Best Crime, Thriller & Mystery in German in 2022

Lose Your Head in Crime Thriller Mysteries in German

Crime thrillers have become a popular genre in Germany in recent years. Many of these novels are regional affairs and feature a distinctly German detective. Crime novels in German have become increasingly popular over the past several decades, said Peter Wagner, editor of the German literary magazine Das Buch als Magazin.

Lose Your Head

If you love crime fiction, you will love Lose Your Head in Crime Thriller Mysteries in German! Crime novels are extremely popular in the German language, and new releases are often highly sought-after. Here are five of the most popular crime novels written in German.

Marnow Murders

The Marnow Murders is a German crime thriller mystery with a twist. Set in a former GDR lake resort town, all the victims are somehow connected to a local hospital. Rumors about this hospital go back years. The town itself has a reputation for scorning big business, the oppressive government of the former East, and the stupid bureaucracy of the provincial police district.

Marnow Murders is a German crime thriller series with a twisty mystery and rich subplots. Local detectives Frank Elling and Lona Mendt must unravel the case, while a shadowy group with ties to East Germany tries to block their investigation. Despite the dark underbelly of the storyline, it is entertaining to watch, and the performances by the cast are excellent.

The Murder Farm

The Murder Farm is a crime novel in German written by Andrea Maria Schenkel. It is set in rural Germany just after World War II and tells the story of a horrific murder. The first half of the book is written in third person, and describes the events that led up to the murders. The other half is written in first person and describes what happens after the murders. Despite being written in German, Schenkel's debut novel has been translated into 20 languages.

Schenkel's debut novel won the Deutscher Krimi Prize in 2007 and went on to become a best seller. Her second novel, The Murder Farm, won the award two years later. The publisher, Quercus, plans to continue publishing Schenkel's novels in the English-speaking world.

Alexander Hartung's Until the Debt is Paid

UNTIL THE DEBT IS PAID is a crime thriller in the vein of a police procedural. Detective Jan Tommen awakens one morning next to his narrator's dead girlfriend as the prime suspect in a brutal murder. However, he has no memory of the events surrounding the murder. His motive is unclear, but there is sufficient evidence to connect him to the crime scene. With the help of friends and a reclusive computer expert, Detective Tommen embarks on an intense pursuit to unravel the truth.

Alexander Fitzek

Alexander Fitzek is an author of psychological thriller novels. His books have sold over 12 million copies worldwide and have been adapted into 24 languages. He was also the first German author to receive the European Prize for Criminal Literature. He lives in Berlin with his family. In this interview, he discusses his inspiration for writing his latest psychological thriller and shares advice for aspiring authors.

Many of his thrillers are set in Berlin in the early days of National Socialism, and are set in the city. His books are well researched and give readers a detailed insight into the society of Berlin. There are seven volumes in total.

Jakob Arjouni

If you enjoy crime fiction in German, you may be interested in the works of Jakob Arjouni. This German author, who died in 2013, was a crime writing wunderkind. His debut novel, "Happy Birthday, Turk!" was published in 1985. The protagonist, Kemal Kayankaya, is a private investigator in Frankfurt, Germany. Born in Turkey, Kemal was adopted into a German family when he was young, and is fluent in the language. His novels and series tackle topics like anti-Semitism, rising nationalism, and historical revisionism in post-unification Germany.

Jakob Arjouni was born in Frankfurt in 1964. He has written novels, screenplays, and plays, as well as several mystery series. His urban novel Magic Hoffmann was shortlisted for the IMPAC Award. He has also published two story collections, Ein Freund and One Man, One Murder. He lives in Germany and France.

Sebastian Fitzek

Sebastian Fitzek is one of the most successful crime writers in Germany, and his books have sold over 12 million copies. They are published in twenty-four languages, and his works are often adapted for film and television. He was the first German author to receive the prestigious European Prize for Criminal Literature. He lives in Berlin with his family. In this interview, he discusses his latest psychological thriller and offers advice for aspiring authors.

The cast of Sebastian Fitzek's new eight-part German crime series, "The Nightmare Before Christmas," is extensive. The cast includes Karoline Schuch, Felix Kramer, and Lucas Gregorowicz. The series is being shot in Gorlitz, Germany, and is also filming in Poland. It follows Detective Roland Voit on a case involving a serial killer. He is joined by Maggie Kring, a childhood sweetheart, who joins the investigation after her family becomes suspicious.

Christine Schorn

If you are looking for a crime thriller in German, the Marnow Murders might be the series for you. It is a new German crime thriller that just came to the US and is one of the best shows of the year. With the tagline "Expect the unexpected" and zigzags galore, you're sure to love this thriller.

Peter Kremer

The Marnow Murders are one of the most compelling crime thrillers in Germany. They've been made into a TV series in Germany and the US, and they've become one of the best shows of the year. The tagline for this series is "Expect the Unexpected" and "move from point A to B." In other words, the show is full of twists, turns, and zigzags.

Bianca Nawrath

The Marnow Murders, a new crime thriller from Germany, is a must-see. It has just hit US television and is one of the most riveting shows of the year. The tagline of the show is "Expect the unexpected" and "move from point A to point B." The plot, as the title indicates, is full of zigzags.

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