Best Children’s Royalty eBooks in 2022

How to Earn Royalties From Children's Royalty eBooks

Purchasing childrens royalty eBooks online offers several benefits, like convenience and time savings. You can easily order anything you need, whenever you want, without the hassle of asking the assistant for help or carrying heavy bags. However, finding the best quality childrens royalty eBooks is not always easy, especially if you're a newbie. It can even be difficult to identify the right product, depending on the format and price.


Pricing for Children's Royalty eBooks can vary widely. Depending on the type of eBook, you can choose to earn 70% or 35% royalty. The delivery fee varies by country, but most eBooks have a maximum file size of 3GB. This option may be more cost-effective for authors who want to publish their books in a limited market. However, it may not be suitable for authors who want to earn the maximum amount of royalty.

If you plan to sell your eBook for more than your list price, it is important to keep in mind the psychology of pricing. Readers will think that you're asking too much if your ebook is priced above the bestsellers in the same genre and target audience. If they think the price is too high, they'll be more likely to give it a try anyway. For this reason, make sure your price is lower than bestsellers.

Pricing for Children's Royalty eBooks varies based on royalty rate and file size. For example, an eBook with a 70% Royalty would cost $1.99 and require $0.15/MB delivery. While this is a lower price than the hardcover version, it may not be the most profitable option for an author. In order to maximize royalty rates, it is important to sell your eBook at a price that's fair for you. Using an online royalty calculator can help you determine the right price for your book.


If you're looking to publish a book in a royalties format, you can submit it to one of the publishers of children's books. You can submit your manuscript by mail or online, and the publishers try to respond to all submissions within three months. Versify is an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt that is curated by Kwame Alexander. You don't need to have illustrations in order to submit your manuscript to Versify, and they publish all kinds of books, including non-fiction and YA. They are especially interested in books that have protagonists of color.

Alternatively, you can email or mail your submission to Albert Whitman. The company publishes over 40 books per year and is very organized. However, this publishing house doesn't accept unsolicited submissions. The company is one of the oldest independent publishing houses and has been publishing books since 1919. Its books are available in over 70 countries and have an impressive history. Getting your manuscript published through this publisher's imprint will be a great way to get your work in front of the right audience.

Another option for publishing royalty-based eBooks is to go through a traditional publisher. The traditional route is often the best option for many authors because the traditional publisher will pay for the entire cost of publication and marketing. However, this is extremely difficult to accomplish - less than one percent of children's book authors find success with this method. Despite the numerous benefits of this method, it is difficult to make money through publishing an eBook.

File size

Increasing file size can be a problem for your ebook, especially if you publish your book through KDP Select. KDP Select requires an exclusive 90-day period, after which you cannot sell the ebook elsewhere. In addition, KDP Select allows you to choose between a 70% or 30% royalty. Your royalty will depend on the price of your book, but you can generally expect to earn at least one hundred dollars from your children's book.

You can minimize file size by massaging the images in your ebook. For example, massaging an image can reduce its file size by reducing the number of pixels. Images are also a big factor in ebook file size. Most smartphones now take pictures with over 10 megapixels. An iPhone 5s picture, for example, has a native size of 3264x2448 pixels. Using this method can minimize the size of the file without compromising image quality.

Amazon's download fees for eBooks range from six to eight megabytes. However, these costs increase if you choose a larger file size. In addition, large files require more data storage than text, so choose a smaller file size. For example, if your eBook is seven thousand pages long, the file size will be roughly one megabytes. However, if you want to sell your eBook internationally, consider a price that is more than seven dollars.

Review sites

Before you can get started with writing reviews for your Children's Royalty eBooks, you should understand the rules of online book review sites. Amazon does not allow authors to pay others for reviews, but they can offer Amazon gift cards after a review has been published. Be careful to avoid doing this, though, because Amazon will penalize you if you offer incentives. Here are some tips to ensure that your reviews are valuable.


If you've created a royalty eBook for children, self-promotion for these titles is essential. There are several ways to promote your eBook and create buzz for it. In addition to the usual methods of book promotion, you can create a book trailer and guest post on parenting blogs. In order to reach more children's book buyers, you can apply for book promotion services. Despite the many advantages, it's important to focus on finding children's book buyers.

To get your children's book noticed by readers, you can submit it to awards and contests. Self-published books often win awards, and the seal on the book helps you distinguish it from competing titles. However, you should note that some awards require you to submit paperback books. Generally, the sooner you submit your eBook, the better. However, it is always best to submit your manuscript as early as possible to avoid paying high entry fees.

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