Best Children’s Survival Story eBooks in 2022

Children's Survival Story eBooks

In Children's Survival Story eBooks, you'll find children's books about survival and adventure that will have them on the edge of their seats. Choose from such titles as I Survived, Across the Desert, Connect the Stars, and more. You can also download the eBooks yourself and read them on your favorite device. These books will provide your children with an adventure they'll never forget. You'll be able to share these exciting books with your children for years to come.

I Survived

The I Survived series of children's survival story eBooks is an emotionally engaging, fact-based series of true stories. These novels focus on children enduring extreme circumstances and help young readers learn basic survival skills. They are often historical accounts of real events, which make them a great choice for reluctant readers. Children will learn valuable life skills from these books while having fun. Regardless of the age of your child, you can find a book that's right for them.

Whether you are looking for a picture book or a full-length book, there's an I Survived eBook to meet your child's reading level. The series is available for both kids and adults and includes books for boys and girls. One book, Storm Blown, is a picture book about a young girl named Emily who's living on an island in the middle of a monster storm. She wants to surprise her new master, but a megastorm is right in her path. The result is an environmental disaster that wreaks havoc.

Across the Desert

Across the Desert is a children's survival story in which a girl sets out to trek across the desert to find a young pilot who has crashed into the desert. She realizes that her quirks will not prevent her from finding friends, but will help her to understand where she fits in. This book is packed with adventure and a message of hope. Children will enjoy the unique characters, as well as the way the author crafts her stories.

The story is told in verse and follows a thirteen-year-old girl who wakes up to an abandoned town. She must learn to survive alone, even with her dog for companionship. She will need to forage for food, survive predators, and find her way home. The story will keep you turning the pages and picturing the perilous situation. The book is an award-winning read that will keep your children interested and captivated for hours.

After the death of her mother, Nora has withdrawn from society. She and her father have tried to bury their memories and deal with their emotions, but an unexpected flash flood leaves them alone in the canyon. Nora will soon have to face her own personal demons to survive. While she'll be glad to find a friend, her journey will take her on an emotional roller coaster.

Despite their solitary existence, the two children must keep up their spirits and fight off the ravages of nature. Salva must survive alone without his family, while Nya must go to a pond every day to collect drinking water. The long journeys become futile when the water is contaminated. The book is available in eBook format. Once you've downloaded it, you can read it anytime, anywhere!

A Long Walk to Water is a New York Times bestseller and is a great choice for children who love adventure. Set during the Sudanese Civil War, the novel centers on two eleven-year-olds, Nya and Salva. They are a part of a group of villagers who have been forced to leave their homes. They eventually find each other, and they eventually escape to Ethiopia.

In 1815, the US brig Commerce crashed in the Western Sahara. Fortunately, the captain and all the other crew members survived. But once they were in the desert, the crew was captured and sold as slaves by the locals. The crew survived the first few months by drinking camel urine from their desert mate. As a result, they grew stronger and learned how to appreciate nature.

Connect the Stars

Children's survival stories are great for teaching kids how to be resilient and to deal with the consequences of various situations. These books started out as stories about the rise and fall of empires and have since evolved into something much more inclusive of issues. In these books, children are taught to build resilience by focusing on their own unique strengths and weaknesses. They learn to take responsibility for their own actions and to understand where they fit into the world.

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