Best Children’s Zoology eBooks in 2022

Children's Zoology eBooks

If you're looking for a great way to introduce your child to the world of animals, you can download and read eBooks on the topic. You might be surprised at how many great titles are available. Here are some great examples: Lifetime, I Am a Grizzly Bear, A Butterfly is Sleepy, and many more. You'll soon realize that your child's curiosity is only going to increase.


Lifetime children's zoology ebooks include information on everything from an animal's anatomy to its lifestyle. For example, they reveal that a caribou has ten different sets of antlers, a woodpecker drills 30 holes a year, and a seahorse gives birth to 1,000 babies. Besides the information that's available on the Internet, Lifetime has compiled facts about animals that you won't find anywhere else. The illustrations show every detail, allowing children to count and think about numbers while exploring the animal's fascinating life.

The corresponding Twins Adventures are 300-page adventures around the world. Volume one of the set introduces animals and their habitats, while volume two focuses on the human body and physiology. While this series is appropriate for children in fourth to sixth grade, parents can also read the stories aloud to their children. The first book is geared toward children in fourth through sixth grade. The second book provides more information for younger children.

Lucky Leopards is based on a popular National Geographic Kids feature. The book features fascinating stories about animal rescue and has full-color photographs. Young children will love this interactive book, and it will keep them interested and curious. Similarly, Lucky Leopards is an engaging book with additional activities and a schedule. A Lifetime children's zoology eBook includes content that can be used for classroom teaching and home learning.

Other Level 1 DK Readers feature books about different animals. In Animals at Home, children can learn about the homes of animals, and Hang on Monkey uses simple vocabulary and colorful illustrations to teach kids about different species. Throughout the story, children learn about how animals reproduce and their importance. They will be surprised by all the wonderful details. Whether they're learning about the life cycle of butterflies, how a butterfly can feed a family, or who lives in the rainforest, these books are sure to be a hit!

I Am a Grizzly Bear

I Am a Grizzly Bear is a multimedia book for kids that explores the fascinating world of the grizzly bear. This animal is known to eat just about anything, from fish to berries. One study reported that a grizzly bear can eat up to 200,000 berries in one day! This book includes multimedia content, including audio, weblinks, slide shows, and activities.

The author's experiences in California have provided him with a wealth of stories based on his quarter-century of intermittent wandering on the Pacific Slope. Almost all of these tales are true. Every fisherman and hunter has a weakness that is easily detected by others. While this book may contain a whimsical romance about a bear-slayer, it focuses on the true nature of bears, and what it takes to survive in this environment.

Grizzly bears fight with dogged persistence. They study every move of their enemies and do not waste their energy in aimless struggle. Their hind feet are under their bodies, keeping them close to the ground. Their paws are used to protect themselves from ropes and other obstacles. As a result, this eBook is perfect for children of all ages. But be sure to read the book before you buy it!

I Am a Seed

With this series of children's books, your child will discover the amazing world of the animals that live in the rainforest. The I Am a Seed series includes 16 bestselling titles that are sure to inspire and enlighten your child. For example, in I Am a Seed, the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, readers will discover what happens during the night for this nocturnal animal. It also includes two pages of informational text and stunning photographs of the animal's habitat.

A Butterfly Is Sleepy

This A Butterfly Is Sleepy eBook for children is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of butterflies and moths. Children will learn about the various stages in the life cycle of each insect and how different habitats are important to butterflies. They will also learn about the differences between different types of bugs. This eBook is a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of nature while having fun with the subject.

Olivia is a precocious and energetic pig who loves to explore. Her mother says she loves her even though she wears her out. The book is a delightful blend of fantasy and reality. The colorful illustrations of this eBook will have children begging to read it again. The story is also filled with fun facts about butterflies, such as the fact that grizzly bears eat a lot of berries.

A Butterfly Is Sleepy is the latest eBook in Judy Allen's acclaimed Are You... series, which explores the natural world with illustrations of various insects. It is a perfect way to get young children interested in butterflies. They will enjoy reading this book and learning a lot in the process. If you're looking for a more fun eBook, consider downloading the free A Butterfly Is Sleepy eBook for children.

This book includes information about the life cycle of butterflies and moths. The book also features fascinating facts about monarch butterflies. The children can conduct activities and projects related to these animals, and learn about the different species that live in the region. In addition to the text, the book includes an informational picture book as well as a field guide of forty of the most common species in North America. It is recommended for elementary school students and is sure to entertain children for hours.

A Rock Is Lively

For children just beginning to learn about zoology, A Rock Is Lively is a good choice. This readable book is filled with zoology facts, conservation tips, math, and letter-writing practice. The Arbordale company offers extensive curricular support for its children's books. A 30-page Teaching Activity Guide is included with A Rock Is Lively, and a four-page section for creative mind activities.

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