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Chris Meyer Museums & Collections Intern

The curator of Chris Meyer Museums & Collections is a recent graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences. After working in various internships, Myers decided to pursue a career in museum studies. Throughout his internship, Myers has been able to gain valuable experience and develop his writing and research skills. He also learned to sew. After completing the internship program, Slaughter has been working as a curator at the Mathers Museum and has now returned to the College of Art.

Myers's career path

As a graduate student, Chris Meyer is pursuing a career in museums. His primary goal is to maximize his learning, while providing an accessible environment to the public. He has found the staff to be a valuable resource, and he has sharpened his writing, research, and organization skills. Additionally, he has mastered sewing. During his internship, Miller digitized a past exhibit on Navajo woven textiles. He hopes to make this information available to a broader audience, possibly through an online database.

In the External Affairs department, staff members gather statistical and anecdotal data to improve marketing strategies and attract new donors. They also develop grant budgets and solicit sponsors for special fundraising events. In addition, they develop donor profiles and engage in donor stewardship. Lastly, they interact with members, civic bodies, and the arts community. By joining the museum's External Affairs department, you'll become a leader who can make a difference for the organization.

His work

The Christopher Meyer Museums & Collections will feature the artist's work. Previously, the artist's work had been restricted to private collections. The artist's recent acquisitions will be part of a larger exhibition of his work. Earlier this year, the gallery announced the addition of What Does It Mean to Matter (Community Autopsy) to its permanent collection. The work is a mural-style textile.

His internships

The Penn Museum is a cultural heritage institution, and its collections represent the world's material culture. These collections are in continuous service to the University of Pennsylvania community and to researchers from around the world. As an intern, you will be involved in various collections-related tasks. You will learn about collections management practices, rehousing of objects, cataloging, and photography. You will also be expected to work independently.

The Curatorial department oversees and guides the care of the permanent collection and organizes exhibitions. Interns in this department can assist with research and collection stewardship, preparation of exhibition catalogues, and other administrative tasks. Interns may work on projects relating to the Chief Curator's office or pre and post-war art, drawings and prints, photography, film, and performance. Research projects require a knowledge of art history.

Interns in archival departments may help to catalog ancient American collections from Latin America. They will also participate in various curatorial projects, such as planning for the Museum's future building. To be eligible for this internship, you should have extensive knowledge of ancient American art and experience with museum collections databases. Additionally, knowledge of an Asian language is strongly preferred. You will also be working with curators to conduct provenance research.

His internships at Museums & Collection have various benefits. Interns work closely with professional staff and learn about specific museum fields. You will be exposed to contemporary art and maritime heritage. You will also have the opportunity to participate in critical discussions about the role of museums in society. If you're considering pursuing a career in this field, an internship at a Museum is the right choice. They will learn how to work in a museum, and gain valuable experience at the same time.

His upcoming projects

The artist Christopher Myers' artwork highlights extraordinary histories and contextualized contexts. Through his work, he transforms meticulous research into evocative material form. In "What Does It Mean to Matter (Community Autopsy)," Myers uses abstract figures of nine victims of police violence to create a series of forensic autopsy diagrams. In his work, Myers often collaborates with a variety of artists and artisans from around the world.

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