Best Children’s Turtle eBooks in 2022

Children's Turtle eBooks

When you buy a children's turtle eBook, you're giving your child the chance to learn all about this amazing creature. There are numerous eBooks that feature the four main characters: Yertle, Tippy, Franklin, and Myrtle. Your child can also learn all about Yertle's special abilities and how he can use them to his advantage in the real world. Turtle eBooks are a fun way for children to learn about the most important animal in the world!

Yertle the Turtle

Yertle the Turtle is the ruler of the pond, but he's unhappy with his stone throne. He commands other turtles to stack themselves under him to make his kingdom larger. The other turtles protest and Yertle ends up losing his throne. The story continues in several eBooks for children. These tales will help children learn about democracy and the rights of animals.

Yertle the Turtle has a great message for kids about the importance of equality, and he makes this clear in his story. As a turtle, he fights injustice, and he also learns to accept others. The story is also relevant to adults, as the gang of children will be quick to point out that Yertle treats his enemies unfairly and can only be unbounded by standing up to them.

The Yertle the Turtle eBooks feature beautiful artwork from the original book, along with innovative features that promote reading. The book has professional narration and custom background audio. The eBooks also feature high-resolution artwork suitable for iPad or iPhone. They are also free of ads. A great way to introduce young children to the Dr. Seuss books. You can also download the Yertle the Turtle eBooks for children to read with them anytime.

Yertle the Turtle is a popular children's book with many different editions available. The first edition of this collection was published in 1958 by Random House Books. The book contains three short stories, including the popular "Yertle the Turtle". It is perhaps the most well-known and iconic story in the world of children. And Yertle's first story is still the best known.

Tippy the Turtle

Whether you're looking for a sweet and gentle story for your little one or want to help them learn about eating right, Tippy the Turtle eBooks for kids will provide plenty of entertainment. The gentle tone and charming characters will help children understand the importance of eating a nutritious meal. While Tippy doesn't always eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, he learns that his hunger pangs are necessary for his body to function properly.

This Australian-themed children's book features beautiful artwork and is set in the Great Barrier Reef. This book is available as both a glossy paper book and a flip eBook digital download. This fun and educational book will keep your child interested for hours. It features bright, happy scenes of the sea, turtles, and animals of all kinds, from jellyfish to clown fish. The baby turtles even encounter dolphins and sea anemone!


The Franklin in Children's Turtle eBooks are a new way to enjoy the beloved series of books. Kids Can Press is releasing digital versions of 25 Franklin books, including the classic 1986 title, Franklin in the Dark. As a special 25th anniversary edition, these e-books will feature never-before-seen archival material, original sketches, and images of memorabilia. In addition, there are also foreign-language editions of each book.

The Open Road team spent two days with Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois, where they discussed the inspiration behind the books. The Open Road staff also visited Brenda Clark's archives at the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books in Toronto. These interviews will be incorporated into a comprehensive Franklin marketing campaign. It will also serve as an important part of Franklin's educational program. While learning about Franklin, kids will also get to know his story.

A children's book series featuring a fun, relatable character, Franklin the turtle is bound to appeal to both parents and children. Franklin is an instant favorite of children of all ages. His lively sense of adventure and determination to become the best player on his team has led to over 65 million copies sold in 30 languages. These eBooks also feature sound effects and read-along narration. They're an excellent way to keep young children occupied, engaged, and happy.

Another great way to find free eBooks for children is to check out Project Gutenberg. This website features a wide selection of titles for children and includes an "For Teachers" button. These resources include discussion questions and activity pages. Many award-winning children's books can be found on this site. Some of the readers are also very entertaining. Most children love to listen to audio versions, so you'll definitely want to check them out.


Myrtle the Turtle is a beautifully illustrated children's book. The story follows a turtle named Myrtle who is hatching out alone on a beach and sets out to sea. There she meets various colourful creatures and makes new friends on her journey. Ultimately she returns home to rejoin her family. This book is part of the Cyril the Squirrel and Friends series, which also includes Brian the Lion and Lola Clare the Polar Bear.

Myrtle the children's turtle is jealous of her older brother Yertle, who is much faster at swimming and can understand what parents say. She decides to explore on her own, but ignores a warning that she hears from within herself. Despite the danger, her family is alarmed when she goes missing, and when they find her, she hides her shame.

Myrtle the children's turtle is a blue eyed turtle that meets a cat who appreciates everyone's uniqueness. She'll learn that everyone has different qualities and is worth celebrating. The series is filled with funny stories and helps kids develop their senses. It also teaches them the importance of keeping the environment clean. And with a focus on keeping Mississippi clean, Myrtle the children's turtle eBooks are a great way to increase reading fluency and literacy skills.

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