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If you've never visited this French Mediterranean island, you're missing out. While it attracts an estimated three million visitors from France and beyond each year, most of these visitors aren't familiar with its amazing geography. Luckily, there are Corsican eBooks to help you explore this wonderful region! Here are some of the best titles to get you started:

Les Freres corses

If you love books and reading, you will want to try reading "Les Freres Corses" by Alexandre Dumas. This acclaimed French novel follows the lives of two lovers in Corse. While on a journey to find the perfect man, one of them accidentally discovers a passion that changes everything. The result is an intense love story that will keep you turning pages until the end. Les Freres Corses eBooks are a great way to discover this classic novel.

The Corsican Brothers

Alexandre Dumas's novella, The Corsican Brothers, is a classic tale of revenge and sibling rivalry. The two brothers are separated at birth, and one goes to Paris and the other clings to Corsica. Although they are physically separated, their undying love for each other endures despite their age differences and distance. The 1941 Silver Screen version starred Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

The story is set in the 1860s and reflects a unique way of life in the islands of Corsica. While some versions of the novel were dramatized for the English stage, the author was fond of adapting his works to the stage. The Corsican Brothers eBooks were no exception. They are listed under the Books & Reference category and have achieved over 3 installs. There is no denying that this novel is well worth your time.

Alexandre Dumas' short novel, The Corsican Brothers, is considered one of the finest historical fiction books ever written. This story is based on a true story, and it possesses strong dramatic interest, as well as an account of the old Corsican manners. Alexandre Dumas was inspired to write this novel after visiting the island in 1834. The enchantment of the island's beauty and its way of life captured his imagination.

Nicolas Stromboni

The second in the series of eBooks about the French island of Corsica is a book written by the famous author, sommelier, and epicurean Nicolas Stromboni. He lives in Corsica and oversees the island's largest wine cellar. He is a passionate ambassador for the island's local produce and has written a book on the topic. This ebook also includes a map of Corsica's wine growing regions and its vineyards.

Nicolas Stromboni has spent years traveling to Corsica, tasting the food and meeting local producers. His ebooks offer a delicious introduction to this less-known part of southern Europe. You can learn how to make the iconic Corsican Brocciu whey cheese, impurate, and chestnut flour flan, and even learn how to make wine and eat it! And the best part is: all of his recipes are delicious!

Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas was a famous French author of romantic sagas. He lived a lavish lifestyle, and his works have been translated into over 100 languages and adapted into over two hundred motion pictures. His books have become rare and expensive, but now you can own them in a much cheaper edition! In this volume, you can enjoy original annotations, illustrations, and individual table of contents.

The Vendetta is the most famous novel by Dumas. It tells the story of a set of twin brothers who are separated by age and geography, but not by their love. One of the twins, Louis, decides to move to Paris while the other remains in Corsica. This novel explores the effects of a Vendetta - a kind of war of vengeance - on a family over a span of generations.

After reading the popular 'Colomba' by Prosper Merimee, Dumas rushed to Corsica to visit the island. He stayed at his family's ancestral home in Sollacaro, where he learned the island's history and legends. These discoveries helped him write his classic novel, Les Freres Corses. A fictional character named Maitre Orlandi was inspired by Louis XV, who sought exactitude in his writings.

You can also download a digital version of Alexandre Dumas, Corsican novels by choosing a format that suits your needs. Many eBook stores have made it easy to download free eBooks from famous authors. Alexandre Dumas' books are available for download on Kindle, so you can enjoy them anywhere you like. Enjoy the story! It will take you by surprise! cunoaște More About Alexandre Dumas, Corsican eBooks

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