thriller and mystery starring Belen Rueda, Lluis Homar, and Pablo Derqui. It was originally slated for English-language release but was later picked up by Universal Pictures. As a Spanish-language crime thriller, the film features many intriguing twists and turns and is a great read for fans of genre movies.

Julia's Eyes is a highly entertaining and frightening crime thriller in Spanish, directed by Guillem Morales and produced by Guillermo del Toro. Julia's eyesight is slowly deteriorating as she investigates the death of her twin sister. The investigation uncovers an ominous case involving a mysterious figure, and her sight deteriorates as she works to solve the crime. In addition, the film leaves a few plot threads unresolved, so be prepared for spoilers.

Among the best movies in Spanish about murder are "H0us3" and "Marshland." These films include plot descriptions and trailers. Some films in this genre are new releases in 2022, but they are all excellent. Julia's Eyes and other crime thrillers are well worth a look. You may even be able to find one you've missed.

Burnt Money

Despite its title, "Burnt Money" is more than a brilliant crime thriller. It's a multi-stranded fable that mirrors the decaying obsession for power, greed, and corruption. Burnt Money takes place in 1965 Argentina, and follows the relationship between two ruthless bank robbers. The pair must run from their pursuers after an extremely large hold-up, but they have to confront their own demons to survive.

Amenabar's previous work includes Tesis, a 1996 Spanish thriller that was his feature debut. Ana Torrent plays a film student who finds a snuff videotape of a missing girl. Unfortunately, the murdered girl was from her college. Ana Torrent must decide whether or not she can help the girl's family. This is an excellent thriller, and it's one of the best Spanish crime thrillers.

Un beso de amigo by Juan Madrid

Un beso de amigo by the acclaimed crime writer Juan Madrid is a hard-hitting, dark, and violent novel in Spanish about a double murder and a bank heist that could have been prevented with a few more clues. As a former journalist for Cambio 16, Toni Romano has a unique insight into Madrid's dark underbelly. In Un beso de amigo, he tackles terrorism and political corruption, creating an honest and brutal portrait of Madrid during the 'Transicion'.

Although this crime-thriller has a multi-stranded structure and is set in a rural town in Spain, it's incredibly suspenseful. The film's claustrophobic atmosphere, dripping with absurd violence, makes it impossible for the audience to escape the events in the film. The film is an impressive demonstration of poetic restraint, and it is wrapped in superlative thrills.

The climax of Un beso de amigo is an intense crime thriller, and the eerie atmosphere of a small town in Galicia only adds to the suspense. Featuring Marcelo Pineyro, this Spanish crime thriller promises spectacle. Guillem Morales' Julia's Eyes is another fine visual treat.

Assassination of the Marquises of Urbina

In 1980, Spain was rocked by a double murder. A post-Franco Transicion terrorism was at its height. The slayings were the work of a gang composed of two men: Escobedo and Diego Martinez Herrera, who travelled separately to London to carry out their heinous crime. The two men were reportedly friends and had spent time together. But their relationship soon fell apart. In 1980, Miriam de la Sierra began a relationship with a man named Richard Dennis Rew, better known as "Dick the American." This man was a member of a crime syndicate and had been working with a bank for over a decade.

The Night of the Sunflowers

A crime thriller and mystery in Spanish, The Night of the Sunflowers is crafted as a sinister story of mistaken identity and love. The director, Jorge Sanchez-Cabezudo, is known for character development within a story. This Spanish thriller makes use of the diverse acting skills of its cast. The director has a clear idea of what he wants to accomplish in this film.

The Night of the Sunflowers is divided into six chapters and reveals a complex chain of violence. The story begins with the discovery of a prehistoric cave by a local repairman Beni. The community is excited by the discovery, while a geologist and his assistant, who is a native of the area, arrive in town. Meanwhile, the town police chief plans to retire, while the deputy police chief dreams of getting out of his marriage and his job. From here, the lives of each character are interwoven in a web of violence and betrayal.

This film is a masterpiece of the genre. It's a crime thriller and mystery in Spanish, and has been described as the Spanish Hitchcock. In fact, it has multiple Hitchcock references. It's one of the most well-crafted thrillers ever made in Spanish. Paco Plaza, who has directed other famous Spanish films such as Veronica (2017) and Eye For An Eye, has created a movie that's as suspenseful and tense as its title suggests.

El Internado

'El Internado' is a Spanish crime thriller series. The series was first broadcast in the United States in July 2015, and is currently streaming on Netflix. The plot involves a group of students at an isolated boarding school. They must solve a murder in order to find the missing girl, Cristina Palacios. The students' friends, who are also students, are joined by newcomers Rebeca Benarroch, Lucia Garcia Miranda, and Hugo Alonso.

The series stars Kate del Castillo, a renowned actress. The Spanish version has plenty of Mexican slang and great location shots of Mexico City. However, part of the story is filmed in San Diego, and the main character, a Mexican woman, is framed for a crime in her native country. 'El Internado Crime Thriller & Mystery in Spanish' is another excellent choice for fans of the genre.

El Internado, also known as La Laguna Boarding School, is a popular Spanish television drama series. Set in a forest outside of the city, it contains a series of macabre events. Nemo Bandeira, a renowned dealer with a clean businessman's facade, is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, but tries to hide his illness from his family. The family is shocked when a young journalist tries to uncover the truth. She must leave her comfortable life behind to save her father and his family.

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