Best Children’s Zoo eBooks in 2022

Children's Zoo eBooks

If you want to keep your kids occupied and interested in learning, zoo eBooks are a great idea. They give your child the opportunity to explore various animals and find out what they're like in their natural habitat. Children's zoo eBooks cover everything from how a wombat gets its name to what they can do with their poo. Here are a few titles to try:

Book review of Gemina: The Crooked-Neck Giraffe by Karen B. Winnick

Among her many children's books, Winnick is also the author of Barn Sneeze and A Year Goes Round. She also serves as a commissioner at the Los Angeles Zoo and is a board member of a nonprofit environmental organization. In her latest book, Gemina the Crooked-Neck Giraffe, Winnick shares her passion for animals through an engaging story.

The book Gemina: The Crooked-neck Giraffe is a charming, true story about a Baringo giraffe. Gemina was born at the San Diego Wild Animal Park in 1986 and later moved to the Santa Barbara Zoo. However, at the age of three, Gemina developed a bump on her neck. Caretakers were baffled by her strange appearance, but she remained happy and friendly despite her unusual shape.

I loved this book. I read it multiple times. The plot was charming, the illustrations were bright, and I found the ending incredibly moving. Gemina's story reflected a universal truth, making it a worthwhile read. It's not just an enjoyable story, it's also a beautiful reminder to be compassionate to others.

A fun and inspiring story of a famous crooked-neck giraffe, Gemina was a popular attraction at the Santa Barbara Zoo for two decades. She made a lot of people feel better about themselves, despite her unique appearance. Gemina didn't let her crooked-neck prevent her from achieving her dreams. She made it possible for others to do the same.

Count the Dinosaurs puzzle book

With this zoo-themed puzzle book, children can spot and count different dinosaurs and discuss them with their parents. During the book's interactive video clip portion, kids can also talk about what they've seen and learned. This book also features a variety of fun challenges. It contains 200 puzzle pieces with answers provided at the back. A great way to get kids interested in animals is to provide them with educational books and puzzles.

This interactive ebook lets children learn about different types of dinosaurs, and is a great way to teach vocabulary. In addition to the story, a Dinosaur Word Mat is included to introduce key vocabulary. This resource can be used as a visual reference or as a study aid. The Measuring Dinosaurs Fact Cards and Activity resource includes fact cards and several-step activities for children to practice the vocabulary learned. The eBook comes with a guide to help parents and teachers understand the resources.

Sealed With a Kiss by Beth Ferry

This charming story will keep your little one entertained and in stitches. As your child reads, you'll discover the wonderful world of seals, zoo animals, and more. A Seal's charm and generosity will make it an enjoyable read for all ages. In addition to winning over a new neighbor, this book will help build a child's vocabulary.

In this children's book, a seal arrives at the national zoo from a small zoo in France. While she waits for the other animals to welcome her, she decides to join in with their antics. With her fins swishing, she hugs the Rhino, kisses the Panda, and gives a baboon a kiss. When the Snow Leopard tells the seal that she stinks, she thinks she's a good friend.

Count the Dinosaurs

Count the dinosaurs and learn all about the prehistoric creatures with the interactive e-book. Featuring 14 different dinosaurs, this book has built-in narration and recordable audio. It also features coloring pages and a save feature for dinosaur artwork. It's sure to become your child's new favorite book! For even more fun, you can print out the dinosaurs you've colored and listen to the recorded narration.

The story follows Millie the dog back in time, and she sets out to meet the dinosaurs. The eBook includes dinosaur facts, rhyming passages, and vibrant illustrations. You can even add narration to the book, which is perfect for slightly older children. Count the Dinosaurs is a great choice for the children's zoo and will help them learn about dinosaurs.

'Count the Dinosaurs' is an easy-to-use eBook for young children. The illustrations are vibrant, and the story is easy to follow. Children will enjoy counting along with Triceratops as she tries to find her friends. 'Hide a Dinosaur' also includes numbers and numerals to reinforce the number theme.

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