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This article discusses Christian music. The genres include Traditional Christian music, blues music, and even a bit of rap music. If you're curious, read on to learn about Amy Grant, MercyMe, and more! You'll also discover what makes each one special. If you're new to Christian music, check out these tips! We've gathered some of our favorite tracks to inspire you! You'll be amazed at what you'll find!

Traditional Christian music

Historically, Christians have sung to God. Psalms and chants were likely sung by early Jews who converted to Christianity. In later centuries, Gregorian chants became common. Hundreds of hymns were written during and after the Protestant Reformation. Christian rock and contemporary music have also developed from this tradition. While a few pieces of Christian rock music are considered "Christian rock," these forms are not the only ones.

The "born-again" style of Christian music is a mixture of both Protestant and Evangelical Christianity. Its influence is based on the counterculture movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Artists such as Hillsong United and Shane & Shane have added contemporary elements to the genre, which has become a staple in churches and other venues. Popular music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have adapted CCM into their musical algorithms.

Blues music

The term "Christian Blues music" has a rather complex history. Its beginnings are from the antebellum period, when the black church was the most important institution for enslaved Africans. The church embodied the deepest consolation that black people felt in the time of abolition and served as their most powerful force in transition. However, at the same time, a wide variety of secular forms of entertainment were also present.

Daniel Trublu Gray is a two-time award-winning Christian Blues artist whose music captures and releases the presence of God. His talent as a vocalist and guitarist has been evident for over three decades. While the blues form forms the core of his music, his repertoire also incorporates the classical elements of rock, as well as Scriptural messages. This is a unique blend of gospel and blues styles, but with a Christian message.

Christian rap group MercyMe

Christian rap group MercyMe started in 1994. They were formed by singer Bart Millard and pianist James Phillip Bryson. Both were members of the local church praise team. The two men decided to pursue music careers in Europe, where they met other Christian musicians. Later, MercyMe expanded their group to include Roman Catholic Matt Maher. They now have more than six million CDs sold. MercyMe has five American Music Award nominations.

The group has released nine studio albums. Their sixth album, The Generous Mr. Lovewell, featured the hit single "Move." The track was about persevering through difficulties and overcoming hardships. The song went on to reach number one on the US Billboard Christian Hot Songs chart and the Christian Adult Contemporary chart. This success has led to many further collaborations and tour dates for MercyMe. After receiving Grammy nominations and Dove Awards, MercyMe has continued to build their fan base.

Amy Grant

Originally from Christian contemporary music, Amy Lee Grant has crossed over to popular music in the 1980s. She has been called "The Queen of Christian Pop." While her music is definitely rooted in Christian values, it is also highly accessible to a mainstream audience. Her style of singing is both catchy and uplifting. Here are some of her most popular songs. Read on to discover the best of her work and learn about Amy Grant's background and career.

Amy Grant's career in Christian music began in her teens, when she wrote her first song and performed it publicly at the age of fourteen. She then teamed up with Brown Bannister to record a demo tape. Chris Christian heard the demo tape and offered her a recording contract before her 16th birthday. From that point on, Grant has continued to write, record, and release albums that have helped the faith. Amy Grant's work continues to inspire and motivate people today.

Michael W. Smith

The 16th studio album by Michael W. Smith, Worship, is a contemporary worship album that features his trademark blend of gospel, R&B, and rock. The album was recorded live and originally released in 2001 on Reunion Records, and it was later reissued as a dual-disc set in 2005. Worship was also a hit on the Christian radio charts. In 2002, Smith released another album, All Is Well, which is a contemporary hymn-styled collection of Christian music.

His career began with a solo album called Healing Rain, released in 2000. The album included the Irish Film Orchestra Limited and his own personal lyrics. The album also featured classic piano arrangements. Later, Smith released two more Christmas albums: Worship and Christmastime. Smith also released a live concert DVD, entitled Worship, in 2002. The album topped the Billboard video charts, and it also was featured as the soundtrack of the film The Second Chance.

Amy Grant's "Place in the This World"

The songs of CCM pioneer Amy Grant sparked a wave of female Christian singer/songwriters in the 1980s. They were folkier and offered a new perspective on the Christian genre. One song, "El Shaddai," translates from Hebrew as "God", and talks about God's unchanging nature. Another hit song was "Place in the This World," which reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 list in 1991. This song was one of the first crossover successes in the history of CCM.

Amy Grant's "Flood"

Amy Grant's new album, "Flood," is a stirring and emotional journey through the power of place, the energy of words, ghosts and nature's destructive beauty. Her album features a funky soul strutter called "Breathing," with Helm's vocals layered over a Memphis soul stew, a Wurlitzer, and a poignant tale of home. Listen to the interview with Amy Grant below, and then get to know the story behind her song.

The album is the first contemporary Christian album to hit the top 40, gaining the artist the status of platinum seller. It also earned Amy Grant her first Grammy. As a result, Amy Grant's music paved the way for many other artists to sing about faith, family, soul, and family. This is an album you'll definitely want to own. It's a beautiful, inspirational song that will touch the heart and move you.

U2's "Forty"

While U2 is often thought of as a rock group, the fact is that they've written several songs based on biblical texts, including Psalm 40 and Isaiah 40. In fact, their first two albums were sold in Christian bookstores, and they later became one of the world's best-selling rock acts. Likewise, alternative rock group The Call had a religiously-themed theme, and their music was filled with a plethora of spiritual ramifications.

While most Christians would probably prefer to hear songs by contemporary rock bands, U2's 'Forty' has some Christian content. It refers to the Book of Job, and the Edge's lyrics offer a metaphor about the near-invisibility of God. And the concert visuals feature a pair of red lasers pointing out into the crowd, suggesting an incomplete aura. So, is U2's music really Christian?

U2's "Forty" is part of Psalm 40

U2's song "Forty" was written in response to the psalm, which is the first chapter of the Bible. It was first performed in concert on February 26, 1983. The song closed most of the band's live shows in the 1980s, when they performed it three times on average. In the 90s, U2 did not perform 40 live, but added it back into the setlist for four of the final shows of the Popmart tour in 1997 and 1998, and in 2001, for the Elevation tour. Forty was performed multiple times on the Elevation tour.

While U2 continues to write songs about doubt, they no longer sound so wild about God. In the past, they would play with spirituality in risky ways and use the song to express their negative emotions. Now, however, they focus more on a positive message. In addition to this, U2's live shows have an almost liturgical feel. Bono regularly intersperses bits of Scripture and hymns into his live performances.

Andy Squyres

Taking a raw approach to faith-based songwriting, Andy Squyres joins an important core of the Christian music scene. His lyrics are deeply personal, defying the polished lyricism that typifies many mainstream artists. The lyricist also encourages us to live for the Kingdom of Heaven, which can sometimes be an uncomfortable place to be. In this interview, he shares his insights on how to find our way back to God and to write for it.

In 2015, Squyres released Cherry Blossoms, a collection of songs inspired by a friend's death. It was a moving album that destabilized his faith, leading him to question the nature of God and the viability of faith in the face of real life. The album was met with critical acclaim. The follow-up, due in 2021, is even more powerful.

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