Best Children’s Valentine’s Day eBooks in 2022

Children's Valentine's Day eBooks

Whether you're looking for a story for the day or for a special gift for a child, children's Valentine's Day eBooks are a great choice for the occasion. The award-winning author of Penguin Problems, Jory John, and Benji Davies have crafted some of the most popular Valentine's Day titles for young readers. Among their titles is Goodnight Already!, a hilarious book about a young duck who wants to go for a morning stroll with Bear.

Minnie and Moo Will You Be My Valentine by Denys Cazet

For children just learning to read, there is a new series of books available for the holiday: Minnie and Moo: Will You Be My Valentine? by Denys Cazet. This witty tale of two cows delivering anonymous romantic poems is the perfect introduction to chapter books. The two cows are best friends, and are best described as a pair of zany friends.

As an illustrator, Mr. Cazet continues to use full-color illustrations, and occasionally pencil and ink. His books include Sunday (Bradbury, 1988) and Minnie & Moo and the Seven Wonders of the World (Atheneum, 2003).

In "Swiss Cows Don't Forget Their Friendship," Minnie dresses up as masked men and Moo helps her friend Minnie find her lost jelly donut. The book also features two bovine friends named Moo and Minnie. The book's title evokes a love-making tradition that spans generations. Children will love this delightful read-aloud book.

'Elephant' is another enchanting book featuring a hip-thrusting rooster. Cazet's stories are delightfully whimsical and often feature a humorous twist on familiar tales. 'Chicken Pox Stories' is a particularly delightful series for little kids, as it features the story of a rooster that discovers that he has chicken pox.

'The Ballad of Valentine' by Alison Jackson is written to the tune of My Darling Clementine. It's Valentine's Day! is full of heartwarming poems and a satisfying ending. 'Valensteins' by Ethan Long is an appropriately creepy Valentine story. Children love vampires and creepy stories, and this book is a perfect bridge from a chapter book to a bestselling novel.

Little Blue Truck's Valentine by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

A Valentine's Day themed I Spy book is perfect for younger preschoolers. The pictures are simple, but they feature Valentine's Day objects. A special chocolate heart is in Lilly's purple plastic purse and she needs to find a special hiding spot for it. Meanwhile, the Little Blue Truck is back on the farm to deliver Valentines. Can he find one for himself?

A Valentine's Day flap book, Little Blue Truck's Valentine, features a slew of different animals enjoying the day. George the Goat picks out an original gift and surprises his Valentine with it. Little Miss plants a kiss in the ground and then harvests it, distributing it to friends and family around the world. Jasper the bunny is determined to give his wife the perfect Valentine. A secret admirer has his eye on his wife. A Valentine's Day flap book for little kids is perfect for any child's library.

Elias Barks' I'm Programmed to Love You

I'm Programmed to Love You is a charming, heart-warming eBook for kids about love and relationships. It's written by children's author Elias Barks, who lives with his cats in Astoria, Oregon. Gemma Roman, an illustrator from Mexico, has illustrated children's books for publishers worldwide. Roman has exhibited in New York and California galleries.

The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond

In The Day It Rained Hearts, Cornelia Augusta catches the falling hearts. When she catches the heart raining down on her, she knows exactly who it should go to. She also knows how to send it. But when it rains hearts on the wrong people, her plan for finding them back fails. As luck would have it, the raining hearts fall on the wrong people.

The setting in this book is about a girl who collects hearts and gives them to her friends. She also decorates trees in her neighborhood with hearts. The illustrator is the same one who illustrated If you give a mouse a cookie. The illustrations are bright and colorful. If you are looking for a book for children, this is a good choice. It is a great choice for children who love stories about hearts.

The story's main character, Cornelia Augusta, is a girl with an uncanny ability to catch the raining hearts. She knows exactly whom to send them to. She knows just where to send them and where to find them. And her abilities make her a very successful writer. With a little bit of help, she'll be able to write this heart-warming novel in no time.

The Day It Rained Hearts by Fiona MacDonald is an entertaining and enjoyable read. This middle grade novel is perfect for a summer reading list. In this book, Cornelia Augusta makes Valentines for four friends. In a similar manner to Mrs. Bear in The Valentine Bears, she makes sure that each one is special. But what happens to the heart she saves? She sends it to her friends anyway.

Cornelia Augusta's big heart inspires her to make Valentine cards for her friends. When it rained, she catches each heart and makes them into Valentines. She looks at each heart from all sides and chooses seven that are similar. In the process, she ends up making some beautiful Valentine cards that will make any friend happy. But what if her Valentines don't work out?

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