Best Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks in 2022

Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks

If you are looking for a good Coming of Age Fantasy eBook, consider The Elvenbane. It is a novel in which a halfbreed is born of a forbidden union and is raised by dragons, a mysterious and ancient race that humankind and elves are unaware of. Shana's destiny is entwined with the prophecy and her quest to fulfill it is a thrilling adventure. The Elvenbane is a coming of age tale with believable and nuanced characters who interact with the world and learn from each other.


The second book in the Stormwarden series, Half the World, features the same main character, but this time from a different perspective. The series' unique character development and rich detail make this a highly recommended reading experience for fans of fantasy. Fans of this series have praised the characters as flesh and blood and highly developed, and have compared it to other fantasy series. Here are three reasons why this series is a must-read for readers of all ages.

I did not enjoy Stormwarden as much as I wanted to. I felt that the book focused on too many details and didn't give enough attention to important ones. The characters also didn't get enough attention. One of the main characters in the Stormwarden series lived in exile, away from the Imperial Court for most of their lives. She must now take her place in the world as the only surviving heir, but is she willing to do it?

House of Earth and Blood

If you are a fan of YA books, then you may want to check out House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas. The debut in this epic series is set in a world of dark magic and forbidden love. Set in the city of Crescent City, the story takes place over the course of one year and involves the lives of eight teens. The story revolves around a group of teenagers and their mysterious family ties, and you'll be swept into the world of these characters.

Both House of Earth and Blood and Through Wolf's Eyes are fantastic coming of age fantasy eBooks. The world-building and the characters were praised by fans for their realistic depictions. The characters were richly detailed and realistic, and the story invested them completely. Readers are likely to feel powerful emotions about the characters. The story itself has plenty of action and suspense, so you'll enjoy both coming of age fantasy eBooks!

House of Earth and Blood is a thrilling coming-of-age fantasy eBook that combines a compelling storyline and rich world-building. Readers will be transported into a world of magic and fantasy. You'll be amazed at how many twists are thrown in to keep you guessing. With so many fantasy eBooks out there, you'll find the perfect book to read this summer.

Troubled Waters

If you like your fantasy stories with a magical twist, you will want to try Troubled Waters by Sarah Addison-Smith. This story follows the adventures of an orphan girl named Zoe, who is an enchanting coru. Coru women have an affinity for blood and water, and Zoe is no exception. As a result, she can call on the water to make her wishes come true. Zoe's father is a respected adviser to the king, but he is exiled and takes her to a small village. During the opening of TROUBLED WATERS, she finds herself an orphan, and Darien Serlast comes to collect her to become the king's fifth wife.

Troubled Waters: Another popular coming-of-age fantasy eBook is Through Wolf's Eyes by Sarah Addison-Smith. Fans praised the world-building and characters in this book, as well as how they were portrayed in the story. The story invested in the characters deeply and made them seem like real people. Each of the characters was fully realized, and their actions changed them in unexpected ways. Readers enjoyed the complex, realistic, and likable characters of the story.

Sacred Embrace

If you're looking for a fast-paced, action-packed novel, Sacred Embrace is the eBook for you. This New York Times bestselling fantasy novel is set in medieval England, and will have you engrossed from beginning to end. In this epic fantasy novel, magic and dangerous magic intertwine themselves in the everyday school environment. The author explores themes of heartache and loss, the cost of freedom, and the power of love.

The novel follows a boy named Wart, who discovers his magic when reading texts with his mother. As she grows, she transforms into a warrior and a feminist queen. But her world collides with the destiny of the gods, and she must choose between her legacy and her own safety. This fantasy adventure will leave you breathless and wanting more! You won't want to put this eBook down, but you'll want to read it!

In Sacred Embrace, Feyre is in danger of being cast out of the village. She must choose between staying in her village and facing her fate, or joining the army of demon girls. The consequences of her decision are far worse than death. The story is intensely emotional, and the characters suffer horrific deaths. If you enjoy this genre of fantasy, you'll love this eBook!

Rhythm of War

Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson is an epic fantasy novel published by Tor Books in 2020. It is the fourth book in the Stormlight Archive series. It contains a prologue, 117 chapters, and twelve interludes. The book precedes Oathbringer, which has a higher page count. It contains many interesting concepts, but lacked inspiration. If you're looking for coming of age fantasy eBooks, you've come to the right place.

The Rhythm of War eBooks are a fantastic series of fantasy novels written by Brandon Sanderson. This fantasy novel series takes the reader on a journey through four hundred years of history, from the Roman Empire to medieval Europe. This epic fantasy series spans three smaller series and a collection of short stories. It has magic, mercenaries, and a nuanced world where danger lurks around every corner.

Tales from the Foxes of Foxham

The author of the Dresden Files and the Chronicles of Narnia, Terry Goodkind, has a new series for coming of age fantasy lovers called Discworld. This series features a talented but unlucky wizard, a skeletal personification of death, and an earth-shaped planet inhabited by elephants. You'll enjoy this coming-of-age fantasy series even if you're not particularly into coming-of-age fantasies.

Tales from the saga begins with FROM STORM AND SHADOW, a standalone book that contains the first 10 chapters of the book. Silver escaped the fae realm two years ago when her parents were murdered. Two years later, she's safe in the human world, but a boy from her old Guild shows up and claims to have discovered the secret that led to her parents' deaths.

Despite her past trauma, a young priest named Ireman hunts down deviants. After she meets this priest, she must learn to trust him to prevent a bigger evil from engulfing her world. But she won't be able to do that if she doesn't trust his words. It's a tough slog, but it's one worth the journey.

Book of Night

'Coming of age fantasy' is one of the most popular genres, and it's no surprise that the coming-of-age fantasy genre is among the most popular. It's not just about romance and adventure, either. There's a whole cast of characters, including mercurial billionaires and gloamists, as well as a young woman who's always been obsessed with fantasy books. Readers are often moved by the powerful characters in these series, and this one is no exception.

The Elvenbane is a novel written by award-winning debut author Rachel Hartman. The protagonist is half dragon and half human, with her dragon mother taking human form. Her human father cannot stand dragons. But she has to hide her ancestry, as well as solve the mystery of a murder in the royal family. The Elvenbane is one of those rare coming-of-age fantasy eBooks that will surely become a teen fantasy classic.

The debut novel by Marie Lu, author of the science fiction series Legend, features the prodigious pianist Nannerl, the real-life sister of Amadeus Mozart. When she reaches marriageable age, she will forfeit her career. To save her career, Nannerl is forced to make a deal with an enigmatic stranger. The ensuing harrowing tale will leave readers breathless and spellbound.

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