Best Comics & Graphic Novel Anthologies in 2022

Comics & Graphic Novel Anthologies

The Watchmen graphic novel, originally published as a twelve-issue series in 1986 and 1987, changed the face of the comics industry, and is still a popular book recommendation for comics novices. It is a jaundiced deconstruction of the American superhero and asks the question, "What if they were horny, insecure sociopaths?"


This SMBC comic book series is a daily comic strip that explores various topics, from science to politics and relationships to deconstruction of classic films like The Wizard of Oz. Its creator, Zach Weinersmith, has produced several books highlighting SMBC comics, and his work is often laced with humor. The SMBC comic book series has a cult following, and the anthologies are a must-have for fans of the series.

Mister X

Mister X is a noir tale set in a future that was envisioned in 1939. As the creator of a utopian city, Mister X is returned from his exile to repair the damage done to the city. While battling against the corrupt government and mob, Mister X struggles with a drug addiction, and his former girlfriend battles her feelings for him.

The first issue of Mister X was a ground-breaking work of art, fusing film noir with German expressionism and art deco into a striking story. This new collection contains issues one through fourteen of the original comic series by Dean Motter, as well as novellas by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. It also features illustrations by Warren Ellis and Dave McKean.

Dean Motter

The first collection of Dean Motter's short stories, "Sacrifice," was published in 2000. The series featured works by science-fiction authors and featured artwork by Dean Motter. He has written and drawn many comic books, including the "Terminus" miniseries and the "Eclipse" graphic novel series. Dean is also a noted author, with his works appearing in such notable collections as Marvel's Secret Wars and DC Comics' New 52.

In recent years, Motter has been heavily involved in the comic book industry, creating a range of groundbreaking series including the Mister X series and the Electropolis series. He also managed to work on several aspects of artistic direction at DC Comics for several years. In 2008, Dark Horse published the Mister X Archives, which collects over 300 pages of his classic work. Recently, Motter spoke with CBR to discuss his comic book career.

Sana Takeda

Sana Takeda is a Japanese artist and illustrator. She has worked for MARVEL and Sega Corp. and creates illustrations for children's books and video games. Her latest comic book, MONSTRESS, is a contemporary Asian American horror and fantasy epic. Takeda is currently taking part in the online convention MAG Online. Read her biography to learn more about her artistic journey.

The Monstress series by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda is a great example of this. The two creators collaborated on three separate graphic novels, each of which sold in excess of one million copies. The Night Eaters volume one has already surpassed a hundred thousand copies, and Monstress is still a strong seller for Image Comics. The publisher has reprinted all six Monstress collections. This is a testament to the power of the creative process and the dedication of artists like Sana Takeda.

Brandon Graham

The Prophet trade paperbacks collected all twenty-four issues of the series and include two "Strikefile" visual guides. The series is written and illustrated by Brandon Graham, but its distinctive style is the result of collaboration. Graham enlists the talents of different artists for each protagonist's story, including Simon Roy, the artist of Jan's Atomic Heart, Farel Dalrymple of The Wrenchies, and Giannis Milonogiannis of Old City Blues. Each artist plays to their particular strengths and often collaborates with Graham on writing duties.

Since the debut of Island, Graham has been attracting notable talent to his magazine. Other notable contributors have included Kelly Sue DeConnick, Simon Roy, and Farel Dalrymple. The anthology is nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Graphic Novel Anthology, and its tenth issue is due out later this month. However, the series remains controversial - Graham has been nominated for several other awards, and his work is being considered for other categories as well.

Tom Siddell

Gunnerkrigg Court is a science-fantasy webcomic by Tom Siddell, which has eight volumes in print. Updated three times a week, the series has won a number of Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards, and received a number of positive reviews. The series is a great place for fans of science fiction and fantasy to get a taste of Siddell's art.

The first in the series, Annie returns to the Court and finds a school that has changed since she left. Loup's new perspective on trouble changes the way Annie thinks about her problems. Kat's breakthrough brings her closer to Juliette and Arthur, but a darker threat is lurking around the corner. But can Annie save her friends and her world from the evil that's been threatening the school?

Marjorie Liu

New York Times bestselling author Marjorie Liu has written several critically acclaimed Marvel comics series, but she is perhaps best known for her work on Image Comics' Monstress. This fantasy epic follows the adventures of maika Halfwolf, a girl with a psychic connection to a powerful monster. It has garnered five Eisner Awards, four Hugo Awards, and a Harvey Award for Book of the Year. In addition to creating some of the most beloved comic books, Marjorie Liu teaches comic book writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has written several novelizations and short stories for various publishers.

The success of a comic book can't be achieved without a creative team, and Liu's work is no exception. Her Monstress and Wingbearer anthologies are full of fantastic artists. If you are a fan of comics, be sure to check them out. They're available at most major retailers and platforms. Alternatively, you can pick up a copy of Marjorie Liu's Comics & Graphic Novel Anthologies.

Multiple Warheads

The first volume of Multiple Warheads is an excellent, self-contained work that follows the adventures of a cult hit comic book series set in a science-fiction version of Russia. The book begins with a dickish title, but that becomes the cover art and header for later issues. The premise behind the series is an examination of the artist's personal concerns, reminiscent of the Hernandez Brothers' "Love and Rockets" series. However, the dickish title is a bit misleading, because the book is aimed at a female audience.

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