Best Christian Futuristic Fiction in 2022

Christian Futuristic Fiction

If you're interested in Christian sci-fi books, you might want to search online for groups of Christians who read and write science-fiction. Christian writers can submit visionary books to the annual Christy Awards, which award a book with this award each year. Or, you can search for online groups such as Lorehaven, where Christians recommend Christian sci-fi books. However, you may have to dig through several groups before finding one you like.

Time Awaits

While the concept of time travel seems far-fetched, Christian futuristic fiction is possible. This type of story involves time travel, which is allowed by God, and in which a person's actions are considered within His sovereign plan. The author of this novel does not allow time travelers to go back and prevent their own birth or the invention of a time machine, nor does God want them to go back and prevent an entire episode of time travel.

Crowns and Cabals

Crowns and Cabals is a riveting story full of action, drama, death, destruction, and a touch of Christianity. It is a book that readers won't want to put down and will want to finish in one sitting. If you like science fiction, this book is a must-read. While there is some Christian content in Crowns and Cabals, it is a definite must-read for any science fiction fan.

Madeleine L'Engle

In her novels, Madeleine L'Engle incorporates many religious themes, causing some critics to complain that she is preaching to the choir. Others, on the other hand, find L'Engle's theology too inclusive. L'Engle was an Episcopalian, and believed that all people would be redeemed. Her Christian futuristic fiction stories, however, are not without controversy.

L'Engle's Christian futuristic science fiction novels use a mixture of real and fictional science to create compelling stories that compel readers to think. While she writes primarily about science and religion, the stories of the Giver of Life often feature a spiritual cipher. In these stories, female protagonists are thrust into difficult worlds, and the stories challenge the reader's imagination.

Aside from her novels, L'Engle has also written several memoirs. "The Crosswicks Journal" was published in several volumes, and the memoir "Two-Part Invention" chronicles the author's life with her husband, Hugh Franklin. During her childhood, Madeleine L'Engle was sent to boarding school. During holidays, she stays with her parents, where her grandfather lived.

L'Engle's Christianity was about the paradoxical nature of Christianity. She thought that the new Christianity would be compatible with modern science and viewed the newly discovered parts of the universe as God's work. And the hope for the future lies in faith. The Christian future of L'Engle's futuristic fiction reveals both the beauty and the danger of the future. If you're a Christian who loves science fiction, you'll probably love this novel.

Tamara Wilhite

Among the many titles written by Christian authors, Tamara Wilhite's latest novel, Humanity's Edge, is a fantastic read. In this sci-fi novel, mankind is facing a future where robots are a dominant force. Tamara Wilhite's faith is evident in her characters, who must overcome human and technological barriers to survive. This futuristic novel is based on the Bible and uses a Christian perspective.

The storyline of this novel focuses on the Catholic faith from a Catholic perspective, with the Church adapting to change while preserving its heritage. In the novel, human frailty meets divine intervention in prayer. Other stories explore how faith and science can work together to achieve a common goal. Tamara Wilhite's novel also highlights the sanctity of prayer. This book includes a variety of imaginative stories, some of which could happen tomorrow while others take place thousands of years in the future.

Madeline L'Engle

American writer Madeline L'Engle is perhaps best known for her science fiction and fantasy novels. Her books are popular among children and teenagers, but she has also been criticized by Christian conservatives. She spoke with Bob Abernethy about her work, Christian faith, and the conflicts between modern science and Christian beliefs. Here she discusses the relationship between science and faith in her books. In A Wrinkle in Time, L'Engle explores the possibility of an artificial intelligence, while exploring the role of faith in a technologically advanced world.

Though L'Engle's writing was often a little zany, her books were nonetheless thought-provoking and entertaining. The author mixed explicit Christian concepts with science-fiction jargon and New Age phrases. She also tended to use weird mashups of different religions and cultures to support her pantheistic vision. In A Wind in the Door, for example, the cherub Proginoskes travels with the protagonist Meg into Charles Wallace's mitochondria. Her use of language and symbols made these books a treat for older readers, but young readers loved the thrill of adventure and the spirituality they derived.

L'Engle's Christian futuristic novels are a great way to spread a spiritual message. Although L'Engle was originally an atheist, she converted to Christianity after reading the Bible daily and praying. Her conversion was gradual, not a 'light-bulb moment'. She firmly believed in God's message and the power of stories. Unlike Hitler, L'Engle's stories are not exclusively religious.

Corrie ten Boom

Corrie ten Boom is a Christian futuristic novel set in Holland during World War II. She lived with her older sister and aging father. When the Nazis occupied Holland, she saw a need around her and decided to help. She converted her father and started a watchmaking business. This small enterprise took off, and Corrie became a Christian future leader. As a result, she became an important part of the Dutch Underground. Ultimately, she was released twelve days later.

In Corrie ten Boom, readers learn about a Dutch family that helped hide Jewish people during World War II. Despite the repercussions of their actions, they remained steadfast in their faith and continued to help others. They even prayed for their enemies. They were punished for their actions, but Corrie ten Boom never lost hope. As a Christian, she is an inspiration for those who love God.

Corrie ten Boom is a true hero in the history of humankind. This brave woman saved over 800 lives during World War II. Her faith led her to do even more to spread her message and help others in need. Corrie ten Boom, along with her parents, continued their work after World War II was over. In fact, she even helped to build a rehabilitation center in Haarlem for displaced people from the war. Besides serving the Jews, she also opened a Christian youth club.

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