Best Children’s Spy eBooks in 2022

Children's Spy eBooks

The exciting and gripping story of Lizard, a young boy from Singapore who survives on his hustles and wits, will captivate readers. The story follows Lizard as he steals a box that contains a Japanese code book. Suddenly, he is plunged into the world of wartime espionage. While Lizard is not sure who to trust, he does have a secret friend Lili and a shady past that keeps him on the edge of his seat.

Phoebe the Spy

Kids who love spy stories will be drawn to this collection of three Phoebe the Spy eBooks. Phoebe is a free black girl who lives in New York City and is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. The book explores the challenges of middle school while celebrating the winter holidays and exploring the role of her superhero/villain persona. The story also features the adventures of a middle school genius named Nate Wright.

In Phoebe the Spy eBooks, young children will learn about the life of an American Revolutionary War general. A free black girl, Phoebe posed as a housemaid in the General's home. However, she was in fact a spy! Washington was under attack by someone close to him, and Phoebe was tasked to protect him. But Phoebe has to learn who is plotting against him before it's too late.

This interactive spy book gives kids 40 top-secret missions to complete. Missions range in difficulty from easy to challenging. The book is designed for 7 to 12-year-olds. It also teaches kids history through its covert activities. Phoebe the Spy eBooks for children further encourage children to develop their curiosity about history. These books make history fun while teaching kids about the history of the second world war.

Phoebe is convinced that someone is plotting to shoot the general. Phoebe becomes preoccupied with the general's seat location and the general's window. Then, the cook's eight-year-old son Pompey, and the general's bodyguard Hickey visit the house and give her small gifts. When the general is leaving New York, her father urgently approaches her.

Harriet the Spy

If you've been missing the classic children's novel, Harriet the Spy, you'll be happy to know that there are now several eBooks available. This story, written by Louise Fitzhugh, has been entertaining kids for over 50 years - and outraged a few adults. Its realism and flawed main character have inspired dynamic discussions. Download Harriet the Spy eBooks today to experience the world through the eyes of a little girl.

In the first novel, Harriet is an eleven-year-old aspiring writer living on New York's Upper East Side. Her imaginative powers and bossy attitude allow her to hide for hours. Her mother, Mrs. Welsch, is encouraged by Harriet's nanny to observe the world around her. She listens to the sounds of the neighborhood, including the noises of Mrs. Plumber and her cat, and observes the people and events that happen around her.

As she spies on her classmates through her back fence, Harriet begins to plot her revenge. She reaches the point where she is planning a vengeful punishment for each member of the Spy Catcher Club. But the consequences of her deeds are devastating, and she struggles to restore her friendship with Sport and Janie. As a result, she stops doing her schoolwork and skips class. She even goes into a depression, causing her to stop attending school.

Although it was originally published 50 years ago, Harriet the Spy is still very popular today. This book has been featured on many lists of best children's books. In 2012, Harriet the Spy was named #17 in a poll of readers of School Library Journal. It is widely considered a classic in the genre of realistic children's literature. If you've read Harriet the Spy, you'll understand why Anita Silvey included it in her list of 100 Best Children's Books.

Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls

"Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls" is an action-packed young adult novel series by bestselling author Beth McMullen. A young girl named Abby has been invited to the prestigious Briar Academy, which serves as headquarters of a mysterious organization called The Ghost, who plans to carry out a devastating attack on the school. While Abby is eager to join the school and fulfill her potential as a spy, she becomes a bit too attached to the mysterious group of girls she meets.

The series is the latest from the author of the Lola Benko, Treasure Hunter series. She's also known for her adult mystery books. Her books feature heroes who are brave and independent, and messy situations that will keep the reader guessing. Her first book in the series, "Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls," was published in 2017.

The "Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls" series has been a bestseller for over ten years, and is now available in eBook format. The books feature the titular characters, as well as companion titles. This bestselling middle grade series is one of the best-selling books by Beth McMullen, and she continues to write great books for young readers. If you enjoy reading about the Gallagher Girls, you should definitely buy a copy of "Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls" and "Power Play." You'll love these books and will be captivated by the thrilling stories.

In the novel, Abigail goes through Spy Training 101, but soon realizes that she's better at spying than she thought. She also learns that the answers to her mother's whereabouts are just around the corner. It's a thrilling adventure that will make you laugh and think twice before you read the sequel. A fun read for middle school children, you won't regret it!

Stuart Gibbs' first book in the New York Times bestselling Spy School series

For children, Spy School Goes South is the first of the series' five books. The series was inspired by Gibbs' own experiences, including writing screenplays for Hollywood films and working on animated movies. The author is also a successful screenwriter, with several books in his Spy School series having been adapted into animated films. Gibbs lives in Los Angeles with his family.

The first book in the Spy School series for children was released in 2012. This is the companion to the Spy Camp series, and it follows the adventures of twelve-year-old Ben Ripley, a junior CIA spy. Gibbs introduces Ben Ripley at Spy School Goes South in the first book of the series, and the second book in the series is called Spy SChool. Both books were published by Simon and Schuster Books in 2012.

The second book in the Spy School series for children continues the story of aspiring spy Ben Ripley, who has spent the past year training to become a top spy. Although he has managed to avoid the dangers of spying, Ben now wants to relax during the summer. However, the summer is not going to be easy, as the enemy has infiltrated the ranks of the spies.

Alex Rider's mission to destroy Scorpia

As the world's greatest teen spy, Alex Rider is on a dangerous mission. His objective is to destroy a deadly terrorist organization called Scorpia. This children's spy eBook series also includes audio books. Designed for young readers, this series of eBooks is sure to delight boys and girls alike. It features action-packed and fast-paced adventure, paired with sardonic humour and superb fight scenes. You will be hooked on this character, and you'll be looking forward to the next adventure! This series of eBooks also includes Young Bond books by Steve Cole and other fantastic authors.

As the story opens, Alex is still reeling from the shocking news of his father's death. Then, he travels to Italy and meets Claudia Rothman, a member of the shadowy organization Scorpia. When she reveals that her father was murdered by MI6, Alex must decide whether to stay with the British security services, or become an agent of Scorpia.

The world of terrorism is a dangerous place to be, and Scorpia knows how to catch Alex. The fights and chases have never been more intense, the risks to mankind as high. Fortunately, Alex doesn't get away! Children's spy eBooks will help your child learn to be a spy in a new way. Alexandra Rider's mission to destroy Scorpia is a thrilling read!

The world isn't the same after Never Say Die, but life isn't as easy as it used to be. Scorpia, a lethal terrorist organization, has been following him for years. It killed his parents, and it has now messed with the Middle East. As he fights to protect the city, he must face his new enemy - and his own mortality.

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