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Claire Fontaine Museums & Collections

For those who are not familiar with the work of French artist Claire Fontaine, here are a few things that you might find interesting. The first thing that you might find interesting is her approach to exhibition design. She believes that every exhibition has the potential to be innovative and creative. In fact, her work is so different from the average museum exhibition that it makes it difficult to decide which one to include. But there are many ways that she uses unconventional materials, including bricks and wood.

Working Together

The exhibition titled Working Together examines the conflicts that emerge from collaborating in everyday life. Joke Paintings (Richard and Marc) (2011) is an intriguing example, with excerpts of a conversation between the artists and a fashion magazine taken from the interview. The conversation took place on the occasion of Prince's contribution to Louis Vuitton's 2008 collection. In the text, the artists reveal their disconcerting complicity in the production of art and fashion.

In this exhibition, Claire Fontaine emphasizes her commitment to political and economic equality through the use of multiple mediums. Often using neon and video, she explores existential and political topics, while leaning into youth and the search for subjective emancipation. The exhibition also highlights Fontaine's work in the Treats Food Hall at Aventura Mall, where her whimsical "Have Cake" sign hangs on the wall.

The works in Working Together at Claire Fontaine Museums - New York City, NY, USA, 2015, are an ideal example of the intersection of art and politics. The collective's works are political, and their function within a gallery is a critical step in deconstructing the myths that surround contemporary art. For a general audience, this exhibition will be a must-see for fans of contemporary art.

Living Statues

The concept for Claire Fontaine's Living Statues is based on the concept of amateur performance in touristic areas where actors play the role of sculptures. The work is a conceptual rift that allows the collective to evoke this same performance. This reflects Fontaine's research on ready-made sculpture, which highlights its paradoxical turn. A collection of portraits of the artist and her friends is displayed in the museum to illustrate this concept.

When the museum opened in 1793, the French Republican calendar forced the institution to use only ten days. The first six days were reserved for foreigners and artists; the last three were for the general public. The seven-day week was reinstated in the early 1800s, but the general public was only permitted four hours of access each week. Sadly, the living statues were not preserved during the French Republican period.

Suicide Stack

'Suicide Stack' is a multimedia installation based on the suicide note of Joseph Stack, a self-employed businessman and part-time rock musician. He flew a small plane into a building used by the tax authorities in Austin, Texas, and left his suicide note. The piece is a cry of discontent with the American dream. This installation is the first part of a larger series called Economies that runs through the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami.

Using Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

Using Walls, Floors, and Ceilings brings contemporary art to the Skirball Lobby. Featuring a painting by Los Angeles-based artist Alex Israel, the exhibition features an iconic self-portrait of the artist's mother in a scenic style. The piece first appeared in the artist's online talk show, AS IT LAYS, as a color study on a fiberglass panel.

The Using Walls exhibition series builds on a 1970 exhibition that featured commissioned works by artists like Richard Tuttle and Sol LeWitt, and it includes new works by emerging artists. This exhibition series was curated by Kelly Taxter, curator of contemporary art at the Warburg Museum. The exhibition includes new works by contemporary artists like Alex Israel. The artist was born in Los Angeles and continues to live there.

Paris-based collective artist

The art of the collective Claire Fontaine began operating in Paris in 2004. Despite originating in France, the collective now operates in Palermo, Italy. The collective uses popular French stationery brands as inspiration, and their works often reference the work of other artists. The works of Claire Fontaine often comment on world events, such as the polar ice caps, as well as political impotence.

The work of the collective Claire Fontaine is deliberately appropriation-heavy, which means that she steals in order to redistribute. The concept of expropriation, which Fontaine has been influenced by, was first introduced by Guy Debord. Fontaine's work has also been influenced by the Situationists International, which developed detournement as a subversive tactic to replace capitalistic messages with oppositional ones. The artist's most recent exhibition, titled "Working Together," is an examination of how cooperative systems affect our lives, and examines the delicate balance between independence and complicity.

The artists at Claire Fontaine Museums & Collections follow the motto of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, who wrote What is Property in 1840. Passe-Partout explores the unequal distribution of goods and the privatization of public space. The project is a prelude to a larger solo exhibition by Claire Fontaine at Hoffmann + Maler & Wallenberg in 2022. Besides the exhibition, the artist will also publish a monograph of all his works.

The work of Claire Fontaine is a brilliant example of a new modesty in art. It is clever because it straddles political issues, while simultaneously working within traditional structures. Rather than creating art that is in opposition to politics, Claire Fontaine focuses on carves out a voice in the art world by blending strong rhetoric with conceptually slippery object-based practice. In this way, the work of Claire Fontaine is a vehicle for social change.

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