Best Cozy Culinary Mystery in 2022

Cozy Culinary Mystery Series

There are several Cozy Culinary Mystery series to choose from. Amy Myers' Auguste Didier Mystery Series takes place in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Auguste is a chef who solves mysteries out of sheer curiosity. Carlene O'Connor's Irish Village Mystery Series stars a bistro owner who solves murders using her culinary skills. Katherine Hall Page's Faith Fairchild Cozy Mystery series centers on a gluten-free baker and caterer in Kansas.

Blackberry Crumble

Cozy Culinary mysteries have become a popular genre of books for readers of all ages, and this new series is no exception. With eight new recipes and a reader's guide, readers can enjoy a cozy adventure while baking or cooking their favorite desserts. The mystery starts with a mysterious anonymous text message and ends with a wedding cake. The mystery is sure to keep readers guessing until the very last bite.

Claudia Bishop's Cooking Class Mystery Series

The fourth installment of the popular Cooking Class Mystery Series is set at a cooking school, which also happens to be a murder mystery. The mystery revolves around the chef who's hired the chef to teach a cooking class, but things don't always go according to plan. Instead of being able to focus on the cooking, the chef is distracted by other things. In this novel, the chef gets to learn how to cook a delicious meal while simultaneously attempting to solve the mystery.

The protagonist of the Cooking Class Mystery Series is the chef Sunny McCoskey, who is a culinary expert and a cookbook author. This series is set in the Napa Valley and also features a sleuth named Jacobia Tiptree. Other series include the Eat, Drink, and Die Mystery Series, which features the chef Sadie Hofmiller and her co-owners.

In this series, a wealthy chef named Bernard LeVasque opens a multi-million dollar cooking school in Hemlock Falls, stealing customers from Sarah and Meg Quilliam's Inn. But before everyone can have a taste of Bernard's delicious recipes, someone is determined to take them off the menu forever. The author of the Cooking Class Mystery Series is Claudia Bishop, who also writes a fantasy series under the pseudonym Mary Stanton. Her debut editorial effort, Death Dines at 8:30, is Claudia Bishop's first novel.

Miranda Bliss' Chocolate Whisperer Mystery Series

The first book in the Chocolate Whisperer Mystery Series is a delightful and suspenseful romp through the world of cooking classes. The main characters in the series are Annie Capshaw and Eve DeCateur, best friends and non-cooks. Despite being novice cooks, the two girls join a cooking class together, and in the process, become amateur detectives. But is the murder committed by a student or an instructor? The answer lies within each recipe.

The series also features the characters of Michelle Serrano and Lucy Sullivan. In this series, Maddie is the owner of a gourmet restaurant and a private investigator when she is not cooking. The next book in the Chocolate Whisperer Mystery Series stars Laurel Inwood, a private investigator who is passionate about chocolate and solving crimes. Other books in the series feature the characters of Ariel Quigley, an English teacher and psychic sleuth. The series also includes a recipe book.

Vivien Chien's Noodle Shop Mystery Series

If you enjoy murder mysteries and Asian-inspired novels, you'll love the Vivien Chien Noodle Shop Mystery Series. In this cozy series, the owner of a noodle shop, Lana Lee, is trying to solve a murder while her best friend, Adam Trudeau, tries to prevent it. The Noodle Shop Mystery series is comprised of eight books.

The first book in the series is Death by Dumpling. Lana Lee, the owner of Ho-Lee Noodle House, is thrilled to open her new shop in the Asian Night Market in Cleveland. But a mystery at the restaurant quickly turns deadly. Lana and her staff are investigating the murder, but it's Lana's own daughter, Lana Lee, who's the prime suspect.

Lana Lee has re-joined the family restaurant after a breakup. Her parents have decided to go on a trip to Taiwan, leaving her in charge of the restaurant. Lana is very good at running the restaurant, but a murder-suicide has taken place, and Lana's mother is on the lookout for the culprit. Lana has no way of proving her innocence, and Lana isn't willing to let her daughter suffer.

Suzann Ledbetter's Nick and Nora Mystery Series

Known for her cozy mystery series featuring a chef and a cook, M.D. Lake is an award-winning writer. The author grew up in Michigan, where she was a columnist for the Minnesota Daily. In addition to her cozy mystery series, M.D. Lake has written several non-fiction books, stand-up mystery plays, and humorous stories. The series also features a sleuth who works as the director of a foundation on a small island in the South Carolina.

Among the popular series featuring chefs, the most popular is E.L. Larkin's Demary Jones Mystery Series. It features a genealogist and a historical researcher who are friends and co-workers. In addition to the Nick and Nora Culinary Mystery Series, there are also several other acclaimed culinary mysteries by E.L. Larkin.

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