Best Children’s Science Fiction & Mystery in 2022

Children's Science Fiction and Mystery

In this alternate history, millions of people died from the Waste, and the cities fell into chaos. Whatever wasn't killed by the Waste mutated into new forms, and Kobi and his dad thought they were the only survivors, but a new conspiracy turns out to be more deadly than the Waste itself. National Book Award finalist and Printz Award winner Laura Ruby has created a series of alternate history books and stories.

Regan and Elliot are life-long enemies

Regan Fitz and Elliot Mason are Glitchers who travel through time to save important historical events. Their friendship is tested when they meet Regan's future self who warns them of impending disaster. This acclaimed science fiction novel is perfect for fans of John David Anderson and Gordon Korman. Their unlikely friendship is a key component of the story.

Albert Hopper

Albert Hopper, Children's Science Fiction and Mystery is a delightful chapter book series by John Himmelman. This science-loving frog seeks to explore the world, while passing on STEM wisdom to young readers. His adventures take him from geology to the inner workings of the solar system, and he is accompanied by his niece Polly and nephew Tad. In addition to the frog, the other characters in the series include a worm-like ship called Wiggles.

Another sci-fi tale, The Fourteenth Goldfish, follows two children as they discover that their grandparents are aliens who have crash-landed on Earth. This heartwarming story explores the importance of friendship and self-identity. Science fiction stories often introduce far-off worlds and galaxies. Other sci-fi stories bring the fantastical to everyday life. In the acclaimed Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox, aliens visit a school cafeteria.

"Cinder, a young mechanic who is possessed by the power of the mind," is another classic of children's science fiction. The main character of the book, Cinder, is an ingenious cyborg who gets caught up in a plan to save Prince Kai. Similarly, "The Darkest Hour" by Albert Hopper, a popular classic for children and young adults, tells a tale about a young girl's quest to find her family.

"The Curse of the Moogadorians," by Albert Hopper, is a classic of children's science fiction. The worms and aliens in the book were sent to Earth as an experiment to study our planet's climate. The humans and aliens lived in this world for a long time before the worms invaded Earth. Aliens have been sighted in the planet and are living among us.

Ender's Game

A classic for science fiction and mystery fans, Ender's Game is a six-year-old boy's adventure, which has been adapted into a movie by Gavin Hood and starring Asa Butterfield. The novel takes place in a future where humans have mastered interplanetary spaceflight. It centers around the conflict between an insect-like alien race called the Formics and a human race, the Humans, which have a unique ability to control the environment, have a chance of surviving another invasion, and the resulting war. In order to stop the Formics, the Humans create an International Fleet and train children to become commanders at Battle School.

The story begins as a game, which is intended to prepare the team for a battle against the Formics. It takes a lot of effort on the part of the human soldiers to win the game, and it stretches Ender's emotional and physical endurance to the limit. Ender, after destroying the Formics' base, ends up leaving Earth and trying to reconcile his guilt over the xenocide of the Formics. However, he does not forget his mistake, and he takes the task of finding a new home for her dormant egg.

In addition to dealing with the conflict between humans and aliens, Ender's Game for children's scientists is also a war story, highlighting some of the problems of our society. It is similar to Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn, but with the added twist of the aliens terraforming Earth. As a sci-fi novel for children, Ender's Game is a compelling read and a must-read for the entire family.

Paper Towns

John Green's third novel, Paper Towns, is set in a fictional Orlando suburb. Green spent his childhood there and wanted to write a mystery story that explored the idealization of romantic interest. The novel became a New York Times bestseller and was adapted into a film in July 2015. While nearly all of Green's novels have been bestsellers, this one did not reach the same level of fervor as some of his previous works.

John Green's award-winning novel, Paper Towns, is an emotional roller-coaster ride that focuses on the unlikely friendship between two kids named Quentin and Margo. The book begins with the story of the two children's first meeting at age two, and traces their reactions to the shocking event that happened when they were nine. It is both poignant and funny, and is an incredibly entertaining read.

As the story progresses, the two main characters are thrust into different worlds, and both are unique in their own ways. In Paper Towns, the narrator is a ninja, and the other character, Margo Roth Spiegelman, is a nerdy, eccentric, and self-aware teen. The novel takes on many of the social conventions of the day, while still being completely fun to read.

Zita the Spacegirl

In Zita the Spacegirl, a young girl's adventure in outer space begins when she finds a meteor and pushes a big red button. It causes a rift in space, and Zita and her friend Joseph must find a way back home to save their planet. In the process, they meet aliens and make friends along the way.

Zita the Spacegirl is the first book in the series and is a unique adventure for young readers. The story follows a girl named Zita who finds her way home from a mysterious planet, where she meets a variety of alien creatures. When her friend Joseph is kidnapped and sent to an alien planet, Zita is left on an alien world alone. There, she encounters two sets of aliens that have both arms and legs. She is saved by a mysterious spaceship called Piper, and rides a giant Mouse that can help her escape from the aliens.

Throughout her adventure, Zita encounters many friends and enemies. She is sent to the Dungeon World as punishment for her misdeeds, but she manages to save a creature that is in danger of destruction by a giant asteroid. Eventually, Zita realizes that the journey is what counts most, not the destination. Ultimately, she will learn that home isn't the end of the road.

The second book in Zita the Spacegirl series is Little Robot, which tells a story about friendship. A young girl finds a lost blue robot, repairs it, and explores flowers, frogs, and cats. The robot then returns to its owner's factory and is sent by a larger robot to retrieve it. The author interviewed his own children to create this unique and entertaining book.

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