Best Contemporary Christian Fiction in 2022

Contemporary Christian Fiction

Contemporary Christian fiction authors have many different genres, so finding a new book to read can be a difficult decision. Authors like Karen Kingsbury and Julie Cantrell have a variety of styles and subjects, but many of their books deal with weightier subjects such as adoption and suicide. Other authors of contemporary fiction include Meg Moseley, Rachel Lindon, and Obioma. I'll review a few books from each genre and provide a synopsis of what to expect from them.

Book review of Things We Didn't Say by Amy Lynn Green

"Things We Didn't Say" is a compelling novel set during World War II. Johanna Berglund is a Swedish woman trying to learn the Japanese language, who reluctantly agrees to work as a translator at a POW camp in a small Minnesota town. As her job duties change, she begins to soften and be compassionate towards the prisoners. Written in epistolary form, Things We Didn't Say is an intriguing read. The main characters in the book are realistic, and you can easily imagine how Johanna would handle a situation like this.

The story's setting is Minnesota during World War II, and the author explores the intersection of faith and fiction. Melanie has embraced bits of various religions in her quest for safety and happiness. In this novel, she questions her own faith and argues for Christianity, pointing out how God has a hand in all the chaos. Throughout the novel, readers will feel close to the characters.

Book review of The Land Beneath Us by Sarah Sundin

This is the final novel in the Sunrise at Normandy Series. Although it can stand alone, it's best to read the previous books to fully appreciate this novel. This time, we get to see the squabbles between all of the brothers. Sundin's ability to write about hard issues is compelling and draws the reader into the lives of the characters. There are many powerful emotional conflicts in this novel, and readers will feel the pain of Leah Jones. Ultimately, though, the character remains strong and determined.

This enchanting and romantic novel takes place in WWII. Clay Paxton, a hero in the war, seeks forgiveness from his past, but finds himself in an even more complicated position. The story is full of tense battle scenes and beautiful romance. The novel has multiple chapters set during D-Day, with descriptions of explosions and enemy fire. Although the story is mostly about two friends, the two slowly begin to love each other and develop their relationships.

I really enjoyed The Land Beneath Us. It captures the feelings of the era, which is filled with fear and patriotism. The author weaves historical detail into the rousing war drama. This book also features the emergence of women as a part of the war effort and immerses the reader in naval history. It culminates on the beaches of Omaha Beach.

Book review of An Orchestra of Minorities by Obioma

Chigozie Obioma's An Orchestra of Minorities is a cosmological retelling of the Odyssey and the Igbo cosmology. It is written from the perspective of deceased spirits, known as chi. It is a complex novel about love, kinship, and the human connection to the earth. Chi has many personalities and is a vital part of human culture, but she also has a dark side.

This second novel is ambitious and impressive, although the characterization of Chinonso is sometimes a bit clumsy. It's not entirely clear whether Obioma intends to portray his character's emotions directly, but the novel's tone and style are impressive. It captures the alienation of a foreigner in a strange land and highlights the casual racism that is present.

An Orchestra of Minorities is a powerful and affecting novel about the power of language and human identity. Obioma's novel is often depressing, but never hopeless. Its ability to juxtapose the ugliness and suffering of the oppressed with the human spirit is a testament to its talent. Obioma skillfully balances the desperation and despair of the oppressed with the tenacity and love that define human existence.

In his second novel, Chigozie Obioma has succeeded in making the human condition a much deeper mystery. The chi (guardian spirit) serves as a kind of defense attorney for the protagonist and conveys life lessons in an authoritative manner. The chi also allows the author to better describe the character of Chinonso and his background. While he acknowledges the mystery of life, he nevertheless makes the case for fundamental goodness and honors the complexities of human life. It is a transcendent book, and one worth reading again.

Chigozie Obioma's second novel is ambitious and a retelling of the Odyssey. In it, a young woman is about to commit suicide, but a boy named Chinonso intervenes. The boy falls in love with the woman and attempts to save her, but her family refuses to accept her as their future spouse. Ultimately, the relationship develops into a scam - Chinonso convinces the young woman to apply for university in Cyprus, where he is accepted and her family's acceptance is assured.

Book review of Colton Dust by Kimberly Duffy

If you are looking for a great book for your next book club meeting, consider reading Colton Dust by Kimberly Duffy. This contemporary Christian fiction novel features a rich cast of characters and is a great choice for all readers. It is also perfect for Christian readers who are interested in contemporary Christian fiction. For an introduction to Duffy's writing, you can check out her blog, where she reviews books and provides recommendations.

Christian Fiction Publishers offers a popular column and reviews in advance pages, along with an author's comments. You can also find reviews by other readers and occasionally from the authors. However, these comments lack the rigor of NoveList and are often crude and anti-intellectual, making the author cringe. However, Books in Print has been aggressively incorporating innovations from other sources. It contains one of the largest lists of new Christian fiction and uses subject headings for its Readers' Advisory feature.

Once primarily composed of historical romances, Christian fiction has grown to include a wide range of contemporary titles, as well as works that explore more complex issues. Contemporary titles reflect defining issues of today, and many authors tackle difficult subjects that reflect the struggle to keep faith in the face of difficult circumstances. In many books, strong female characters struggle with modern issues, including anger and guilt. This trend is even influencing Christian fiction.

For those who are seeking a more contemporary Christian fiction novel, this debut novel by Tammy L. Gray is a must-read for any Christian fiction fan. This contemporary novel is set in India during World War II and features a female entomologist who must choose between two seemingly impossible choices. The story will leave readers thinking about how Christian compassion works even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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