Best College Guides in 2022

The Princeton Review College Guide

Among the many options, the Princeton Review College Guide offers easy-to-understand profiles for every US university and college. It also offers savvy tips and advice for scholarships and grants. This guide is great for broadening your options and expanding your search. It has an extensive section on different scholarship opportunities and where to find them, as well as advice for interviewing and essay writing. Ultimately, the Princeton Review College Guide can help you find the right college for you.

AmeriCorps Ohio College Guides

AmeriCorps Ohio College Guide members are required to take part in the national service program Justice Talking, complete service projects, and attend required AmeriCorps events. They also have to meet certain deadlines for service projects. AmeriCorps Ohio College Guides serve between 38 and 40 hours a week. They are based in Northwest Ohio, Scholarship Central, and Southeast Ohio. These volunteers' care packages are filled with basic necessities, including snacks and beverages. Soldiers can't always get them while deployed or in remote areas.

AmeriCorps Ohio College Guide members can have a lasting impact on students and communities by providing mentoring and advising services to underserved students. They also help aspiring college students in their pursuit of postsecondary education. They also gain valuable skills in mentoring, advising, and interpersonal relationships. They also have the opportunity to learn more about their community and themselves. Ultimately, this service project can benefit a student's academic and professional development.

AmeriCorps Ohio College Guide members undergo extensive training before beginning their service. As part of the program, they will receive valuable professional development and networking opportunities, as well as guidance on career goals and graduate school plans. AmeriCorps Ohio College Guides serve full-time for 11 months. They receive a modest living allowance and health insurance, as well as an Educational Award upon completion of their full-time commitment.

AmeriCorps Ohio College Guide members serve as mentors and counselors for underserved Ohioans. AmeriCorps Ohio College Guides help students prepare for postsecondary education, identify college scholarships, and manage the mentor-mentee relationship. College Guides also organize events for current college scholarship recipients, which provide students with college success materials. The College Guides also mentor staff.

COVID-19 guidebook

FirstService Residential has released a COVID-19 guidebook, which outlines the operational procedures for responding to the epidemic. It's divided into three fundamental steps: cleaning and disinfecting buildings, identifying and notifying affected residents, and responding to reported cases. In addition, the guidebook details staffing scenarios and board meetings that may need to be held to address the disease. Read on to learn more about the guidebook and how to get started.

The ACGME guidance is designed to promote resident and fellow well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. The recommendations are evidence-based, drawn from well-being resources and existing guidance. While they are meant to help individuals cope with the disease, the authors acknowledge that much remains unknown. They hope that the guidebook will help integrate the mental health care into COVID-19 response activities. To ensure the publication of the guidebook, the ACGME is seeking feedback from its members and stakeholders.

The guidebook includes more than 100 documents about COVID-19. More than half of them are technical guidance. The WHO uses various platforms and technology companies to reach as many people as possible. Its website also provides resources for health professionals. There is also a COVID-19 guidebook for frontline responders, based on WHO's recommendations. While the guidebook will serve as a reference for the field of infectious disease, it will also be helpful in preparing countries for potential pandemics in the future.

Lovejoy's guide

The trusted college guide from Lovejoy provides valuable guidance information for high school and college students. The College Curriculum Index, college profiles, and special features provide comprehensive college information. And, with the newest Lovejoy College Guide, college counselors no longer have to guess which courses to use to make their students more successful in college. Now, college students can choose the college that will be most rewarding for them, no matter what their interests are.

Unlike other college guides, this one is a trusted resource used by college guidance counselors. Unlike other guides, this guide is written by former students and is based on personal experiences. It includes a wealth of information for students and parents, including detailed college profiles and a career curriculum index. Moreover, it is a family business, founded by Clarence E. Lovejoy, the pioneering college guidance counselor.

U.S. News's guidebook

Some of the colleges that are rated highly by U.S. News are notorious for manipulating their rankings. The methodology behind the ranking system has come under fire in recent years, with an article in the Wall Street Journal revealing evidence of college manipulation. Some colleges "massaged" the numbers in order to boost their rankings, while others used creative statistical techniques to discourage applicants. The bottom line is that colleges are often underrated and this guidebook shows it.

The scale of the guidebook's influence has created a situation whereby colleges have started changing their menu to suit its template. That's bad because rankings are powerful drivers of reputation, and colleges have found ways to manipulate rankings to their advantage. This isn't a new phenomenon, but a distorted system based on self-reinforcing results. And a college guidebook can't go to every college and measure every single variable.

U.S. News's Profiles of American Colleges

The rankings published by U.S. News & World Report are widely considered the gold standard in American higher education. The methodology used to determine the rankings changes each year and includes student retention rates, faculty resources, opinions of college leaders, and more. Each year's report contains a snapshot of colleges across the country. You can read about the colleges' profiles, application deadlines, and more by reading the magazine's website or subscribing online.

The magazine's approach to the rankings has been controversial for some time. In one of its previous profiles, U.S. News featured a handful of schools with the highest rankings. Interestingly, these rankings didn't include public colleges. This means that colleges that don't participate in the rankings can still be listed in their publications, but their rankings won't be quite as high as other colleges.

A longtime critic of the rankings, Bennett points out that some of the factors considered by the ranking are subjective. For instance, some ask presidents to evaluate other institutions, but some schools opted out on ideological grounds. Still, college presidents clearly value the rankings. In the 2019 U.S. News rankings, the University of Oklahoma submitted false fundraising data, while Temple University had to withdraw from the list after lying about the number of students it admitted.

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